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    Would like to have seen this go through a more desirable and safe area

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    Don’t worry, after a few incidents there will be a demand for a Brookhaven four wheeler patrol division.

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    100% agree. Who can’t see this misses the Peachtree Road corridor, the single family neighborhoods the city of Chamblee & Doraville. It runs along the creekbed south of 1000’s of transient filled apartments. It will become known for assaults , rapes and robberies. Not well thought out unless the development along Buford Highway catches on like wildfire, and soon.

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    Some of that area in Buford Highway is already known for crime ( check out the BPD reports on any given day), so potentially the logic is that with more people out and about the crime stats can only get better.

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    Betsy Eggers

    THE GREENWAY IS A GREAT BEGINNING to a more walkable, livable community! It has transformed the area around the BeltLine into a safer, more fun place to be! Studies show trails do not increase crime (other than increases in tickets for off-leash-dogs, motorized vehicle usage (no golf carts, boys!) and littering.

    The Peachtree Creek Greenway will be connecting nodes of works (like Century Center) to Midtown, the BeltLine, and MARTA stations. Commuters on bikes will increase the use of the trail in the early and late hours of the day. Lighting, safety-conscience landscaping (low plants along the edges and canopy trees), cameras, and police-on-bikes add to trail safety throughout the US.
    In their article, Rail-Trails and Safe Communities: The Experience on 372 Trails (1998), “Tammy Tracy and Hugh Morris address many misconceptions concerning trail security. Their research revealed that crime rates are lower on trail networks than the overall crime rate for the region in which they are located, whether urban, suburban, or rural.” (from Sidewalks and Shared-Use Paths: Safety, Security, and Maintenance, Delaware DOT)

    Every community/city along the Peachtree Creek has organizations, Bike-Ped Plans, and engaged governments working to make our communities inter-linked with sidewalks, paths, and trails.

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    I live in a quiet small condominium community across Buford Highway from the Pink Pony and love it. I love my neighborhood and being able to walk to buy freshly squeezed juices and grilled chicken from the small, locally owned businesses nearby. I take my kids to the swimming pool at Briarwood Park all the time and I walk to the lovely trail at Lenox Park for exercise. I’m so excited about the Peachtree Creek Greenway. As we’ve seen, the Atlanta Beltline transformed an area that was dirty and unsafe into a gem for the city. The doubters of the Peachtree Creek Greenway would be better served buying property along its proposed route and then come talk to me in 10 years! 🙂

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    Chris Kaiser

    Imagine how little progress would ever get done if every time a great new sustainable project was opposed naysayers said, “We can’t do this…because you know…crime” OR “We can’t do this in that area where the underprivileged live….because you know…crime”. Imagine if the Beltline was shot down because of CRIME. If you think this goes through some bad areas then the Beltline REALLY goes through some bad areas, but the Beltline will improve those areas just like the Peachtree Creek Greenway will improve this area. Sure, there will be incidents, there are always incidents, but there will be an improvement in the City of Brookhaven in the quality of life of everyone, except those who dont want to leave their safe little enclaves.

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    Chris Kaiser

    Just curious, how do naysayers think you improve crime in an area? Just hope that it stops? You improve crime in an area by improving the area. If an area of Brookhaven is underdeveloped and a breeding ground for crime, you develop it (sustainably of course) and the area improves. Crime goes somewhere else it can fester – probably a location where citizens dont want to invest in to improve. City planning 101.

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    Don\'t buy the hype.

    Beltine, Beltline, Beltine.

    People drive in with their bikes on a rack, ride the 5 blocks between Krog Street and Ponce City Market. The roads are ripped apart because no taxes are paid from the increased property values. Affordable housing is disintegrated because it’s gentrified with taxpayer obligated debt. Crime hasn’t gone down. Property values have dropped since the original increases. Exactly ONE block on each side of the Beltline looks better than before. Gangs of roving dirt bikes glare at you because white people have demolished their mom’s houses.

