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    The bridge looks nice! Lol at the mayor picture. :0)

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    WoW! Awesome work! Awesome video of awesome skilled workmanship!

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    Greg Trinkle

    I took a look and the bridge looks great. Jealous I was not able to try it out.

    Big thanks to our Mayor and Council for making this happen.

    Come out to Briarwood Park, take a walk through the nature trails, have a family BBQ at the Forest Patio (There are Charcoal Grills for public use), play some Tennis.

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    Thank you City of Brookhaven leadership, Briarwood Park neighbors and friends. Greenberg Farrow and Cline Construction have placed the new steel bridge. Their ongoing project at Briarwood Park looks fantastic. Granite slabs await staircase placement. Granite boulders are staged for the final touch. BPC has a scheduled workday with one of our many corporate partners, Kurt Salmon, Sept 16. Please follow us on FB (Briarwood Park Revitalization Project) for pictures and info.

    A special thank you to Brian Borden, Parks and Recreation Director, and Philp Mitchell for their responsiveness to our ‘occasional’ special request. They are very responsive.

    And finally, if you love impersonating Fletch impersonating a Lakers NBA Player, the Briarwood Park Rec Center is the place for you. I do underhanded lay ups to the roar of thousands of imaginary friends lots of days. Brand new hardwoods and all to myself. Come check it out.

    Today is a great day to enjoy a city of Brookhaven Park.

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    D4 Neighbor

    Thanks to the CITIZENS of Brookhaven for footing the bill and supporting the project. It is a nice improvement.
    Chad – Who is “our” and what “occasional” requests?

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    Some how visiting a pocket of natural woodland just doesn’t mix with steel, concrete and cut stone. Not to mention the cost.

    Big Trees Forrest Preserve on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs simply takes you out of the city visually and mentally.

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    I think wood can cost a lot to maintain?

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    What do you need wood for? Nature equals natural. Make the trails work for natural appreciation of God’s gift of nature. But if you like, you can spend money for a few people to feel real good and a pretty taxpayer funded photo venue. What was the original goal anyway? Have you ever been to isolated portions of the Appalachian Trail? Nature at its best. There is a similar place on Roswell Road.

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    Steve Walker

    Briarwood Park Conservancy

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    I’ve heard people say they like more natural looking bridges like wood so that is what I was commenting on.

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