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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    City of Chamblee Development Authority has become a regional bank…and all the risks that come with it. Hope their underwriting board is competent to measure risks and price accordingly.

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    Chance Miller

    The Chamblee Dev Auth is doing a great job generating income for themselves by abating taxes of other entities. Just like Brookhaven did with Hawks deal and will do with Marta. Great job guys. I am sure all of your taxpying residents are very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

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    Eric Robert

    This type of development will be great for the area, one of the few in the region with a grid system of streets walkable to a rail station. Anybody concerned about sustainability and the environment should want to see development in places like this instead of in greenfields where forests need to be cleared. And development is necessary unless our population stops growing. With all this said, I am concerned about the amount of subsidy this development is getting. If regionally we could agree where to keep higher density development and not have jurisdictions compete with each other by handing out subsidies perhaps we wouldn’t need subsidies like this

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    enuff govt already

    Wasn’t everyone campaigning for local control because the county approved some apartment development? Now we have the cities fast tracking apartments with special incentives to develop more apartments. In 10 years these apartments will no longer be “luxury” apartments they wll be worn out apartments; at best aprtment complexes have the a half-life of single family neighborhoods. FWIW

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    Out Over Their Skis

    A $75M development is now a $64M development because it’s blighted.

    ‘Blighted’? Isn’t that the only reason to issue incentives like this?

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    Willie Stark

    The transfer of ownership of the Nissan lot will make the Chamblee Development Authority the largest property owner in Chamblee paying no property taxes.

    Bank, Developer and Land Baron all inside the comfortable confines of government ‘transparency’.

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    Connolly, the Parkview on Peachtree developer, is not receiving ANY tax abatements. You may not agree with their developments, but they are doing things the old fashioned way – they are paying for the developments on their own nickel – not on the backs of the taxpayers. For that, they should be commended.

    ALL OF THE OTHERS – Whole Foods, The Olmsted and now Chamblee Atlanta should be ashamed. Also, people should cease shopping for cars or anything else at any Hickman dealership. There is another one in the works in Chamblee too also seeking abatements.

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    Giving Away the Farm

    Olmstead, Chamblee Atlanta and Parkview on Peachtree will put another 123 kids in Chamblee Middle and HS. No additional funds to DeKalb County to cover the costs. No additional funds to Chamblee PD to cover additional crime. No additional funds to Chamblee Parks and Rec or roads for additional stress. $750K to Chamblee Dev. Authority for ‘future deals’.

    MARTA tells Brookhaven ‘no consequential effect on DeKalb County Schools’ from TOD. Brookhaven will give MARTA $15M. Brookhaven DA will receive around $250K per year for future deals. Nothing for Ashford Park, Montgomery, Montclair, Woodward or Cross Keys.

    MARTA gets a 1% sales tax, pays no property taxes now and won’t in the future. Their budget is 15 times larger than Brookhaven’s and 25 times larger than Chamblee’s but gets all the goodies.

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    Just go get yourself a big ol’ glass of Development Authority kool-aide.

    And don’t forget about this one:


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    It’s fun to watch the cunning Chamblee Mayor Clarkson so giddy as his city becomes more & more popular with developers. Kinda like the ‘popular’ girl at school. It’s usually the one that ‘puts out’!

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    I’m no Clarkson fan, but that is just rude.

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    Trading a car dealership for a new walk-able development with restaurants etc? Link up to the rail trail as well connecting all of these new developments and Marta? There is no “loss” of tax of here, quite the opposite. Well done Chamblee!

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    Why aren’t Chamblee residents out in force fighting for a say in all these crazy developments that are stacked on top of each along an already congested Peachtree corridor? Not to mention all the tax abatements and giveaways. Where are the traffic studies? Where are the citizens of Sexton Woods? Huntley Hills? Ashford Park(Chamblees side)? They are all getting boxed in. In 10 years, what will these developments look like?
    Congrats to Brookhaven residents for their diligence. They came out loudly and were able to put the skids on overdevelopment along Dresden.
    ellen, cover your tender ears- Hurry Clarkson, woo the Solis developer while the money’s in the pocket! wheeee!!

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    Jack Smith

    Except for all the services that the city and county must provide for the additional residents the development will house: fire, police, street maint., schools, etc. Basically those people will be moving into the city with increasing tax dollars to support them.

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    Oh So SoDoNoBro

    The difference between Chamblee and Brookhaven is demographic advocacy. In 10 years the difference will be crystal clear to every residential real estate broker in Metro Atlanta. Chamblee will be a city of declining popularity looking just a bit more government subsidized with stick built apartments and unfunded roads and police. A recession will bring the warts to life. Current politicians will be long gone.

    Brookhaven, south of Peachtree, will be a wonderland of high end residential, beautiful parks and a stone’s throw from the Buckhead Corporate Complex.

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    Eric Robert

    Not a fan of the subsidies and the drawing of this building looks like a cheaply made hotel that’s trying to look nice. Complete with the fake stucco finish (aka dryvit). But Oh So SoDoNoBro I disagree with your assessment of the future. This part of Chamblee will be a vibrant area with attractive dining and shopping choices that will make these residential units desireable. True their may not be as many blue hairs or soccer moms, and it may have a different vibe than Brookhaven’s Village Center development near its MARTA station. But there is room for both and I’m willing to bet both will be desireable places to live in and main problem for most will be not being able to afford to live in the heart of these districts.

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    Both areas will be just fine. Politicians come and go as do bubbles and recessions in the economy. As any realtor knows its location, location, location and Chamblee and Brookhaven will get even more desirable.

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    The stuff going up in Chamblee will house a lot of the new workers needed in nearby Perimeter centre not to mention all the work from home consultants and millennials commuting to midtown/westside. I think these places will be 100% occupied from day 1.

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    Oh So SoDoNoBro

    Chamblee MARTA will resemble Lindbergh in 5 years or less. Bank on it.

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    Oh So SoDoNoBro

    That’s what they said about Lindbergh/Morosgo.

    Look at the declining trend lines of monthly rents.

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    Swiss Cheese

    Yay! Building the Ghetto of tomorrow, today!

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    Rude as usual, eh, yak? You have no class!

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    seeker of truth

    How come there is no write up on the Trackside Project?
    I guess when there is nothing to fire up the NIMBYs or CAVEs it’s not “NEWS”

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Dear Seeker of Truth,

    Your search may be over. The Post has done a write up about this project. Perhaps you missed it, as well as the video we shot during the meeting. Here are the links.

    Have a great day.


    And here is the video of the meeting.

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    Eric Robert

    While the Lindbergh TOD should have a better layout (the parking lots are too prominent) there is nothing wrong with it and its sure as heck a lot better than what was there before. Note also the positive redevelopment that is occurring near the Lindbergh TOD. Chamblee will be different and thanks to the better street layout, better. True like Lindbergh I’m sure not everyone who lives in this area of Chamblee will be white but for most people, myself included, that’s a good thing.

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    Eric Robert

    With trulia you get what you pay for. Bottom line at Eon which is in the MARTA Lindberg development rents go from $1,200 to 1,500 for a 1 bedroom and start at $1,700 for a 2 bedroom. By the way I highly recommend SIP Coffee in Lindbergh

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    Jack Smith

    Buford highway has a great location and great access to I-85. I don’t think most people would choose to live there. So location is important but it isn’t the only consideration.

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    Jack Smith

    Seems the mayor’s contract relationship with the architectural firm attached to this 18 year tax abated project has made the AJC.

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