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    Ah, the blessings of diversity!

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    Eddie E.

    If Georgia had the good sense of Colorado, there is a windfall of 200k in TAX MONEY.

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    Pretty sure that many of the customers are what you would not consider to be diverse.

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    You are exactly right! Bringing these drugs up from Mexico to feed to Americas youth should anger most rational people.

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    Probably all low grade shwag.

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    Seriously. The money that state is generating is insane. I can’t believe there’s still opposition to doing the same thing here.

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    Nobody is forcing America’s youth to buy these drugs. It’s simple supply and demand.

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    trump-holes unite

    Yet another Trump supporter.

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    AJ Simkatu

    Who the hell is buying cheap Mexican brick schwag?

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    The problems its causing are insane also. We dont need that junk here.

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    Eddie E.

    Could you enumerate those “problems”?

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    My friend that lives in the capitol hill district in Denver was here visiting last week. She said the legalization is destroying Denver. All kinds of kids and losers hanging around in all the parks stoned out of their minds, leaving trash everywhere, begging for money, etc. She also said Hinkenlooper (the gov.) is concerned about the convention businesses that are pulling out & looking for other cities. Denver is dealing w/ problems created by legalizing pot.

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    The fact that it’s illegal is the only source of said problems. Make it legal, and tax the hell out of it, and everybody benefits.

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    Eddie E.

    What a vague anecdote.
    Have any legitimate data?

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    They had that problem before it was legalized, too.

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    Mr. Brown

    Chamblee lost Lunitic (his legal first name) to Denver. I really miss seeing him dancing on the corners. Even a Lunitic had the sense to leave this now underdeveloped area to where the grass is greener.

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    Bob M,

    Really, who buys mexican weed these days.

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    Ben Herr

    That’s because only select states have legalized it . . . causing the vagabonds to migrate and concentrate

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