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    It kind of defeats the purpose of National Night Out to consolidate the police services experience to a mall parking lot instead of the local neighborhood gatherings and people experiencing their own neighborhoods. The original intention was to get people out of their houses and into the streets to meet their neighbors and talk about community security. The police could stop in to visit if invited by the local NNO parties.

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    With the police around here shooting and threatening to shoot innocent large breed dogs, I’m GLAD they won’t be doing this near my house!

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    Really? We have this kind of activity in Brookhaven with our police department?

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    They shoot them in Dekalb, not sure about Brookhaven except that some try to scare you into thinking they will. If someone complains that they think you have a scary pitbull- it’s better to just stay in your house and hide because the BPD will stake out your house like it’s Straight Outta Compton.

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    Yes, there has been shootings in DeKalb. And I own a pitbull, as well. But every case is different. Don’t start with your anti-DeKalb Police rhetoric.

    Im a big supporter of DeKalb County Police and every other police department, but don’t compare these brave men and women who risk their lives everyday for all of us. DeKalb County Police Officers deal with a different a beast every day incomparison to Chamblee, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, and Brookhaven.

    While every man and woman are brave for wearing a uniform, DeKalb Officers are out there every day dealing with real life situation because of the area they work which is plagued with unemployment and poverty which is different from the North end of the county.

    But here is my question, why don’t these North Metro Police agencies host the Night Event at NorthEast Plaza located on Buford Hwy?????? I guess Latinos are not privileged enough.

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    The real truth

    Buford Hwy doesn’t effect Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, or Johns Creek…… Brookhaven PD has a HUGE rapport with the Hispanic community on Buford Hwy. Your last comment was a failed attempt to troll.

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    “Don’t start with your anti-Dekalb Police rhetoric”. I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

    I live near Buford Highway and the police have freaked about about my dog to the extent you’d think I was running a meth lab or something.

    I guess it probably doesn’t help though when many in the neighborhood association- that pay off duty police officers to do security patrols- hate your house. Things that make you go hmmmm. . . .

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    Don’t you remember why this city was formed? The world evolves around D1.

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    Meanwhile in our neighboring state Florida , police opened fire on a black man laying on his back with his arms in the air.

    Maybe being black with your hands in the air is considered a gang sign?

    And this is *people*- here in Georgia they’ll straight up tell you they can shoot your dog if they feel like it because dogs are considered merely “property”.

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    Only in da hood!

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    Nice. #sigh

    This is a great example of why some of us are terrified of armed civilian neighborhood watches people in Brookhaven are starting up- with no gun training required because it’s legal to be armed in your car here without any kind of training or permitting.

    How long until Brookhaven has a Zimmerman type event I wonder?

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    The people voting down are probably the same people starting armed civilian neighborhood watches that say pitbulls should be shot and that they just bought new guns so they hope someone breaks into their homes.

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    Funny, I am Latino and I am well involved in the community. From what I see and understand, especially that I am very much involved, many Latino’s concerns are not being addressed. Why? Let’s see maybe cause many are not taken seriously cause our vote doesn’t count and we are not part of the elite. As case point is proven, Brookhaven will be up in the Dunwoody serving the rich, but why can’t NightOut be held at an area where crime is high???? I mean that is why it Night Out was created in the first place right??? Oh that’s right, Buford Hwy has nothing to do with the rich.

    As for Brookhaven PD has taken some steps to work with the Latino Community, it still doesn’t do enough. Like blowing off police reports and other concerns Trust me that I know his first hand.

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    I have a pitbull. You mentioned DeKalb Officers and I will defend them cause they served my community well. As for having a pit, I have one and I keep her on a leash. I can’t really speak for Brookhaven PD, many are from small dept or rural agencies. If you feel hounded by them make a complaint.

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    I will admit that officer was wrong and will be held accountable for that. However, not all officers are bad. Remember not all pits are bad either. Hell, most pits are GREAT, like police man. You have good and bad at from every walks of life.

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    I don’t think most cops are bad, however it only takes one to kill you or your dog, hence I don’t care for them congregating near my house.

    And prosecution won’t bring a life back.

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    Y’all need to have a neighborhood association that gives them lots of money- then make sure people in the neighborhood association dislike you and they’ll hang out by your house all the time!

    Someone told me I should start going out to the curb and offering them sweet tea, lol.

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    @Truth “Brookhaven will be up in the Dunwoody serving the rich. . . ” I don’t know the Dunwoody area, but if it is a “rich” or largely white location, I think it’s pretty tone-deaf that the police are advertising that they’ll have “SWAT vehicles” on display.

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