    Same will happen here. Before you jump on board with this plan, do yourself a favor and go look for yourself. Check out the EMPTY high end shoe stores and butcher shops. They’ll be nail salons and Dollar Stores in 5 years.

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    Kathy Shields

    The Buford Highway corridor is a treasure worth preserving and improving. @welovebuhi has worked tirelessly to highlight the value of preserving family owned business community and rich ethnic diversity in our local ecosystem. These BuHi families deserve to have safe neighborhoods, free of gangs and crime. So, when I think about the Peachtree Creek Greenway proposal, I think about the way it will strengthen the community. It will enrich the natural resources available for families, it will infuse businesses with new customers and it will provide a stronger connection between people that isn’t based solely on commerce, but the preservation of natural resources, green ecology and a healthy future for all of our children. Betsy Eggers has done her homework. From a city-planning perspective, what’s good for the environment is good for the people. The way we care for our green spaces and waterways is a reflection of the way we care about each other.

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    Brookhaven will address the coming crime issue with a four wheeler patrol division. Cant wait to see the patrolling officers do wheelies with their four wheelers! Why is it this pro belt line group wants to expand any possible route along with its cost, upkeep and maintenance at the expense of the cities of these potential routes? Many of these people are not even taxpayers in Brookhaven. Just because you want it doesn’t mean we have to have it.

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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    Check out the renovated Poncey Highlands area with the “Beltline” running right through the middle with a Brookhaven MARTA TOD sized development right in the center….far worse than Buford Highway crime.

    So much for development eliminating crime. Check this one out of Inman Park. Good grief.

    Attaching the proposed Peachtree Greenway to the Atlanta Beltline is nothing more than a marketing statement. The straw man amenity will help push the $20M parks bond that will be floated next year to buy 15 pieces of separately owned real estate, design and build. Eggers has suggested for every $1 dollar of money spent on this project over $9 of ‘economic development’ will be created.

    The Atlanta Beltline is a 1.4 mile stretch of pavement marketed as an entire loop inside the perimeter. It has taken 5 years to build at staggering cost and tax abatements. The city of Atlanta denied payment of $21M they owed for 2 years. The pavement end at Ponce City Market is at least 15 miles from the suggested connection mentioned in the article.

    None of us will be here when and if the connection is ever made. I would suggest the Beltline is in its final form right now.

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    Betsy Eggers is well intended but I seriously doubt she and others behind the Peachtree Greenway have thought about the actual cost this project will end up costing Brookhaven taxpayers in the long run.

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    Not sure why you think four wheelers will be needed to patrol 4 miles of paved trails. BPD already has patrol bikes that will do just fine. If you’re against the project just say so but don’t drag the Police Department through the mud in the process.

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    No one drug the police in the mud here. If there is an incident that requires police or emergence personnel to evacuate a down person due to crime or health problems, you think that will be accomplished with a cop on a bike? There is more to creating a trail in the woods in a heavily populated area than just spreading a little gravel or pouring a concrete path. Dingbat!

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    Just sayin\'

    The result of a completed Beltline would be a concrete ribbon passable by motocross gangs, but not police cars.

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    Just another escape route!

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    Tell em Dean. Unfortunately , they can’t comprehend, they all in pretty, paisley la-la land!

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    I’m so excited for this trail- I love that it’s adjacent to the creek, as we landlocked Atlantans don’t get many opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of being near the water. Especially pleased to see the part running through Brookhaven is right near our house- it’s going to be a wonderful addition to park-deprived D1.

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    Correction (typo): D4

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    Ted Gordon

    Greenways are usually along side creeks or abandoned rail lines because it is an easy place to build them among other benefits. The other greenways around Metro Atlanta have proven to be very popular and an amenity for developments near them.

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    River Rat

    I understand the creek has a couple of beaches for sunning you can stomach the sewer aroma.

