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    Riley OConnor

    Is this replacing the Holiday Inn across the street at the same interchange?

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    Eric Robert

    Kingston Gate was developed by Jolly Development. In 2001 the community agreed to replace a Kinder Care center and two or 3 single family homes with this development so that commercial uses would not creep further down Chamblee Dunwoody. In other words it was step down zoning between the commercial on 285 and the single family homes to the South. The biggest problem with this proposal is that it puts the 80 foot tall building within 15 feet of the property line with Kingston Gate, and the topology is such that the Kingston Gate townhomes already sits lower so even a 60 foot building should not be this close to the residential property line. Somehow when Chamblee Annexed this portion of DeKalb they switched the LMR Residential Land Use And RA5 residential zoning to CC which stands for commercial corridor zoning. This in my opinion was an oversight that has yet to be explained. It appears that by zoning the residential Kingston Gate Townhomes commercial they have lost Chamblees Height Transitional Buffer protection for when commercial is next to Residential. As it stands now the backdecks of these Townhomes will have a massive structure looming over them.
    Until we find out why Chamblee Rezoned Kingston Gate to a primarily commercial use we won’t know if its even possible to go back and fix the zoning and thus restore the buffer protections for abutting properties with different uses. However clearly allowing the building to be another 20 feet is certainly NOT the appropriate course of action.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Have heard nothing to indicate it will be replacing the one across the street, which by the way is in Brookhaven.

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    Ted Gordon

    This is replacing the Exxon station and several other businesses next to Kingston Gate Townhomes which is all in Chamblee and recently annexed.

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    The existing Holiday Inn across the street is being purchased by a company that is remodeling and rebranding as a Doubletree Hotel.

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    Hate to be devil’s advocate here, but a residential zoning for Kingston Gate seems kind of odd in that it is right next to and across the street from commercial property. Buyers had to be aware that the land uses around the property would eventually change given its location and direct proximity to commercial property. I would have been extremely hesitant to buy in Kingston Gate for that reason. In the city, one always has to be aware of the buffers that exist (or in case didn’t exist) around the property if one wants to be sure that it’s not going to eventually bump up against an undesirable use. For me, the existing gas stations next to it and across the street would have been enough for me to avoid the property.

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    Eric Robert

    True Ellen but the issue here is not that the use of the property is being changed. The issue is that 1. a variance is being sought and 2. Kingston Gate’s zoning was somehow changed from Residential to Commercial so that they may have lost the height transition buffer that they should have as a residential property next to a commercial property. Bottom line, the problem here is NOT that Kingston Gate homeowners have commercial next to them, the problem is that their property appears to have been unilaterally given an inappropriate zoning classification and thus buffer protections they had have been lost.

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    Possibly, but the property is only one lot away from 285. If it were me, a 60 foot building would be about as objectionable as an 80-85 foot one. What type of buffer would they be expecting?

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    Jack Smith

    Variances are required by law to judged via a quasi-judicial process on facts only. Most cities in the Atlanta area have a separate ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) to handle variance requests. Chamblee does not which means the process is handled directly by the council. The ZBA is required to follow city code just as a judge would follow legislative law when ruling on a motion. Having a political body (city council) conduct variance hearings directly is legally problematic and the result is anyone in the city can easily sue and challenge any variances granted by the council in Dekalb county superior court. This is known as “concurrent zoning” or “concurrent variances.”

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    That extra 20-25 feet elevation makes a big difference when you’re talking about sunlight, privacy etc.

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    Considered what happened at our local Red Roof Inn (it was turned into a method lab), can’t say I blame Brookhaven residents for not being thrilled about yet another low-end hotel chain.

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    Considering what happened at our local Red Roof Inn (it was turned into a method lab), I can’t say I blame Brookhaven residents for not being thrilled about yet another low-end hotel chain.

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    Sorry- I tried to edit and it posted twice (stupid autocorrect!!).

    What I was trying to say is *meth** not method lab, lol. :0)

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    Riley O\'Connor

    The Red Roof national management apparently discovered what was happening and changed the facility to a Red Roof Plus in an effort to fix the matter. If you want that sort of action, there’s another motel about two blocks away……

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    The same Red Roof Inn had a huge number of car breakins several months ago. . . .

    I’m just saying. . . I don’t think there’s a dirth of cheap lodging in Brookhaven. . . and I don’t think they’re regularly filled to capacity (or even close to capacity). . . and uhhh. . . start following the BPD police reports . . .

