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    Hunter Burke

    It is indeed most unfortunate that the future of this great city is based upon the debate of two idiots. One being a man of minimal scruples and history, the other being a non-resident pawn of whatever his superior of the moment tells him. Both politicians in their own rights. Let this be a public discussion with consensus on decision.

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    Your ‘great city’ comment amuses me. You cobble a bunch of unrelated neighborhoods with no commonality and they make a great city? Maybe you should review how this ‘great city’ was created, it’s creators and their tactics to reach their goal. Then maybe you should review the first three years after the city was created. Joke City.

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    PS, your reference to the ‘two idiots’ exemplifies my point. Note that the ‘idiots’ have rotated in and out in our short history and can encompass more than two idiots.

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    1) every development issue in D2 & D3 has been because of the overlay
    2) several of the lawsuits against the city have been because of the overlay
    3) fear of developments are for the most part because of the overlay
    4) the overlay was NOT a result of community input but rather A few neighborhood association based developers, urban planners, architects, and real estate professionals and a sprinkle of residents.

    There are more than 3 times the signatures on the SMART DEVELOPMENT ( petition than were surveys completed for the Comprehesive Plan and probably 10 time more people at the Character Area Study Kickoff Meeting than there were involved in the Overlay creation.

    With the time and money that the citizens and city are having to spend defending the intent of the overlay when the subjective interpretations are applied by developers – how can we NOT address it sooner rather than later? It will cost far more in time, money, community unity and political capital if we don’t. I would hate to see the community unite to vote out what are considered by most to be reasonable representatives because they could not get buy in to address what is the elephant in the room.

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    After reading Bates and Ben’s dialogue, I feel like I dug a brain ditch, but worth the effort. The markets want clarity and so do the citizens in D2 and D3.

    Create a Sub-Area III in the BPOD. The boundary would be MARTA parking lot to the North, every parcel south of Apple Valley on Dresden and including Fernwood Park. The highest density of 20,000 sf of residential and 7500 sf of commercial per/acre, but no more than 25,000 sf of both. No more than 3 stories or 40′ above the in situ level of the nearest adjacent property.

    That would create one additional meeting for BPOD. Include the Sub Area III discussions ONLY in the AP/DV and BH/BF character area studies. Developer attorney’s should have to attend as many meetings as the citizens.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    Everyone needs to understand how the city interprets the Overlay… As long as there is not already a residential zoning applied to a parcel, then a developer can build apartments to ANY density they want as long as it adheres to the height and setback restrictions.

    The vast majority of the overlay falls into this category (C1, C2, O-I, M). The Kroger on Peachtree, the Total Wine shopping center, Hudson Grill complex, any portion of Oglethorpe (including the frontage to Windsor Pkwy), the corner of Peachtree & Ashford Dunwoody, the church on Dresden, just about all of Apple Valley north of Dresden, the north side of Caldwell next to the apartments. The code currently allows a developer to build as many apartments as they can fit at these locations without any public hearings or traffic studies.

    Residential density restrictions must be added to the Overlay which would trigger a rezoning if a developer wanted to exceed them. We have been somewhat fortunate so far because Hastings, MARTA, and the two Dresden developments just happened to be some of the few parts of the overlay that had underlying residential zoning.

    This article and the one the Post recently published regarding the Hastings appeal do a very good job trying to explain the murky interpretations that are possible with the Overlay.

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    Kerry McBrayer

    The overlay should be rewritten now. Replace it with standards of smart growth.

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    The BPCA doesn’t represent very many peeps and just aren’t relevant anymore, there are lots of smart people here now. We should fix the overlay as a community.

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    Read and Sign the petition for Smart Growth at:

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    On the Record

    Agreed, the BPCA should come out of the shadows and allow more people the secret handshake. Are there just 5 or 6 old timers representing themselves as the keepers of the Crown Jewels. Can I join, can I have a vote can I offer modifications to the plan,or is the plan sacrosanct. Can we modify the transitional form factor.

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    Dean, Joke City, really??
    Please show some respect;
    we prefer the term Clown Town.

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    Clown Town. I like it. Now, please go clean up table #4.

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