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    Very cool. Get em Brookhaven.

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    Eric Robert

    Looks good. The playground at Murphey Candler could benefit with having the current one replaced. Though previous discussions of adding yet another bathroom on the west side of the lake are a waste of money since the Pool and Baseball bathrooms are both on the Westside and thus should be available.

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    The bathroom built by Haven Construction looks fantastic at Briarwood Park. We went with the high end residential ‘mini-me’. The metal roofs match the playground structures DeKalb County installed before cityhood.

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    The bathrooms at MC Park playground are fine, the floor and fixtures are always clean, the soap dispenser and paper properly stocked. What would be a waste of money is to replace something that is not broken. Even the new heaters work great when needed. They are a little plain – concrete and not much color but a coat of paint can fix that.

    As far as the west side, the pool is only open for a short time during the summer and not really east to get to from the trail since there are no steps, just a steep hill to climb. In the big picture, it would probably help to have a map on the info sign showing where they are located in case the visitors to our parks are not familiar with where they are. I’ll look tomorrow and see if there is one and if not, I’ll make one and pin it up.

    Will the pool let someone in just to use the bathroom?

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    Ida Beth

    I’m going to check yours out. I don’t think the ones pictured here look like Brookhaven.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Here is the Briarwood restroom rendering. It looks very similar to this. Rendering of proposed Briarwood Restroom

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    The curb on my street has *completely* collapsed and not only looks like something you’d see in a “developing country” but causes street water to flood people’s homes- – the city refuses to do anything about this but meanwhile budgets money to make “cool”looking restrooms. #SIGH

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    Eric Robert

    Oh I thought the bathroom at the playground was always breaking down and being closed. If it works then I agree 110% no need to replace. As to the west side they are supposed to put steps into facilitate parking for the baseball leagues which is a much better way to do it than building new parking lots. And it would be a lot cheaper to reconfigure the bathrooms at the pool to have access 24/7 than to build an entirely new bathroom structure nearby. Between the pool bathroom and the bathrooms at the spillway that seems like plenty of bathrooms for the west side of the lake.

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    What street is that?

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    Royal Flush

    Again with the equal amount of stalls for men and women? Let me guess…the architect is a man. Glad to see there are no urinals in the men’s room. I won’t bother asking before I enter like I usually do.

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    Not one that pays enough in property taxes for the city to care.

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    Joe, around here it’s almost as bad as going to the restroom down at the airport.

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    So you are just trolling?

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    Yes, anyone that has any problem with how Brookhaven sometimes handles things is a troll. Let me just post my address here on the Internet for all the angry sorts to come drive by and possibly even make the city care about us even less or be vindictive.

    Would you like my security alarm code too?

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    While I don’t doubt there is probably restroom sex somewhere, how do you personally know that they are married?

    And that they have diseases ?

    And that they are perverts and sickos?

    These posts sound a lot like homophobia to me.

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    This model definitely looks a lot easier and cheaper to keep clean.

    I love modern design but the proposed model is going to need a lot more regular exterior cleanings to keep it from getting and looking funky.

    I definitely think maintenance costs need to be a big part of the dialogue

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    Thank you to the Brookhaven Post for removing the anti-gay/LGBTQ comments on this thread- it speaks volumes about your integrity.

    Regardless of what everyone wants aesthetically or financially, we should aim to be kind and inclusive to all.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Agreed. Apologies for those slipping through.

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    Ray Bann

    May I ask the cost of the Briarwood restroom?

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    Thom Cann

    I don’t remember the contract amount but I do recall it took quite a while for those restrooms to be completed. I heard there was a problem with the city paying the contractor in a timely manner.

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    $40k. The first City Manager took over a year to pay Haven Construction. Thank Goodness Haven acted selflessly with their only mission the betterment of Briarwood Park.

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    Yep, these things usually are closed down because of neglect and lingering perverts, (Brookhaven being “truly urban” and all.) I say get’em, spend a lot of money, give the contract to your grandma, take a vacation, very cool.

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    Would you like me to post some pictures?

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    Ida Beth

    Thank you. This looks great . No spooky corners where someone could be lucking. I also don’t like a common hand washing area for men and women where adults and kids mix. It would be very intimidating for a little girl to run in there by herself and see men in there.

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    As an adult woman I don’t particularly want to be in an inclosed space alone with a random, unknown man either.

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    Well that’s some nice coded language. #herewegoagain

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    HMM I could care less about ones sexual choices. But I am concerned about perverts. You do know the difference don’t you? #understandthediference

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    If you don’t “understand” that equating the dog whistle that those that are quote “truly urban” to perverts is inappropriate, coded language then I really don’t know what to tell you.

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    You do understand what “dog whistling” is right?

    Like Brookhaven residents bemoaning Pokemon Go players- a good number of them minorities- showing up to Murphy Candler Park as “thugs”.

    I give up!

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    Ted Gordon

    I’d like some local granite in the bathroom design. It fits with Atlanta and parks.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you for that type of comment. Was kind of thinking when I posted this that people would spend time talking about the designs and lend some thoughts and ideas about that.

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    Being concerned about how the city chooses to allocate its money is not ” trolling”.

    If I could even remotely legally pay to fix my own curb I would.

    Some of us have actually googled to figure out whether it’s a misdeamor or felony that would involve jail time if we just paid someone under the table to fix it for us.

    If I wasn’t worried about the Brookhaven Police I’ be tempted to figure out how to even fix it myself!

    But by all means, what Brookhaven really needs are discussions about luxury restrooms.

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    Ida Beth

    I like the design from Briarwood and this thought is perfect about local granite.

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    Move On

    There is an old saying ‘a camel is a horse designed by committee’. The consultants held public forums and got input for the designs. They incorporated the input into the process and came up with these renderings. If you want new restrooms in the parks, it’s time to move on.

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    Move On – There were no public forums for input on designs for any bathrooms. The mayor even asks in the video and the answer was no. If you are going to comment get your story straight.

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    Move On

    My mistake. I thought this was discussed as part of the master plan.

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    I thought camels were especially useful in the desert? :0)

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