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    Nancy…You have always been my favorite Commissioner…please keep after County Finance…and less of the other stuff…Did you ever find the missing $5 Million from last week’s FAB Committee meeting…know you are looking!

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    For the most part, I agree with you, except for your statement that a CFO needs Oracle programming skills. He needs to hire personnel with that experience. If he’s focused on Oracle programming, he’s likely too far in the weeds to see the big picture on how to organize the department to organize more efficiently. What he really needs is a strong finance, accounting, and audit background, as well as some ERP experience with financial systems and financial systems integration.

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    Hope he would have the skill to find that $5 Million that has been missing since at least 2006!

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    I know someone capable of cleaning up DeKalb County, and now is his chance. Give J. Max a case of Lysol and our worries will be over! Watch out, DeKalb County!

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    That is why the audit background is important.

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    Kevin Orr

    Perhaps Nancy’s pick will become the Emergency Manager when the time is right.

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