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    Hunter Burke

    Or MARTA, in the alternative, we don’t grant the rezoning needed and don’t give any tax incentives, and, traffic won’t increase from this dense development. Residents of Brookhaven remain happy and sing the praises of our leaders! That sounds better to me.

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    Marta shouldn’t be in the development business in the first place, but they damn sure shouldn’t be if they need tax incentives to do it. Especially since they are essentially subbing the job out. It will overrun sewer, storm, and traffic. It’s a terrible idea and a terrible execution. This needs to not be approved.

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    1) Marta will determine what events take place at the “public space” not the city
    2) Marta has yet to be upfront about what constitutes the 6.2 acres of public space. In order to get the 6th story on the Apple Valley side they have to meet a % of open space but did you know that “balconies” count towards that open space requirement? They are also counting the currently fenced in 2+ acres north of Fernwood as part of the 6.2 acres. Funny thing, because it is in the stream buffer, all they will do is take a fence down and call it a “linear park” for higher density. Mark my words, the “gathering” space between the 6 parking garage and6 story apartments will be no different than Town Brookhaven’s sod spot except the parking and road surrounding (also counting toward the 6.2 acres) will be brick instead of asphalt.

    Time for Marta to come clean on the above!

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    Easy Rider

    Indeed. What is the rationale for an abatement, simply to beat DDA to the punch? The city should fight to ensure that the DDA doesn’t offer an abatement for a development that would signficantly affect the city of Brookhaven. Come on Jeff Rader/DeKalb commissioner back up your recent editorial and promise to fight a county dictated abatement.

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    Erik S

    I am not sure if you noticed but traffic is increasing here and all over Atlanta. Even the Summer commute is worse than memory serves. Not having development at MARTA is not going to make traffic any better. Having a good development there though will give more options for me to not to have to leave Brookhaven.

    There seems to be a feeding frenzy and that there is some magic bullet to stop Brookhaven from changing. The problem is CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT.

    I think MARTA engaged in the development of the parking lot is a good thing. They could turn it over to any untold developers and they could use the existing footprint and zoning to develop a truly frightening development that will not enhance out City.

    If done right with MARTA’s leadership, we will have a new town center and a place that one can call the destination to Brookhaven.

    I feel all those fretting over this project will bring about actions that are actually worse of our area.

    I moved to Brookhaven for its potential to be a great place to live where I can work to any service I need and take the train to work downtown. Those are attributes that only a handful of places in Atlanta can claim.

    Finally, it is interesting how everyone is getting in arms about tax breaks or incentives. This is the way our world works. Do you think all those companies move to Atlanta and bring Headquarters and jobs here for the schools, the polite conversation we have in the South – no it is because we provide incentives for them to come here.

    Now that we are a City we have things called residents that ask for alot of services and miraculously don’t want to pay any taxes for them. So it is alright for a citizen to want a free meal but not for someone trying to generate value for the City itself.

    In summary, everyone take a deep breath, put down your pitchfolks, and look at what is being proposed. It will never be perfect but don’t let perfection get in the way of something that at the end of the day will bring value to Brookhaven.

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    Marta is a government transportation entity. Not a development entity. It cannot even manage its own operations, and this is proving to be worse than we thought. Why should we want to give more of our tax dollars to an operation that already annoy manage itself? Why should we want to add more density to a small area that no other developer would be allowed to build that amount because it is WAY to much. What about the sewer that has all but been confirmed cannot handle this?

    It’s not about pitchforks. It’s about government taking public land and becoming private developers, hurting our infrastructure, and causing traffic nightmares for the city. We have no interest in crippling our city just so you an take the train to work, which for the record you can do right now and have a free place to park to do it.

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    Easy Rider

    Erik, I think most people agree that development along Dresden is a given. What we are fighting for is the most desirable options that are within reason. Without community involvement there would be nothing but high rise apartments along Dresden. Because density is the easiest way for a property owner to make $, but it screws over the existing owners. It is one of the reasons there are zoning laws. Marta is requesting exceptions & incentives for a development that has questionable benefit & will definitely add traffic to an area that can’t handle the current load. Have you noticed? It is one of the worst traffic areas in a bad traffic city. Finally, Marta’s original premise was to encourage more ridership by putting properties by the station. Great idea, add lines like other major cities so Marta is useable & get out of the real estate business where you don’t have expertise.

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    $16 Million dollars for Parks and Police?

    6.2 acres? The 3-4 acre linear park is going to be a stormwater pond. The remaining 1-2 will be a doggie doo walk about just like the one at Town Brookhaven.

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    OMF. Missing tonight because I was stranded between Arts Center and Linbergh for 20 minutes.. Had to backtrack Southbound to get straight again. Driver zagged when he should have zagged.

    They should change their name to Brick Oven Pizza Transportation Authority.

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