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    City officials are a nightmare..

    Just dealt with the city regarding a single family home in Ashford Park. Similar situation: building permit was issued and took the house down to the first level to salvage the foundation. The city’s building inspector intructed me that I could take the house down to the foundation and rebuild back up. Now the city is saying I have to salvage first floor framing? Well it’s gone! I’ve never dealt with a more incompetent organization. Typical bureaucracy just amplified by the city’s incompetence. The reality is that not a single person at the city understands zoning, permitting, or construction. If your going to take on a rebuild or replace my best advice would be to hire a great attorney before you start you project.

    An FYI… The building permit alone cost $5,000!!!

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    neighbor neighbor

    accidently tore it down without a permit?
    I no nothing about this process, but I know that.
    give me a break, the stench is awful

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    Thomas Porter

    I was very opposed to this restaurant because of inadequate parking, but, Serpas is a great restaurateur and had more than his share of troubles with this. I wish him well & luck.

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    If this property loses its current zoning could it fold back into the “original plan” to be part of the 2006
    Dekalb approved PC-2 multi use apartments on those parcels of land around the tag office that Connelly is trying to build on? My understanding is that losing this piece of the puzzle was what forced the developer to have to obtain new zoning approvals. May be wrong but it would be interesting to find out.

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    Permitting nightmares

    The city can’t define demo, rebuild, replace, or new construction. It would be easy to assume based on you permit that leaving the foundation would be sufficient. The city’s left hand never talks to the right and trust me if you talk to three different officials you’ll get 3 totally different answers. They will not provide anything in writing and change the rules as they go along. Brookhaven is known as a permitting nightmare and extremely difficult to deal with. As a community we are extremely underserved in this area.

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    John Earnst

    Reform and education are needed in you building and zoning department.. Accountability ultimately falls on you when the bureaucracy you oversee loses sight of its impact and effect it has on the community it’s serves. IE.. Escape Room, little White House, private home owners expanding or rebuilding their homes. This my friend is “smart” building which the city stifles at every turn. Take responsibility and refine and reform theses processes before you turn every business and potential home owner away from our city.

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    How could they not know they needed a permit for that? Sounds like it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.

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    Thomas Porter

    That PC-2 zoning was granted conditional upon that 2006 plan. Since then, the Overlay was adopted. Since they didn’t build it then, the Overlay would apply… so… they’d have to build that 2006 plan (90%) plus meet the Overlay. Extremely difficult. Not a concern I have.

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    It’s usually the best building department money can buy!

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    Andy, Opie, & Barney

    Give them their permit and let them build the damn restaurant as approved. Fritz and Scott don’t deserve this crap. Very first ZBA hearing in 2013? Man, get it together Brookhaven.

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    Builder 101

    The zoning re-write process needs to be re-started now while the worthless Character Area Studies are being done, the Overlay is being reviewed and the moratorium is in affect. Why wait? Especially if the zoning re-write is going to take a year to complete. Let’s get on it.

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    Very interesting to see the “posters” on this subject and their perceptions. With the exception of a few comments, looks like these are developers and money-hungry land owners voicing their opines. The system is “broken” if we allow all this development to take place, and the system is “broken” if we don’t. I hear Chamblee is a good place to build…..

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    Hunter Burke

    There are comments from builders as well as comments from the citizenry, both sides think that the Community Development department is doing a poor job of it, so it seems unanimous to me. We need better leadership in that department and more accountability. We have suffered with that same leader for over three years, the talented ones leave, he is simply what’s left. That is not the way to do build a great city.

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    Hunter you ever think this is a way for the city to force the sale of this property to a larger developer? As for your city being great, D1 is great, except for the ratty fences. The rest of the city SUCKS.

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    You bring the ratty fence topic up so often it makes me think there’s some jealousy there. It is not a good look.

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    Oh – D1 your neighbors must be the Stepfords!

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    Ellen, jealousy? I simply point out our flaw. The physical, not the political! Have you ever seen our ratty fences? HA, HA, HA!

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    Gabe, let’s not beat around the bush! Be specific, man! We all know D1 rules and D2, D3 with its problem child financially challenged representative and D3 with its self absorbed, politically and dollar connection hungry representative are people and parts of our city we just have to put up with! Stepfords is your word Gabe!

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    On the Record

    What happened to D4. Not even honorable mention?

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    Tracey Briggs

    Marta goes before the Planning Commission on September 7th. It really won’t matter after that. the equivalent of 10 story buildings (125ft) on Peachtree. 6 story apartment buildings on residential streets. 10 times the current traffic (over seven thousand car trips a day at the Dresden/Peachtree intersection). People will be selling out right and left – Buckhead will extend to Chamblee down Peachtree thru what is left of Brookhaven in 5 years. From Kroger to Ashford Dunwoody will be redeveloped to 10 story and 2-4 blocks in from Peachtree will be high density condo’s, townhomes and apartments.
    Come to the meeting on the 7th and witness the urbanization of your neighborhoods.

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    Katie S

    Hopefully we will see the same dedication we have been seeing from the community. I’ve heard they have been trying to work with marta and their developers but I have also heard they were told to go pound sand. It’s a shame, it has potential to be something cool if marta would be willing to move off their Lindberghish plan.

    I understand what you are saying but I’ll hold out hope a compromise will prevail. There is a petition being circulated asking for the compromise items:

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    How sloppy of me. That last D3 should have been D4.

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    I actually want to know about the ratty fences!! Being new to the area I keep envisioning chain link, lol! (And I’m not being facetious . . . some people in my neighborhood put chains link fences out at the road :oP )

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    neighbor neighbor – Where does it say anything about accidentally tore it down? It was falling down due to termites. They had a permit issued by the city, under a renovation permit a demo permit is not required. These guys have been screwed and now the city wants to split hairs over new vs. old wood. Bring on Dixie Moon!!!

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