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    The “Artist’s Rendering” above is the end result of selling “pixie dust” on a project “to big to fail” in a decade of “new mediocrity”. Negotiations are once again underway between Doraville and DCSS over the Doraville Assembly project, all be it under vastly different circumstances than previously. I will admit to some conjecture here but my sources are top drawer………as we used to say back in the 60’s. Looked like Doraville/Integral had a “work around’ with their designer CID and Doraville Development Authority tax abatement scheme, but turns out the DeKalb School Board could threaten to file suit at the bond hearing holding up the project indefinitely. Bonds are not scheduled till November so plenty of time to talk. First meeting was scheduled for 11:00AM this morning with Republican State Senator present. School Board wants it’s pound of flesh out of these deal come hell or high water!

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    But wait there’s more, have the bond hearings been held on the Brookhaven projects? Chamblee projects? At the end of the day, the DCSS holds all the cards and owns the bank, give us back our tax money or we kill these projects! Why? Fewer kids to educate , no skin off our back side, DCSS is $1B behind in deferred maintenance alone and a five year SPLOST is a nickel and dime capital improvement effort. Last thing they need is more development and more kids! So PILOT(Payment In Lieu Of Taxes)is the claw back of choice. Give in? Yes under most circumstances in DeKalb; not so much now. Big three(Mike,Steve,Melvin)doing an excellent job can call the shots all the way up to the State House.

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    Hopefully the people on Terrell and Clyde Drs are aware that Doraville and Chamblee want to turn their roads into cut through for this project (linking it to N Peachtree). That’s a huge change from being on a quiet dead end street.

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    Could become a road to nowhere unless a big name corporation, entertainment venue or movie studio steps up and commits to the project.
    With this phenomenal location, it’s surprising this hasn’t happened yet.
    I think the Brave stadium would have worked better here with the already existing infrastructure & Marta than razing a beautiful thick forest and stocked lake that damn it, should have been preserved and protected, for tons and tons of cement.
    It’s sickening how greedy development is allowed to rape our land!

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    Comments above make me glad I live on the thinking side of I-85! While Brokenkaven is recovering from last night’s Extra Dry Martini’s and rancid filet mignon they may have missed that Dunwoody Development Authority is about to float $700M in bonds on the State Farm/MARTA TOD deal. Eat your heart out Brookhaven, for not having development powers! My legal angel(Megan Much…now with the DA’s Office)would also be proud that I found the Doraville CID has apparently fallen through because of lack of property ownership participation, this one is really off the wall…Yakety_Yak!….and don’t come back!!

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    RAJ, please explain. You’re fine with a subsidized road, correct? You want bonds floated for the GM development, correct? Hate to burst your bubble, but I’m ok with cities applying for available grant money(if used properly) and I also support thoughtful redevelopment powers to jump start development in distressed areas(if used properly).
    The difference in this development & the State Farm development in Sandy Springs is State Farm is a huge corporation seeking to locate to the Sandy Springs development, bringing 100’s of high paying jobs.
    I’m questioning why no corporations or companies are showing any interest in the GM property.
    The city of Doraville and developers have done a lousy job thus far selling their product!
    Wonder why no ones interested, that’s all I’m asking.
    Looking for a thoughtful response.

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    I’m confused about “Phase II.” That quarter-mile seems to be drawn right on top of a cluster of Jim Ellis dealerships, one of which is a brand spankin’ new Audi showroom. I doubt they’ll tear that one down.

    Also, I hope the Peachtree Road – Buford connection actually happens (shown in red). That would be a great boost to Doraville – Chamblee connectivity!

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    I think we have covered all this before, but just for fun; the developer has NO private money in the deal,the property is financed by a short term construction loan from the Bank of the Ozarks, NO environmental State or local permits have been issued for remediation,, the CID cannot be approved by the County Tax Office,the School Board will file suit if bonds are issued, the GM factory floor was pored on a grid laid over pilings driven into a swamp that is now contaminated with Benzine and other goodies,the city of 10K cannot provide services to the developed site,”the specific environmental issues for this(road)project only means that the original road bed(1940’s)was never contaminated,,we are past the peak of the commercial business cycle for this type of project, MARTA is not on board,the State wants the project done but won’t give DeKalb the time of day…much less any money…….that’s my thoughtful response. Sha….Boom! Sha…. Boom!

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    Meanwhile I got a note from Nalley saying their grand opening is Aug 22. Yay another car dealership.

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    So what’s the problem? I agree with you 100%! This place is doomed. Should have remained a factory/industrial complex, employing 1,000,s,..or a baseball field.
    It will NEVER be a vibrant film studio mixed use mini city. NEVER!

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    Guy…no need to be confused about “Phase II”, Audi(VW/Porsche)just tell Jim Ellis to blow up the Audi dealership and move it next to the new Nissan shop….Porsche told Ellis the same across the street…and air condition the shop so the mechanics don’t sweat on the customer’s $100K Porsche’s!

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