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    Tom Reilly

    Great move, John!! I know that we had spoken about this before, and it should be a very effective way to address the density crisis that is the city’s paramount concern moving forward. One question: Might there be a rush to try and cram in several such motions in order to beat the deadline??–Tom Reilly

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    Hunter Burke

    He also said this month’s ago before all the big developments filed. If any of these are passed by Council, the future won’t matter nearly as much.

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    Sally Eppstein

    Thank you John Ernst!

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    What an amazing Mayor we have – he has had a LOT thrown at him in the six short months since he took office. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that all these ridiculous PC-2 rezoning requests up and down Dresden have come one right after the other within the first three months of his term – before he could even get his bearings.

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    That’s not exactly what he said. He said that he was going to be strategic about when he asked Council for it because projects that were close to filing would just rush to file if he asked Council for a moratorium at the start of his term, essentially making the moratorium ineffective. He got the MARTA to delay 6 months to file their application- a defacto moratorium- and he spearheaded a regional traffic task force, formed a quad-city Mayor’s council and started the Character Area Study to improve our zoning rewrite. My guess is the strategy is let’s do a moratorium when we’re ready to do the heavy lifting without any distractions. But then I think maybe he’s jumping the gun on it now, but I don’t have any idea of what could be coming down the pipeline in the next six months or any other factors.

    I agree that we’ll have to see what happens with the developments on Dresden; the TP property denial from Planning Commission is a positive sign, but we’ll have to continue to be engaged to affect how the process shakes out and what actually gets built.

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    Hunter Burke

    Very strategic – he daudled until until after all 3 Huge Dresden Drive were submitted. People lose confidence when he doesn’t do what he says. I’m still trying to be a fan of his, it gets harder every day.

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    It takes 45 days for a moratorium to be officially enacted. It was well known that those Dresden developers were in a position in January to file an application at a moments notice, thus making any moratorium ineffective if those applications were submitting during the 45 day wait period. He did call for the moratorium when it would achieve maximum effectiveness, which is what he said he would do. Plus, he got a defacto moratorium on MARTA for six mos. To say that he isn’t doing what he said he would do is just wrong. It just might not be way you hoped for it, but there are positive signs about his commitment to smart growth.

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    Eddie E.

    Just think of the first two ‘leaders’ and it’s easy-peasy.

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    Hunter,this way our mayor can have it both ways have history delay and have new building on Dresden.

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    Kerry McBrayer

    Mayor Ernst is doing a great job. He listens to residents. The first two mayors spoke only with their cliques.
    I am grateful for the moratorium on density. It gives us breathing room while we hold the character studies. Our recommendations will determine how to re-write our zoning and ordinances. We will ensure there will be no misinterpretation of the definition of Protect, Preserve and Enhance.

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    Dawdled? He took office in January and had to deal with the zoning code amendment and the threat of MARTA’s outsized re-zoning application, which he was able to get them to postpone right out of the gate.

    Tried to get his bearings with Character Areas and give residents input by proposing the studies back in March (that was the basis for getting MARTA to delay their rezoning filing) and I guarantee almost none of his naysayers had any clue about Character Areas and the Comprehensive Plan.

    I didnt, and have spent the better part of three months trying to figure it out myself just to deal with re-zoning applications affecting my home – and I dont have time issues that come with trying to heal a City severely divided by an initial administration that had no idea what it was doing, and all the other issues he’s had to get his head around.

    T-P and Connolly almost seems to have pounced on the zoning code rewrite, the Mayor’s learning curve, and fear about resident education about the Character Areas by filing their ridiculous re-zoning applications in April. Anyone really think it was coincidence they filed simultaneous, way oversized rezoning requests for proposed developments, almost directly across the street from each other, on the same day, April 6 – three weeks after the Mayor got MARTA to postpone their March rezoning filing until last week?

    Neither Terwilliger’s or Connolly’s applications were even on the Mayor’s plate till now bc they follow a preset schedule that has to go through CDD and the Planning Commission, and T-P just got on the City Council schedule after the July 6 denial by the PC . It seems to me the only way a moratorium on the current rezoning requests would be valid (otherwise Terwilliger and Connolly would be crying ex post facto unfairness) is if it had been imposed before April 6.
    I don’t know that it’s reasonable to fault the Mayor for not knowing these were coming then. None of us who live here did.

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    But …. The overlay is not in the Character Area Study, very disappointing!

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    If the BPOD is not included in the Character Area studies, they are worthless.

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    Don’t you see that this allows all the projects in the pipeline to be approved guilt-free? 6 months is nothing. The “luxury” rental market is likely to be over-saturated soon and apartments will have trouble leasing at the target rate without significant incentives. This by itself will curb future development for years.

    I am supportive of the MARTA development but I suspect that 2nd or 3rd phases will be slow to build out if the 1st phase doesn’t sell out fast.

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    On the Record

    Has anyone considered asking the city, why the BPOD was left out? Sometimes a simple question will get an answer

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    Begs the question. Why would anyone need to ask?

    Why not part of the initial press release?

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    Kind of obvious, isn’t it?

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    Eddie E.

    Then the public should insist on renewal of the moratorium 2 or 3 times so the rapacious developers will find a new area to destroy.

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    On the Record

    Not obvious to me.

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    I will acknowledge it could be tantamount to closing the barn door after the PC2 horses have gotten out. Not much more room on the Dresden Drive Corridor to jam in oversized PC2 rezoning after Terwilliger, Connolly and MARTA.

    But until I see the Mayor actually disregard the unanimous denial recommendations of the CDD, the Planning Commission and the will of virtually every single resident who will suffer one or more consequences of one or more of these developments, I’m willing to keep the faith . . .

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    Bob Sorrentino

    bldv89, I wouldn’t minimize the precedent that Terwilliger and Connolly would set with PC2. That kind of density makes A LOT of projects economically feasible. Tearing down relative new but low density town homes would be on the table. The church lot between @1377 and Rosewood. The Dresden Forest apartment complex. The east side of Apple Valley between NDH and Dresden. The section of AV north of Dresden…

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    Bob – thank you for the enlightenment! I wasn’t trying to minimize the very dangerous precedent of PC-2 zoning sought by Terwilliger and Connolly in the least; I just didn’t realize where on earth (no pun intended) any more PC-2 zoning could even possibly fit w/in the Dresden Corridor other than at the MARTA TOD, but you’ve pointed out areas I never would have thought could reasonably fit anything as obnoxiously oversized as these two bombs.

    It’s all the more reason denial of both T-P’s and Connolly’s applications should be no-brainers.

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    Easy Rider

    You make some excellent points bldvl89 regarding Ernest. He has done an excellent job & I think it is obvious he supports the position of most homeowners regarding density. The requirements of a moratorium were outlined in the commentary of previous article & it’s complicated even for a real estate attorney. In fact the whole zoning process is complicated and no one on this page fully understands it. So he has my full support until he proves he can’t be trusted.

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    I have no problem with delaying developments which increase traffic density. My main beef right now are the lots that have been sitting vacant for some time and are starting to look like trash. I walk/run Peacthtree Rd. 4-5 times a week and the amount of trash laying around is disgusting. I would like to to see the owners of these vacant lots take the responsibility and have them policed on a weekly basis.

    If that’s asking too much then why doesn’t Brookhaven hire 4-5 kids part-time that are in HS to start policing Peachtree Rd/Ind. The trash laying around along the fence line outside of Brookhaven Park is really bad.

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    Marty, that isn’t going to happen. If the ratty fence owners in D1 do not have to maintain their fences how can you demand action from other property owners? Besides, sounds like Brookhaven needs to man up and maintain their right of way.

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