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    Sure looks nice on paper. Wish we got this much detail in Brookhaven. Aerial shot reminds me of the Terra-Cotta Warriors in China though. Could they cram any more units onto this property? Wow!

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    Eddie E.

    This might give Ms. Pittman an opportunity to open up about the gutted Doraville LEED ordinance as well.

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    Ted Gordon

    No Hydrology report and Nancy Creek is right by it. Looks like Dunwoody, Chamblee and Brookhaven downstream on Nancy Creek would have to deal with the negative consequences of improper stormwater retention. Stormwater retention and run off can be addressed properly.

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    Hydrology? Help me here, is this area still on septic and does the County have the sewer capacity to handle this development?

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    Stuart Anderson was removed from the Planning Commission for a reason. What a phony!

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