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    I hope this greenway is a success, but one can’t ignore the challenges a wooded trail along the heart of the most populated transient area in Atlanta will create. Gangs in the area will certainly use the trail for mischief.
    If the trail is populated enough and the criminals are kept at bay, then I plan to spend time on it myself. The Big Creek greenway runs through very nice areas in Roswell, Alpharetta & Milton , but even there there’s a chance of danger when a female finds herself alone in the woods.
    Maybe there could be a citizens patrol group put together.
    I understand this is the Peachtree Creek Greenway, but hope the city will plan some neighborhood trail connectors to tie into this. I see 2 potential connectors, one up Roxboro along Druid Hills, to the Marta station. A second, up Briarwood to Briarwood Park, cutting a path somewhere between Drew Valley & Oostanaula into the Ashford Park neighborhood.

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    If we were to listen to the negative, outdated opinions here, we wouldn’t have parks like the highline in NYC or the Beltline here in Atlanta. I hate to break it to these people (looking at you Dean, Yakety-Yak, Saul, Don\’t buy the hype, River Rate) but you are outing yourself as the closed minded, negative, annoying neighbors that you are probably known as to those who live near you. That is if you actually leave your house and see the sun, which seems unlikely due to what appears to be an unjust and unhealthy fear of crime. We need progress, development and some outside of the box thinking to bring Brookhaven and Atlanta into the future; if you left it up to these unimaginative naysayers you would only have endless corridors filled with taco bells, burger kings and Walmarts. But hey, that is exactly what these people want. Let’s approve projects like the Peachtree Creek Greenway quickly so these people will move away at a faster rate.

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    Brittany Mother

    Craig, just curious, is there a cost projection for how much this trail will cost and where the funds will come from? What about projections for maintenance in the future? Lastly, will this park have any impact on city taxes now or in the future?

    Brookhaven was sold as better government at less cost. We have had several surprises so far. Is this park getting ready to be another expensive surprise for taxpayers?

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    Don\'t buy the hype

    Craig thinks money grows on trees down at the park. He is blindfolded when he goes to Ponce City Market…if he’s ever been.

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    Brittany Mother

    Craig’s response above gives insight into his person and views. It will be interesting to see if he can answer my questions objectively. In the event that he doesn’t, does anyone else know the answer to my questions?

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    This trail is a great idea making Brookhaven a better place to live and will also spur redevelopment. Lets hope we also get one along Nancy Creek between Muphy Candler and the 400 Path trail. Can’t wait to be able to walk and cycle without getting nearly run down.

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    Monte Hall

    Sounds like the deal between MC and PG has already been made at the behest of every other stream buffer and greenspace in town. About $20M for both.

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    $35 Million for this and how many million for the bike / ped plan and the the parks and weirdly expensive bathrooms… no wonder my taxes almost doubled!

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    news says $35 Million

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    Brittany Mother

    Is there a budget listed somewhere detailing how this $35M is being used? $35M. Really? Is the entire city in favor of this or is it just a small group of people that are connected and in control of our tax dollars?

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    It is a public-private partnership, with most funds coming from grants and foundations. The trail goes through 3 cities. The cities’ primary job is to protect the area so that if there’s any construction or development around it, such conforms to the plan. For example, the recent development of a gas station in Brookhaven included a request of public access to the trail near its parking. Once built, areas within the cities will likely be responsible for the upkeep of their part as a public land. Importantly, there are no parks in that area. This project will therefore assist the cities biuld parks without having to pay for them 100%.

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    Brown Bear

    Because Jane it’s all a scam, for Real Estate Clowns and Fantasizing Sheep Pups, (who just want to believe, sooo hard – suckers), pilfering and wasting your tax dollars with no accountability.

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    That one actually makes sense, as it is primarily a residential area and lots of people will use it.

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    I’d love to have a place to leisurely ride a bike around the neighborhood (i.e. not in traffic). We used to bike ride all the time before moving here, but gave our bikes away when moving to Brookhaven as it did not seem like a particularly safe or enjoyable option.

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    I’m propably going to regret asking this, but what is a “Fantasizing Sheep Pup”? Is that like an Australian Cattle Dog hoping to get good treats after long hard day of work?

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