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    Oh yay, more civilians thinking they’re qualified to patrol around the neighborhood with guns.

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    Ugh, I’m sorry but how does taking some educational reading/listening and regurgitation course qualify some of these people to show up and drive around bullying people?

    I realize Georgia is not like other states, but some of this is outrageous.

    What constitutional right do these people have to do the things they feel this course entitles them to?

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    It’s SAD that The Brookhaven Police not only allows but even trains civilians to bully others- sometimes with guns. How is this even legal?

    It’s bad enough that some of us are absolutely TERRIFIED of the local police, now we have so-called “trained” civilians showing up to scare the crap out of us as well.

    We’ve complained about it, but it only makes things worse.


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    Mr. Marcus Lewis, Jr.

    Do you have the guts to attend? Likely not.

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    Riley OConnor

    Just to clarify, the Brookhaven Police Department Citizen’s Academy course is centered on improving relationships between the Police Department and the citizens of Brookhaven. It was not training for becoming a Junior G-Man. If anything, once you’ve finished the course, you understand just how much it takes to be in law enforcement and the unique requirements of the job. I was in the inaugural class, and it was well worth the time spent. Very helpful in understanding the issues which the Department faces.

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    You should tell that to some of the wannabe Butch Cassidy’s and Annie Oakleys in my neighborhood.

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    Why would I be afraid of the police? Yes, I’m scared some of them will shoot my dog, but not so much me(unless they miss of course. . . which apparently happens around here). Actually I’d rather them shoot me than my dog. . . I hear Grady is pretty top notch when it comes to gunshot wounds.

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