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    Great idea. I look forward to seeing Karl O’Reilly directing traffic at the Dresden-Caldwell intersection in front of Kaleidoscope while I sit on the patio eating a kale and beansprout sandwich.

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    Riley OConnor

    We need a doughnut shop. Dunkin’ Donuts is too far away.

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    Uh, can they do a “” background check as well? Some of it was deleted after a gun tragedy but I imagine some of it is either still there or recoverable.

    Seriously, the number of these people that say they just bought a new gun so they HOPE someone breaks in so they can try it out to shoot someone, as well as those that brag they answer the door as well as DRIVE AROUND “patrolling” “locked and loaded” is flipping disturbing. And don’t get me started on what some of these people say in person . . . .

    I know I’m not the only one more terrified of some of these people bragging they’re patrolling “locked and loaded” than I am of actual burglars!!!!!!!

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    “They won’t be armed. . . “.

    So will police officers be checking their cars for guns before every shift?

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    Is there anything we can do to stop them from coming by our house?

    We’ve already received shady threats from some of these individuals, and now they’re getting even MORE authority from the police department?

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    What “gun tragedy” are you referring to?

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    After various national and international events involving civilians being shot a good number of people deleted their “locked and loaded” etc remarks.

    If you complain they’ll just harass or stake you out more.

    My favorite is the individual “patrolling” that said he wanted to buy the gun used to shoot Treyvon Martin with. But that’s okay because Zimmerman is not a criminal. Lovely.

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    Brittany Mother

    HMM, if you are lonely, want someone to talk to or simply require a friendly person to talk you through things that may be concerning you, let me know. I am familiar with a couple of professionals I know socially here in Brookhaven that may be of assistance to you. I would be glad to help you make a connection, just let me know.

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    Wow. Bravo on the the nasty passive-aggression that disgustingly attacks and stigmatizes those born with mental illness.

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    Brittany Mother

    HMM, that is a good first step, get it out of your system. I am here to help you. Take the next step and make contact. We can help you fight this.

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    Nice. You sound a lot like the people here that said they wish they had enough money to buy George Zimmerman’s gun.

    I feel sorry for you and the rest of your ilk. . . but infinitely sorrier for any young black kid that dares to walk around here late at night.

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    Oh man! You are on a career path! That’s a prerequisite for signing up for the police academy isn’t it!

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    I’m sorry- did I say young black “kid”?

    Oops- my apologies! I know you guys prefer the word “thug”.

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    Sure! Feel free to post your expert connections here!

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    Brittany Mother

    HMM delusion and paranoia are solvable. Don’t shut an open door to life changing solutions. You certainly have a wild imagination that can be moderated.

    As for kids walking around at night, there are some kids caught on video in Brookhaven that have been shared in various neighborhood groups. Those kids of unknown race evidently did a lot of damage.

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    Great! Post all of your expert contacts. And your name to use a reference!

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    Great! Again- just give me the names and and yours so I can use you as a referral.

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    Again, I’m open! Please post your name and contacts as you offered!

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    Brittany Mother

    The professionals I know are all at Emory. Just google psychiatric and Emory and select the bio of the professional you feel most comfortable with. Good luck!

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    Brittany Mother

    The professionals I know are all at Emory. Just google psychiatric and Emory and select the bio of the professional you feel most comfortable with. Good luck!

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    This is all a great example of what goes on with Brookhaven’s local civilian security patrols- they repeatedly bully and terrorize innocent residents going as far as falsely accusing of them of mental illness- with absolutely no accountability because they’re not police officers. And the Brookhaven Police Department LOVES IT because they have people doing their dirty work with no accountability.

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    These neighborhood patrol people falsely accusing others of being mentally ill as well stigmatizing those with mental illness is yet another reason why some of us are terrified of them.

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    Thanks for providing yet another example of why some of us are terrified of you people.

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    Riley OConnor

    Actually, one thing that I learned in the Citizen’s Police Academy was basis of the connection between law enforcement and fried dough rings. In many cases, late at night, officers needed a place to take a break, use the restroom, etc. and donut shops were a marriage made in heaven. Of course, this would lead to numerous commentaries about the matter, such as Wil Smith in “Men in Black”. In any case, Sublime Donuts is now on N. Druid Hills Road and they’re good enough to bring out the inner law enforcement officer in anyone.

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    You said you would help me get in touch with them. So were you lying? I’d love to hear how these civilian watches provide psychologic assessments.

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    You said you would help me get in touch with them. I’d love to hear how these Brookhaven civilian watches do psychological assessments ! Especially over the Internet !

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Please. How bout a decent conversation with some level of intelligence. Thank you. – Trey

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    TOO RICH! 16 of 26 comments here by HMM freaking out over a citizens patrol group. Things that make you go hmm….
    Well, I’m not terrified of these good citizens and I look forward to them being on the greenway if or when it get’s built! If they have a carry license they’ve been checked out thoroughly and will be an asset to the city.

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    What are you implying? That I’m a criminal? Just the opposite actually . . . my family and I are having to spend around $7000 to put up HD security cameras around our house to protect us from these people.

    Someone even left a dead animal on our doorstep with a whacky message suggesting we were going to hell for crying out loud.

    I posted multiple messages because they weren’t getting approved. . . And then the moderator approved them ALL all at once. I wouldn’t have written that many if I hadn’t thought they were being declined, but regardless. . . believe what you want. I promise you though I’m the last person in this wacky gun obsessed neighborhood you should be worried about. . . .

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    PS- a good number of these individuals say it’s legal for them to have a gun in their car without special licensing and permitting.

    They say Georgia law allows it.

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    I empathize with your concern. Those people are correct, though.


    “I Do Not Have a Georgia Weapons License. What Can I Do?
    Q: I don’t have a Georgia Weapons License. Can I carry in my car?
    A: Any person who is not prohibited by law from possessing a handgun or long gun may have or carry on his or her person a weapon or long gun on his or her property or inside his or her home, motor vehicle, or place of business without a valid weapons carry license. In addition, such person may carry a long gun, which must be carried openly if loaded. Moreover, such person may carry in his or her own motor vehicle. Finally, if such person is eligible for a Georgia Weapons License, he or she may carry in any private passenger motor vehicle.”

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    Thanks- that’s what I thought. So again I ask, who is making sure these civilians “patrolling” are removing their guns from their vehicles?

    Some are already “patrolling” with guns in their cars, now they’re getting even more “authority” . . and I guess there’s nothing we can do about it?

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    I think the laws that govern proper possession and use are pretty significant disincentive to abuse. Criminal conduct by a citizen patrol is criminal conduct. Patrols are supposed to be “eyes and ears,” not muscle. That said, Zimmerman case happened.

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    Riley OConnor

    The more important question is: “Do you need a permit to carry donuts in your car?”

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    Karl, a carry permit for donuts in Brookhaven is dependent upon ones BMI. Check with your city government for regulations and fines.

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    Personally I’d like to know the local laws regarding black people walking around with Skittles.

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    I’m glad you guys think innocent people living in fear is such a hilarious topic.

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    No baguettes and wine left in vehicles overnight, per Brookhaven ordinance!

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