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    Tom Reilly

    Please pay attention to roughly the ten minutes beginning after the first hour and twenty minutes. Lots of good points about the Tree Protection Ordinance. “We don’t need objection, we need direction.”–Good for you, Ben!!–Tom Reilly

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    Pay attention Tom

    The COB has had a ton of direction and the COB has choosen to ignore the good advice.

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    Are the seven character areas shown above the only ones in which residents can participate?

    I don’t see the Peachtree Corridor Overlay District, but that’s where all these heavy duty PC2 rezoning requests – Terwilliger, Connolly and MARTA TOD – are being filed, and in the case of Terwilliger & Connolly, right on top of adjoining neighborhood Character Areas.

    If I’m an affected resident, I’d want to be involved in defining rules for the PCOD where it adjoins a neighborhood, especially where it say, shares a block with one such as my own.

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    Agree! The Overlay needs to be included in this effort. There are a lot of citizens that live within the Overlay and they need to have a voice also.

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    Most of the outcry against development is because of the overlay boundary with other character areas. I can’t in anyway find a justification for leaving the most contested part of the comprehensive plan out. I’m quite disappointed by it.

    My suggestion is that all of the areas that abut it should demand that they be able to address the areas that it overlays on to, for example Dresden Drive or the area that abuts homes in Historic Brookhaven or Osborne. I would say failure to call the overlay out is a huge black spot on what is a great effort.

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    Mouth Breather

    Another 1 1/2 lecture on ‘how great we are, how wonderful our communities are and thank you for your feedback’.

    ‘Brookhaven Peachtree Overlay District? No, it isn’t part of this engagement. We didn’t think it appropriate to rehash old, misguided agreements. It will not change.”

    ‘Next question. ‘

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    I stand corrected – the maps above show 11 out of 13 of the City’s Character Areas since four of them show two CA’s on one map. But that just makes the omission of the PCOD that much more conspicuous.

    One of the biggest issues confronting the CA’s that adjoin the PCOD is traffic on Dresden – but Dresden from Peachtree to Conasauga is where traffic is the worst, and that’s entirely within the PCOD. In light of all the recent PC2 rezoning filings, and the absence of any voice w/in the PCOD to protect it, it seems obvious that’s where the most citizen input is needed.

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    I’m not giving up, the BPOD has good bones but it also has some flaws that need to be addressed to avoid conflict and lawsuits – it is irresponsible to not address those issues. Public comments are available at the City Council, planning and zoning meetings…..

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    On the Record

    Write your councilman, or Mayor, and ask them to modify the engagement to include the BPOD. Maybe it was just an oversight. It is one of the 13 character areas.

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    Will it ever change?

    I remember when we were becoming a city and the excitement was that you now have politicians and city employees that will listen to what you want. You have a voice that will not be ignored by Dekalb.
    We have told the City of Brookhaven what we want over and over again but we have been ignored and it looks like we will continue to be ignored.
    One of the first employees it would be nice to see gone is Ben Song, he is “smart” but he does not truly care about the City of Brookhaven a community that he does not live in.
    It would also be great to clean up the ZBA by getting rid of the folks that approve the zoning request that affect our daily lives.
    The fact that citizens have to continue to fight and to show up to meeting wearing the same color clothing to show their unity is the city not listening.
    Please listen to your citizens- we want our voices heard but we don’t want to lose our lives fighting against the developers and our “new” city.

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    On the Record

    Citizen engagement is integral to democracy. You don’t just get to vote for elected officials and say ‘see you in four years’. And to suggest these same part-time officials haven’t represented you is to ignore many projects. The Hastings property, the Oak Forest townhomes, the Blackburn Park townhomes. The city worked to bring the community and the developers together at the Apple Valley townhome project, the Hermance townhome project, and the work to help the Greenway gain access from Buford Highway.

    In every one of these projects, involved neighbors made a difference.

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    Terrell Carstens

    I have just been informed that for the citizens that live within the Overlay you are requested to please attend the Character Area Study meetings and sign up for the Character Area that is adjacent to you along with any others that you are interested in. The city wants to hear from you and your voice will be heard. Your comments, suggests, and concerns will be given full attention and included in the zoning re-write considerations.

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    TOD at Marta good for BHaven

    I like how a few bully’s have spread misinformation about the Peachtree Overlay. It has been vetted, it has been around and it is supported. The latest MARTA proposal will positively transform the ugly parking lots into a vibrant town center. It will be good for Brookhaven and it will be good for property values near the station. Yes traffic will be added but so will capacity. Will it be enough? Of course not. More capacity may well attract more cut through traffic. But right now congestion is certainly not the worst in the region. Look Town Brookhaven has 6 story apartment buildings 5 floors of apartments above retail. Town Brookhaven has big box retailers that generate huge traffic counts. But for all its flaws, Town Brookhaven hasn’t hurt the area and in fact probably has helped it. The MARTA proposal is far batter than the Town Brookhaven proposal and far better than other large development proposals in the area. How anyone could want to keep what is there now seems crazy. It’s an ugly gateway to the city.

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    TODAMGFB, you lost everyone’s attention at ‘bully’s’.

    First, the Peachtree Overlay District includes 4 story buildings and 60 units/acre all the way past Dresden Village. The entirety of 2 large, effected neighborhoods have said that’s far too dense. Maybe you missed the most recent Planning Commission Meeting. It was possibly, the most succinct argument defending a neighborhood from excessive development overcrowding I’ve seen since Santa Monica rejected virtually the same thing.

