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    Why put the MARTA garage so far from the underpass?

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    Interested neighbor

    Someone smarter than me has pointed out that this “proposed linear park” is unlikely to ever get done. Said its one of those features thats included to make the project more appealing to neighbors but isn’t and hasn’t been discussed in great detail or depth, making it easier for developers to eventually scrap it from plans. Not a revenue producer for them anyway. I hope my friend is wrong but fear he is right.

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    Eric Robert

    Based on the article it sounds like as currently zoned, MARTA could put in as much density as they are proposing in this plan. But they are proposing the changes in part so as to move the higher density to the Peachtree Road side of the tracks which is also farther away from the residential neighborhoods. As to the additional 25 feet – getting some Class A office would really help distinguish this development from what is now becoming cookie cutter development in Brookhaven – It would be really nice to get Class A office here. And since this building is far removed from residential areas the height would cause a visual impact on the low density neighborhoods.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    According to the presentation last night, the positioning of the buildings creates the need for the rezoning. Here is the part of the video where that is discussed specifically.

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    “Tax incentives” are a non-starter as far as I’m concerned. There is no reason for Brookhaven to agree to this – leave the property as-is until a better plan comes along that doesn’t require incentives. We aren’t the ones pushing for this so why would we give anything at all?

    It’s not like MARTA can opt to move it to a city willing to give them incentives.

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    Totally agree. Brookhaven needs to stop making anti-taxpayer decisions that negatively impact neighborhoods. Let MARTA develop the site without tax incentives or let them sit on a vacant parking lot.

    One more point. It is about time that Brookhaven residents start seeing declining millage rates. No one will convince me that with the huge increase in the tax digest over the past couple of years that there is a linear relationship with increased costs. Cut the taxes before more development.

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    Blinded by the Light

    Your friend is right. It’s even mentioned in the article. The proposed linear park in Fernwood will be a stormwater pond that no longer meets code. You cannot build within 25-50′ of a stream buffer. Subtract 4 acres from their Greenspace promise. MARTA will be sued for this one infraction along with many others if rezoning is approved. They are LYING to you.

    The height request will allow for a giant electronic billboard. Take a look at the one on the Olmstead being built now. Same ole’ cookie cutter SoDoSoPa. And they want $15m of our money to build it.

    Every government subsidized mixed use development in the country tries to achieve the video below. They all lie to you to build an ideological social engineering project and they all end up like Atlantic Station. Except there’s no blight at Brookhaven MARTA.

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    Excellent coverage and reporting Post!

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    Those of us that ride MARTA will have a long walk to the trains.

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    “The study (Table 6) shows the Gross Project Trip Generation will produce 10,751 trips per day – 5,376 Entering and 5,376 Exiting.”

    All of which will have an egress on to Apple Valley, thus thousands will travel up and down Fernwood, Peachtree View, Sylvan, Cartecay, Coosawatee, Elijay and other neighborhood streets because they will not be able to stack on the Apple Valley. You shy not true? I have to wait multiple lights now to turn left from Apple Valley in the morning during rush hour now……

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