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    Sally Forth

    I know this will draw fire, but how big an impact on our DeKalb schools has the influx of low income illegals been? What percentage of our student population in, e.g., Brookhaven, are illegal immigrants?

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    I would wager a bet that most of those ‘low income illegals’ were actually born here in the US to parents who may not be here illegally, so by birthright those students are not illegal. And Dekalb has had issues for a long, long time so I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the issues on immigrants, legal or not.

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    Any child born in the US is automatically a citizen and in Georgia has the right to a free public education supported by taxation until they reach college level no matter what income. So the answer to your question is, not many if any.
    Most of these kids you refer to as illegal were born here and are just as legal and just as deserving of an education as any other citizen.

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    Option C is the best.

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    Annnd yet another example of why I’m so thrilled I bought a house in Brookhaven. Sigh.

    It’s “interesting” that back in the 90’s when Atlanta really started booming everyone was happy to look the other way while houses and commercial projects were built on the cheap. . . but now that’s all been taken care of–*now* everyone suddenly has a problem.

    Even more interesting are the residents that want Trump to “build a wall” but still sometimes hire “illegals” to mow their lawns for because “everyone else does it”.

    Funny how that works. The mental gymnastics to rationalize such nonsense must be exhausting.

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    I feel kinda bad for also not pointing out that just because someone is “brown”, not wearing a Polo shirt, and potentially speaking in Spanish DOES NOT MAKE THEM AN “ILLEGAL”.

    The stereotyping that goes on around here is pretty disgusting.

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