    Second, our Development Authority is going to circumvent the political process by creating a synthetic Tax Allocation District for MARTA giving them $15-17M because 60% of the citizens rejected Redevelopment Powers 2 years ago. We are going to allow MARTA complete control over $15-17M of future tax dollars to an organization that already gets a 1 cent sales tax and pays no property taxes on the property currently.

    Their reasons for continued, and virtually unchanged, density is “the development will not adversely effect schools” (even though it will) and ‘will not increase traffic on Apple Valley (even though it will).

    The BPOD should include a Sub Area III with a maximum 3 stories beginning at Apple Valley, all the way down Dresden. It’s density should be guided by Compact Development practices outlined by the Urban Land Institute.

    For the Peachtree Brookhaven Overlay District to not be discussed during the Character Area Studies is a huge oversight. So big as to make one wonder why. And to test the limits of our patience.

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    Case in point


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    I’ll give you another softball for a thumbs down.

    MARTA just refinanced over $248M worth of bonds saving them $80m on the reissued debt. They have a budget 15 times larger than the City of Brookhaven’s. When asked why they are risking the elections of our local representatives with such a $15M tax abatement request, the reply was:
    “We have extraordinary infrastructure issues.”

    Thank Goodness our local, comprehensive and thorough news source, The Brookhaven Post, doesn’t have an erase button. LOL.

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    What misinformation is being spread about the Overlay? Who has ever said that anyone wants to keep MARTA the way it is?

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    This is hilarious – the only bullies spreading misinformation are these billion dollar/year developers hiding inside the Overlay to drop their oversized concrete bombs directly adjacent to single family homes in the adjoining neighborhood character areas, while claiming that they’re sensitive to those of us who live in those homes (which is why we’re entirely invisible in their applications), representing that they’ve made substantial changes for our benefit (they haven’t), and claiming that the Comprehensive Plan and the City zoning code supports their endeavors (it doesn’t, especially when you look at everything comprehensively).

    Bully defined: “one who uses superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force him or her to do what they want.” I laugh at the idea that anyone can think any individual homeowner has the strength, influence, or resources to bully any development. These developers have trotted out the best land use lawyers money can buy. They are the ones, paid by the hour, who will attempt to lay siege to the re-zoning process until they can wear down any neighborhood opposition – which is entirely unpaid, well clothed with anxiety, and in the case of D-3, at odds with their own representative.

    The irony is that MARTA, per the Comp Plan and zoning code, is supposed to be the designated “heavy” of the Dresden Drive Corridor. Their application seeks PC-2 rezoning at about 33 units/acre. But interest in the Overlay has been piqued b/c Terwilliger (at 61.5 units/acre) and Connolly (at 56.6 units/acre) are using it to try and drop oversized concrete bombs well east of the MARTA TOD, on top of existing neighborhoods (at least that’s what it looks like when you see T-P’s 4th story drone shots), where density is supposed to taper down (not double up) in two directions (away from the MARTA station, and away from higher intensity development in the Overlay, towards single family homes).

    No vetter of the Overlay I know has done much to stand up to Terwilliger or Connolly and say “this isn’t right,” choosing instead to let affected homeowners fumble with this on their own. But now that those homeowners have figured out what’s going on, why it’s going on, and how, is it really a surprise that they/we feel a strong need to have a say in the Overlay?

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    No one. MARTA Brookhaven TOD supporters are frustrated their willful negligence doesn’t jive with neighborhood support. So they go directly to bottom of the barrel name calling.

    No worries. It happens everytime and deserves the attention it gets…none.

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    One of your neighbors!

    Parts of it are good, parts need to be revisited like the area that abuts single family homes. If it stays as is, the places that the BPCA and other left undefined will continue to be a problem. Neighbors will continue to have to spend lots of time and money defending the “spirit” of it, and developers will continue to try and use it as a sword against us. No one that I know is saying to not develop Marta, they are only saying do it responsibly without taking the city to the cleaners and destroying our neighborhoods. The only bulling that is being done is by the fans of the BPOD like you and I’ll assume that is because they have $’s to lose.

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    Late to the dance here but … why is the Heights and Fields area not identified with the same vision as AP and DV? Seems to be the only single family area that is not reiterated as such in its “vision” statement. Yellow Card!

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    If you are so sure it is good for Brookhaven, properly vetted and supported by many for years why don’t you use your real name? Why won’t the BPCA open it’s self up to add new members or remove to cloak of secrecy? Why the need to hide?

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    On the Record

    Other than the few original members, such as Jack H, Mike E, and Joel P is anyway else a member? Can someone join?
    Do they have meetings? It was a great organization, and they did an amazing job, but I wonder if it’s run it’s course. Is it time for a new generation of residents to take up the mantle, make necessary changes, and move forward.

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    This is a great observation, and may end up being one of the biggest side effects of not allowing citizen participation in the Overlay. We could end up with a disjointed patchwork of conflicting rules for different character areas adjacent to the Overlay, instead of the consistency you would expect if uniform rules could be set within the Overlay that treat all adjoining character areas the same. That’s all that I think most of us are looking for.

    If a consistent set of rules were in place within the Overlay, I like to believe we wouldnt be dealing with the kind of massive nonsense T-P and Connolly are trying to foist upon the adjoining n’hoods. No vetter of the Overlay has tried to keep them in check – it’s been all crickets from them since this nonsense all started in April – so forgive us if we, who have been directly impacted by these Overlay originating developments – feel as though we should be allowed to take a crack at establishing some rules to keep it in line with the Comprehensive Plan.

    I dont get the sense any vetter of the Overlay has had to experience any direct or personal consequences from these developments – actually I still dont know who these “vetters” even are – but I bet there would be better rules and stronger protections if they allowed input from those directly affected.

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