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    Sally Forth

    Sime people are not wirth the powder and lead.

  2. 2


    Wow. So much for innocent until proven guilty and the court of law.

    Yet again, more thinly veiled references by Brookhaven residents about shooting people and enforcing vigilante justice. Yay.

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    Gosh, just think if there had been vigilant citizens working closely with the police in this area, maybe the horrible torture and death of this poor innocent 8 month old baby could have been avoided.

  4. 5


    Civilians can’t just go around shooting and threatening to shoot people- this is not the Wild West ! At least it’s not supposed to be anyways, sometimes I wonder.

  5. 6


    If someone suspects a child is being abused they should immediately call 911 and/or Child Protective Services. Vigilante justice after the fact – civilians taking the law into their own hands with guns- accomplishes nothing. (or nothing positive anyways)

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