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    Thomas Porter

    Well, let’s see if they can ‘wow’ the City Council with a proposal far less than the 45 units/acre recommended by Community Development and inline with the community’s 30 units/acre.

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    Thomas Porter

    PS: Thank you Planning Commission members. Should have said that first.

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    Mr. Marcus Lewis, Jr.

    Good. This has all been another example of the wrong size project in the wrong location.

    BUT, the political Cesspool our city dives into on each and every project is unreal. I think the planning commission did a great job deliberating this issue last night.

    This is all going according to the plan. The plan is to Deny the TP and Connolly projects and approve the massive MARTA project, with a tax abatement. Think about which of these three projects pays the city the most and you’ll have your answer.

    Good job Planning Commissioners on a well thought out and sensible decision in the midst of a political pressure cooker.

    Now let’s see how many projects Pulte homes can bring in. Think Briarwood Park and the Connolly site.

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    MARTA won’t pay the city or anyone else any tax revenue.. They pay no property taxes on the property. Everyone in DeKalb pays a 1% sales tax to MARTA and might have their taxes abated for more than a decade. They have a budget 15 times larger than the city of Brookhaven and just saved over $80m on a bond refinance.

    Thank you Planning Cimmission! Thank you resident activists and city council for all of your very valuable time. Let’s hope MARTA doesn’t waste anymore with tax abatement requests.

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    Eddie E.

    “This property will be developed” and if the Citizens stay vigilant, it will be done in a way and at a density within the existing zoning and meeting the approval of the community.

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    If a project such as this were approved, plus the Marta project etc etc wouldn’t the fire station need to be relocated elsewhere? Traffic backups are going to make it hard for trucks to get out to calls.

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    Riley OConnor

    Well, first, it’s always interesting to see your artistic work appear in someone else’s presentation without a proper citation. Connolly’s use of a Brookhaven Post photograph was a bit cheeky, but not a surprise in today’s complicated copyright world.

    That said, in a slow moment, I started working on the Zoning Song. Sung in a Wagnerian manner:

    Everybody’s talking about density,
    But given the builder’s propensity,
    It’s never enough.

    More as it becomes available…..

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    Karl O’Reilly, I don’t think your talents are meant for song writing. Focus on your commentary.

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    Riley OConnor

    It was during a slow spot in the meeting. It ain’t Rogers & Hammerstein.

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