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    I knew all along Kusman was a plant on behalf of real estate interests. Chamblee voted out Zanger a long time resident and advocate for the neighborhoods.
    I hope Chamblee doesnt buckle under the law suit. This parcel could oh so much more than a parking lot for one of America’s dying car brands.

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    Orion the Hunter

    Dan Zanger got voted out for various reasons, mostly because he never initiated anything. It was also Dan Zanger that was the swing vote allowing for the housing project in Keswick Village that has stalled out. I wouldn’t say Kusman is a plant for real estate due to his short tenure. Now that legal action has taken place it has to play out so time will tell.

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    Tom Reilly

    Kathy Zickert?? Kathryn M. Zickert?? Again?? Check the records on the Marist School, Concord Fire soccer field, Ravenia Chimney, residence at Colt Drive and Remington Road zoning cases. All defeats suffered by her at my/our hands in recent years. Her reputation all too well precedes her. Plenty of similar cases have been upheld in the homeowners’ favor. Private rights are always coupled with public responsibility. STAY THE COURSE!!

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    Does the lawsuit demand approval or simply another review? No worries if the latter unless there truly is no way to deny parking lot uses. (hard to believe that would be true). The idea is grotesque and surely well below highest and best use.

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    Fair comment on Zanger. I think Kusman will run for Mayor. Has Keswick Village stalled? i thought 2 were sold and 1 under contract? If I was a buyer I would be holding off until Parkview is done and see what the impact is. Really like the homes though.

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    Darron Kusman

    Not typically one to post comments on articles but want to clarify two points made. 1) I opposed denial because I wanted to accept the withdrawal request. This distinction impacts what applications can be submitted for a period of time. 2) I have no intentions of running for mayor.

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    Thanks Darron.

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    Lawsuit demands that the decision be rescinded and undiplomatically DEMANDS the court to render a zoning decision. Reason? The city’s ordinances don’t allow further recourse–apparently another submittal isn’t allowed and process restarted with Zickert repeating the lawsuit’s claims to the city council.

    Anyway, its a con-law case and the court will have ample ways to render a non-decision if taken higher. The number of claims that are subject to interpretation and definition (without help from Zickert) is mind-boggling and the court doesn’t have the time or resources to make this case a priority.

    The lawsuit could practically be interpreted as harassing the court 🙂

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    Brian Mock

    Can’t comment on lawsuits, but won’t be strong armed. A 24 acre parking lot to store 2500 vehicles in the middle of Chamblee. NO, NO, NO, and before I forget, NO.

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    Who do you think is going to want to construct in a flight path? How long has that property been vacant?

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    Bill Lowe

    Give me some money and I will build a “tiny house” community that are 600-1000 square feet energy efficient within walking distance to the Marta station. These would be fixed foundation concrete walled houses with solar power/water heating, 6-8 houses per acre and are affordable. Noise issues would be abated via the leave in place insulated concrete forms and lots of attic insulation. There are only so many places left for walking distance to mass transit and a less than $200k buy in price that will have low recurring monthly energy costs.

    We have the leave in place poured concrete wall system in place…..and yes, they will survive just about everything a tornado can throw at them…and possibly even an airplane or two. Still not clear about the need for a termite bond because the roof will be wood framed.

    Anything is better than mostly surface parking on 24 acres of land.

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    Remy M.

    I’m confused about the zoning/rezoning, the ownership & who exactly has authority over what can be built on this property.
    It had been previously zoned a special Chamblee zoning class-IV(international village) which allowed mixed use, including residential, retail, office. So when exactly did the residential component zoning become prohibited? It’s now zoned IT(industrial transitional) which allows low impact industrial & commercial. The 2014 avigation easement prohibits certain uses on this property, including residential, low income housing, schools, agricultural and the one I don’t understand, an amphitheater!
    The International Village went belly up and the property has sat vacant for over a decade. Yup, it would have been a great spot for some type of CDC connected research or lab. Or a light manufacturing or distribution center or even a call center. But no one came calling
    In other words, the proposal by Hennessey Cadillac conforms perfectly to the strict zoning of this property, like it or not, it’s private property.

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    To further Brian’s comment, the answer is “hell no”.

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    If I read it right, it’s not zoned IT – the request was to rezone it to IT, which the council denied (thus the source of the suit). So it’s still VC. Doesn’t seem to me that the city has any legal requirement to agree to a rezoning.

    Also – Hennessey Cadillac is out on Satellite, right? Maybe they should look for some place in the same county to store their cars.

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    That totally makes sense. The land here is much more expensive around here than in Gwinnett County.

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