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    LOL someone is voting down the comment about privacy and sunlight. It’s a legitimate concern especially when 15 feet away. At any rate, anyone who believes this rezoning is a good idea is welcome to state their case as such to the council.

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    But think of all the tax dollars!

    With all the strung-out people stumbling around our local Hampton Inn (including into the street, barefoot), I bet The Holiday Inn could make serious bank- especially if they charge by the hour !

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    Chamblee resident

    They said during proceedings, the existing Holiday Inn is losing its branding. HI is abandoning that one to have a new one across the way. It is what you should always worth sour with lower tier hotels. They eventually downgrade over time. Hence our objection.

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    Hey, what’s all the complaining? This is ON an interstate highway one exit from boomtown Perimeter Center! Just thank your lucky stars it isn’t a Value Place Extended Stay ($50/night 330/wk) like what they got on the other end of Chamblee on Dresden @ 85. Talk about your method labs!

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    Eddie E.

    Chamblee only requires a request from the property owner, 30 days and some unmentioned campaign contributions.

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    Eddie E.


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    I realize this doesn’t look good on paper for the Kingston Gate residents but I believe they will ultimately prefer it to what they have now (gangsta gas station and derelict Arbys). If they can leave the tree buffer the closeness of the buildings will mean there is no view into peoples yards from the hotel rooms.
    One point though, they appear to be leaving the entry and exits in the same spots on Chamblee Dunwoody and Savoy. Big mistake, they need to move the Savoy exit down Savoy further as people screaming thru the light when exiting 285 keep rear-ending folks turning into the gas station.

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    Eric Robert

    This proposal does not include the Arby property. Thus the reason they can’t move the entrance.

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    I don’t know about sunlight. Wouldn’t this hotel would be north of the townhomes?

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    This is a replacement

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    Reasonable location for a hotel; However, something must be done about this interchange. It’s brutal, particularly for AM drivers trying to go from Savoy onto Cham-Dun and immediate left onto I-285 westbound. This whole interchange from ChamDun to N.Peachtree needs to be re-worked.

    I say add lanes to Cotillion, make both directions of I-285 (eastbound/westbound) accessible from both ends of the interchange (Cham and N. Peach) and make Savoy a local road w/ no truck traffic.

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    Riley OConnor

    Just to make it interesting, let’s not forget that this is located at the west end of the “J. Max Davis” interchange on I-285. No, not that Max Davis, it’s named for his father, who was also named J. Max Davis. There are signs on 285 naming it such.

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    Nosey Dunwoody Neighbor

    You really think 1 acre is a “reasonable location for a hotel” of this size? Bottom line is that this is a height issue and not a use issue. I would be irate if I lived in Kingston Gate and Chamblee was making me fight this absurd variance request. Good luck Kingston Gate.

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    Agreed. Needs a turn lane filter light to make a left onto Chamblee Dunwoody from Savoy as well.

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    Yes i do. The location (corner on a hwy interchange, 1 exit from Perimeter Center) absolutely makes sense. Squeezing onto a 1-acre parcel, maybe not so much – but I’d have to see a site plan showing building layout and how parking would fit. Also, would the trees between the townhouse and gas station be preserved? If so, I don’t see what the big deal is – would it be worse than a gas station/car wash?

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    There are site plans at The rooftop restaurant and “auto plaza” which is the drive up rotunda are in the area closest to the townhomes. 15 feet away.

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    Eddie E.

    Yes, I’m glad you can cut and paste.
    I just look at the fact I have boycotted the entire area since Dumpwoody started the ‘cityhood slide’.
    I can buy attain anything that is there at a more civilized location.

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    It’s the JOBS, Eddie! The JOBS that EMPLOY people is what makes a community vibrant and desireable. So what if you don’t shop in Dunwoody? I imagine the 1,000’s of people that live and work there do!

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    Eddie E.

    Good for them.
    Too bad they didn’t get the message about the contraction in value and patronage of ‘malls’ worldwide.
    Too bad Dumpwoody has bet the farm on making that white elephant their ‘tax base’ gamble.

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    Saw it – obviously the ‘auto plaza’ would be better off Savoy or on C-D closer to the corner, but doesn’t look like it would be any closer than the existing southernmost entrance into the gas station/wireless world.

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