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    Hunter Burke

    Development Authority power running amuck with the same mentality of we’re going to build it no matter what, and ,the public will still have to pay for it no matter what. With the added bonus that the GA DOT proves once again that they should never receive additional funding.

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    What? This is infrastructure funding, which the city got from numerous, legitimate sources. Providing grants such as these is the purpose of the State Road & Tollway Authority (SRTA) and the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB). The school system didn’t want to be involved, and they’ll now be left out in the cold by not receiving future tax revenues – it was their ill-informed decision (in my opinion).

    In a functioning society, we do indeed have to pay taxes for infrastructure (as well as schools, fire departments, police stations, etc.). Again, these monies are going towards infrastructure, not towards the actual development.

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    Bill Lowe

    You don’t say……

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    At least the State taxpayers now have some skin in the game for infrastructure improvements;however the total cost of that half mile of roadway should be interesting! Please note that prior to any bond issuance the DCSS probably still has the option of filing suit at bond validation to block the issuance or cut a PILOT deal with the Doraville Development Authority…..DCSS still holds all the cards!

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    Running amuck? Have you drive by that desolate moon scape in the last say decade? it’s dead. nothing. nada. I can assure you that from the moment that the last employee left the GM plan to this very moment, the cost to taxypayers, communities, businesses, schools and more has been staggering.

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    Has anyone looked into the County water and sewer capacity in this part of DeKalb County. Remember that before I-285 was built(I was an innocent child at the time)most of the area around Doraville was on septic tanks and the GM plant had it’s own treatment system. Just what is the status of the in ground sewer capacity, it’s influence on sewer spills, and the implications for future development in light of the current Federal consent decree now imposed on DeKalb County. Can ANY of these projects, K-mart redevelopment, Carver Circle, Assembly even be built with the current in ground infrastructure?

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    We’re asking the same questions in Brookhaven regarding the MARTA TOD and 1800 new users at the top of the water sewer shed. So far anecdotal evidence from inside DeKalb County Water and Sewer Departent is Drew Valley will become Poo Poo Cachoo River and the manholes on Peachtree Creek will become Brown MARTA Fun Fountains. Another insider has observed there is NO way MARTA will get a Cerificate of Occuoancy. The rezoning request is simply for a development later.

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    Eddie E.

    Hey, just because sonny perdue couldn’t negotiate a reasonable deal to keep the GM plant, why should DCSS (and taxpayers) be on the hook.

    The ‘moonscape’ is quite appealing in the proper light.

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    Pls elaborate Bill. 🙂

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