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    Thomas Porter

    I’m generally afraid to become too comfortable with any situation, but tonight gave me GREAT optimism about Brookhaven’s future under this administration. Thank you Mayor & Council!!! Keep your courage and confidence moving forward.
    John Park’s comments on the denial motion were inspiring.

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    Bwahahahaha Mattison:
    “We have no reality of what we are actually saying what we would like to see.”

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    Tom Reilly

    Great statement, Tom!! I totally agree!! Transparency, accountability, discernment, courage, pragmatic action are all reflecting well on the involved citizenry of Brookhaven!! Keep up the good work!!–Tom Reilly

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    Chance Miller

    One down and two to go. What bullshit the neighbors have to fight this hard.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Has Brookhaven turned the corner and will they begin taking a tough stance on future development after Tuesday’s denial of a contentious Dresden Dr. mixed use development?

    Is this a sign and a message to developers to bring their “A-Game” early and not put citizens through months of fighting development they feel is not right for their neighborhoods?


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    Karen Dernavich

    I am so very proud of our Community for uniting together and our Mayor and City Council for holding firm to our laws and processes. Together we can keep Brookhaven great!!!

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    Unfortunate Chamblee citizens aren’t holding their officials to the same accountability. Brookhaven citizens will sure feel the impact of overdevelopment on Peachtree just to their north.

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    Brookhaven Fields

    Just so I’m clear, the rezoning was denied by the City Council and now the property owner (or site developer) can’t request rezoning for at least 2 years, correct?

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    A M A Z I N G!! Way to represent. Relieved, and pleased with the force with which the City Council DENIED the withdrawal. It was clarified that the developer can ask for a special consideration to re-apply again in 6 months….they don’t HAVE to wait the 2 years.
    John Park was awesome. I honestly didn’t expect EVERY council member to vote “deny,” and was so thrilled to hear it.
    To those of you (and there are many) who worked so hard and put in countless hours, THANK YOU! It does give one hope that we can have the city we want, not what developers want.
    To those of you who have yet to attend a meeting….we can’t stress how important it is to have even more people show up and be seen at the Connolly meetings. It REALLY does make a difference!!

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    Riley OConnor

    The other interesting thing about this was not only did people work very hard to clerarly state their opposition, but their children also saw that they should take an interest in their community and that nothing is written in stone. Individuals can make a difference, an important lesson.

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    Didn’t you endorse Alan Cole?

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    The owner or his agent can petition the city council after 6 months to have the 24 month period waived. He can also build anything that would not require rezoning in the interim without any wait period. That’s where the catch is, because the area is included in the Peachtree Corridor Overlay there are special allowances. We need to force the changes to the Overlay that do not allow for any of this higher density that was intended for Peachtree to spill down Dresden. I still can’t understand why when almost every uproar about development has been related to the Overlay – it was removed from the Character Studies. Everyone I know is pretty pissed about that.

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    Wednesday Aug 3, a week from tonight at 7pm is the Planning Commission meeting. They will be considering the 197 unit & retail unit on Dresden at the Tag office.

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