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    Where all the Nimby protesters for this development?
    Won’t these new resident want shop, eat, or work in Brookhaven?
    They live far enough away they will have to drive to restaurants on Dresden and Town Brookhaven.
    The majority of traffic on Dresden is cut through traffic so won’t this add to it?

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    Gabby G

    Old worn out apartments being replaced by owner occupied townhomes…. why would you think there would be complaints?

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    Oh, maybe infrastructure, water shed, density, 12+/- total variances SO FAR,, traffic, no commercial element, narrow sidewalks, no bike or trail paths, just to name a few. BUT – it sure looks pretty.

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    Not to mention cramped living space and crappy construction. Are they really that much different from apartments?

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    Damn, do you all really have to bitch and moan about EVERYTHING? This is directly in the PDK flightpath! You should be high fiving and toasting that a developer is willing to come into this rough area , taking a gamble! Why not just be happy about it? Big, big improvement!

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    Eddie E.

    Now if the real estate weasels will concentrate on directing the hearing impaired to these White Elephants.
    Otherwise, we can count on new allies to determine why we should be subsidizing the toy-plane airport in the first place.

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    Actually you are right about this development at this location. But does this development fulfil the direction of Brookhaven and does it have the life of the previous apartment complex or longer? Those were old apartments, does anyone know how old? In the end and for the near term will this development change the face of Brookhaven as J. Max would like it?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    The apartments were almost 60 years old.

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    I just don’t see those townhomes lasting that long. Someone told me the original apartments were like concrete bunkers.

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    They needed to be bunkers, with all the shootings and gang activity in the apartments there!

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    Eddie E.

    You have records of such occurrences north of Buford Highway along Clairmont on the Brookhaven side?

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    It would be nice to see it shut down completely. It adds nothing to any of the communities in the area.

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    Shooting on Clairmont 3 weeks ago in Brookhaven.

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    Seriously? Ask the people in Drew Valley. Follow the neighborhood Facebook groups. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know where most of the criminal activity is in Brookhaven and Chamblee.
    hint eddie,’s not the young professional families purchasing homes that actually have a stake in this community.

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    Eddie E.

    That was a ‘gang activity’?

  16. 16

    Eddie E.

    Then accelerate code enforcement and Police patrols in the areas of question.
    That should have probably been a concern to the ‘founders’ rather than their idiotic notion of publicly financed redevelopment.

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    Or any others of us, homeowners or renters.. We ALL are stakeholders.

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    Eric Robert

    The variance for impervious surface coverage I don’t like. Funny how they show all those trees in the renderings, the problem is with no rooms for roots to grow it will be difficult if not impossible for a decent tree canopy to be established. I don’t have a problem with the Density since its on Buford Highway, a major corridor, but we really should be requiring more compact footprints and thus a higher percentage of vegetative area in developments.

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