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    Eddie E.

    Now, the developers need to hurry.
    Here’s their one chance to put 20 story buildings in place (like wonderful Buckhead).

    Otherwise, the Citizens have shown, they prefer Local Control!!

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    Im lost by this comment.

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    Eddie E.

    Any attempt to meet the letter and spirit of the law as well as the will of the community will be limited to window dressing.
    The site will eventually become whatever generates the largest temporary gain.
    Then the invested residents will suffer the consequences for a generation.
    I applaud the Mayor and Council for at least recognizing the concerns of the Citizens.

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    Joe Palladi

    So the COB needs to decide what they are going to do with the offset intersections of Dresden and Caldwell and Ellijay. They have 4 options: 1) Do nothing…leave it as it is and adjust signal timing to meet traffic demands, hopefully giving Dresden priority, 2) relocate Caldwell in an s-curve to meet Ellijay at its intersection with Dresden…this eliminates the staggered signal timing and the overlap of left turn lane storage as it exist today, 3) relocate Caldwell through the industrial area by the railroad and tie it into Apple Valley…this removes the two no left turns onto Caldwell which most people ignore and creates a eastern spine corridor with sidewalks and bike lanes to the village, 4) cut it off at the back of Kaleidoscope…this removes the problem at Dresden and further isolates the residential community from cut through traffic ; sidewalks could still tie to Dresden.

    If 2) is considered, a building may be constructed on both sides of the new relocated road, and perhaps over it…as a gateway into the area. If 3 is considered, it would supply a more direct route for cars, cyclists and pedestrians to MARTA and the TOD. The industrial area may be slated for redevelopment;planning this in may be of benefit with truck access only to from the south ind area.

    The COB has had time to plan this ; but now is the time for use to “make our bed and lay in it”. After this rezoning, as is, alternate 2 goes away permanently. I know AP has been in discussions, but have they considered different alternates that unload or reconfigure access in this area?

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    The money allocated to study this was spent on grinding and repaving Meagan Hanson’s residential road. Maybe this can be looked at the about three or four years as there are other important residential streets we have scheduled to be paved. You don’t understand Brookhaven priorities yet do you?

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    Eric Robert

    If you do 4 you are basically doing 3 and just moving the traffic over to Apple Valley from Caldwell at Sunland Dr. Oaklawn or E. Osborne. So under that scenario #3 makes sense. I also think in general it makes sense to keep the cars over there. On the other hand it could lead to more car traffic for the homes on Apple Valley and parts of Caldwell.

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    Eric I implore you to come back to D1 and concentrate on our Ashford Dunwoody Four Lane (AKA the South Dunwoody Four Lane) and our ratty fence issue. Those people have enough on their hands without our interference.

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    Hey Eric, did you notice the new gate one of the D1 Ratty Fence owners has in their fence? I guess this is so they can have access to the plants the Brookhaven taxpayers paid for without the courtesy of asking Brookhaven citizens if they wanted to fund the Ratty Fence People Right-Of-Way Greenspace. You know Greenspace projects for the minority that scream the loudest is the in thing for our city council to pass. Not because it is realistic, because it is politically correct and can keep you in office!

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    How does the community feel about this? How would traffic leaving the Marta office deck get to Peachtree north? Wouldn’t that create quite the bottle neck for those coming out of the deck in to the only southbound lane then stacking up to make the turn at Apple Valley blocking all traffic turning in from Peachtree? I would think that would create a major cluster….

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