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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you Kim for your dedication and efforts to improve education in our area. – Trey

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    Mark my words

    John Lewis…who doesn’t even represent Brookhaven in a city where the demographics are predominately white and hispanic. The Dekalb County School Board are anti-white racists by naming the school after Lewis. Why are there no schools, in predominately black neighborhoods named after white political figures?

    Mark my words….once the new elementary school is completed, the Dekalb County School Board will do everything it can to damage property values in the surrounding predominately white neighborhoods, in drawing the attendance boundaries.

    As my neighborhood says, both the Dekalb County government and Dekalb County School Board have it out for Brookhaven.

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    Regarding your remarks about the county and school system, you can thank everyone named and unnamed that were affiliated with C4ND, Brookhaven Yes and a few elected state officials for this. You do know that some of those people are serving in an unelected capacity with Brookhaven government and placed there by the very people that stridently drove the wedge between DeKalb and Brookhaven. Thank you J. Max Davis.

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    Seems a bit racist to be upset about a school in your neighborhood being named after a great civil rights leader.

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    I think the politically correct among us use the words bigot and racist at the drop of a hat. They do so not really knowing what word to use when they see activity of a bigoted or racist nature or the meaning of either word and its application. Personally, I think Cynthia McKinney would make a wonderful namesake and role model for the new elementary school.

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    It has nothing to do with being “politically correct”. And your comment was the very definition of racism/bigotry. I’m sure there are some in the area who would be thrilled to have the school named after John Lewis.

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    According to Ellen.

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    What Ellen said.

    I applaud the decision to name a school after someone at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement and one of the biggest proponents in this country for nonviolent social change, at considerable risk to his own personal life and limb. I can only hope my own kids have that kind of compassion and those kinds of guts.

    Kim Gokce has done more to tirelessly advocate for expanding educational opportunities to every child in Brookhaven than anyone I know.

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    Yes, I see the trend. There is a law governing honoring people by naming places after them in Georgia. Five years after they have died. But with some people you simply ignore the law.

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    I don’t have an issue with the naming of the schools to either Lewis or Obama. I don’t think we should change policies willynilly to get someone’s agenda through. If we are going to do that why have them?

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    Now I am conflicted. I could be perceived as down right mean and hateful wanting to follow the law and desirous of having schools or other sites named after the Reverend’s Sharpton and Jackson. Now.

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    I think it is great that we will have a school named after a civil rights icon in our neighborhood. I rarely agree with his policies but he was a great leader for civil rights. I am white but whether you are black white brown or purple, he should have a school named after him. My problem is naming schools roads bridges interchanges buildings or anything after politicians. Especially when they are still in office. Everytime I ride on Cynthia McKinney Paekway I cringe.

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    This school deal had no input and agreement from the small neighborhood that is going to be severely impacted by such a large capacity school. It isn’t fair, and it isn’t right to impose this monstrosity to us that live on these little streets. I am going to fight this, in the spirit of how John Lewis and Martin Luther King has taught us. Stand up for what isn’t right. I’m sure John Lewis has not idea how the neighbors feel about it. We’re not opposed to a school but place it where there are roads to support the traffic. This would never have happened in the high-end area of Brookhaven. We will resist, using all the avenues possible, peaceful protest, social media, hashtags, and I hope that some journalist will help cover it.

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