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    Bob Sorrentino

    Thanks Mayor and Council! I think much of the frustration felt on both sides (residents and developers) has been caused by mixed signals and lack of guidance in the comp plan. This is a great step towards providing clearer goals and expectations so we can avoid this pain in the future.

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    Thomas Porter

    Good decision Mayor & Council, and, one that demonstrates principals & backbone!
    Zoning Attorney Doug Dillard’s lack of support isn’t surprising, he had too much influence under prior administrations, and, there are unfortunate blemishes all around.

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    Hope everyone feels good, this is just a political white flag. Haven’t we seen this before? Welcome to Brookhaven!

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    Actually, the council acknowledged tonight that there is a problem with a lack of variance standards and plans to move toward establishing them during the moratorium.

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    1-stall bathroom

    Where is the “Special Tax District” where the moratorium does not apply? Can’t find the ordinance’s appendix in this story.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Scroll down further.

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    Karen Dernavich

    Thankful to Mayor and Council for a great decision that shows leadership and an understanding of the complex issues and angst on all sides. Now it is up to all of us to make use of this six month period to get the clarity needed. Bravo Brookhaven!

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    Eddie E.

    At last.
    Three years in and we have a government in place that is interested in the needs of the city other than the needs of those who ‘bought a city’.

    Thanks Mayor and Council, your efforts are to be applauded.

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    You really shouldn’t be talking about the residents of South Dunwoody…, I mean District 1, like that

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    THANK YOU! It’s only a short reprieve, but it’s acknowledgement of the fact we need to ‘put on the brakes’ and let the RESIDENTS determine how this community should be developed.

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    They should now consider following Sandy Springs and not allow any wood framed buildings over 3 stories. This will stop all the badly built short lifespan crap being built as apartments.

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