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    Excellent news! I see Gerri!

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    This is so exciting! Now I wish I hadn’t given away my bike, lol.

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    I apologize if this is in the plan- I can’t get it to open on my Iphone-ack!- but will leashed dogs be allowed?

    I’m asking because some of the activists in the area are very outspoken in their belief that dog ownership is polluting the creeks in this area.

    I very much hope it will be inclusive and dog friendly!

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    So I guess that’s one vote for not allowing dogs, lol.

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    You know. . . dog owners pay taxes too. . . and the city is more than happy to take money that vets offices, pet supply stores, groomers, and cafes/restaurants that allow dogs bring in . . . .

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    I don’t even get the logic of some of the downvoting. . . are you saying that dog owners *dont* pay taxes, lol?!

    I swear, you can’t even reason with the activists in this area that have a truly bizarre hatred for domestic animals.

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    60.28 BILLION DOLLARS spent last year alone by US pet owners– and that number DOES NOT include money spent when we swing by coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants with outdoor patios with our dogs.

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