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    Wow, unbelievable. You just ruined our city by not listening to the people that pay your salary AND you secured the fact that you will lose the lawsuit with the developer on Dresden. You can’t deny one thing and then turn around the next week and allow a project which is way taller/bigger and way worse with way more of an impact. You guys really have no clue what you are doing do you?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Just to be clear, this is a Community Development Staff recommendation not a City Council decision. Planning Commission is to hear the case next week. The City Council is scheduled to hear the case at the end of the month.

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    100 feet is already too high. High rises, high density and now say hi to the new brokenhaven where the citizens that live here take a back seat to the developers that do not.

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    Tom Reilly

    We live here, “they” don’t. We will bear the brunt of this decision, “they” won’t.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    While I do not agree with all the staff’s findings I would like to point out one where they deserve credit for. The traffic study that was paraded around showed that things would be tolerable after making several road improvements. But GRTA (the main traffic watch dog for the DRI) only put two of the improvements in their conditions leaving out the others. It would have been very easy for the city staff to hide behind GRTA’s decision and not include all the improvements that were in the traffic study. But they held strong keeping all proposed improvements as part of the conditions. This will help avoid a repeat of the Town Brookhaven situation I wrote about here previously: where a traffic study was used to say everything will be okay if X, Y, Z, are done, but not actually doing X, Y, Z.

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    I can always hope, but sorry, I don’t see Brookhaven and its little city council trumping MARTA and their powerful backers.

    Welcome to the new Brookhaven.

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    On the Record

    The citizens are the ones who supported the LCI study and the subsequent, more recent, Overlay district. The height and form came from the community.

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    No, not really the BPCA and friends of the BPCA made up 99% of the participants. The COMMUNITY now is made up mostly of people that have moved in to the area since 2005. The participation in both was somewhat closed do to the lack of an effort to get the larger group involved. Let’s face it, developers, urban planners, architects and real estate professionals set up a pretty sweet deal for themselves with the Overlay.

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    I am no fan of developers but what does it matter when people moved here. Is a citizen not a citizen if they bought a house after 2005? Do they not get the same vote as the rest of us who have been here for a long time? This line of thinking is everything wrong with this city.

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    Ha! The BPCA doesn’t exist other than in the dottering minds of – what – 4 or 5 people?!? They represent zero percent of Brookhaven. They’re a myth.

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    South Side Bill

    Any Zoning approval should come with condition that no Tax Abatements (from city or county) can be requested.

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    Great point. There is plenty of time to put Nancy Creek Watershed Improvements ($20m), PDK Greenspace ($5m), MARTA TOD ($15m + traffic improvements), Peachtree Creek Greenway ($20m) and Park Improvements ($40m) all on the same General Obligation voter referendum for Novemeber. Everything’s been priced. We’re ready to vote.

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    Don’t forget about the bike/ped plan which is another $32M.

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    Anyone checked to see if this project can get a sewer hook up from DeKalb County? Don’t think this is a minor issue; or should one of the conditions be that the developer and MARTA pay for additional sewer capacity,

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    Kevin C.

    Barbara, I do agree that everyone should have a say in all things Brookhaven no matter when they moved here. With that said, I ask and hope that everyone at least researches, understands, or minimally takes the time to attend a meeting or two before speaking. It is unfair to base an opinion only on emotions, blame, or personal wants. There is history and long term consequences to what happens and it is important to consider all aspects of these requests. It affects the entire area and all citizens.

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    On the Record

    One is a land use decision while the other is strictly a political decision.

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    So they are kind of like Brookhaven Trees or the national wildlife federation? Amazing how a group of 4-5 people is either a good thing or a bad thing in the minds of so many.

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    Velcome to zee Brookhavenland.

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    How much is too much?
    Currently the Marta lot generates approximately 1,200 car trips a day. The traffic study done for their development estimates that when completed it will generate over 10,000 trips per day with about a 25% reduction for the transit station and mixed use component which would leave 7104 trips per day to and from the site, a 600% increase. The zoning allows for a 6 story office building and 4 story apartment buildings but… If they add workforce housing and some open space they get 8 stories for the office building and 6 stories for the apartment building – more dense than any other developments in the area. Now they are asking for more, an additional 25 ft to the office building making it the height of a 10 story building. Just because you can build to the maximums should you? Do we want to give them the extra just because they ask when we are not getting the compromises we have asked for? If we know that Dekalb is telling other developments the infrastructure can’t handle developments 1/4 the size do we want them to supersize their development? Did they reduce the density by just over 200 units because the neighborhood asked or because Dekalb said it wouldn’t fit? Just some of the questions that I am struggling with – how about you? The meeting is Wednesday at City Hall, 7pm.
    Let your voice be heard!!! email the planning commission at , sign the petition at , tell your neighbors and go to the meeting!

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    CD Staff - Let\'s get some new folks in here.

    I would love to see some new people to run the Community Development and get rid of some of the staff that acts higher than mighty. It would be great if the person who runs the CD actually lived in the City of Brookhaven like the new city manager has to.

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    Sally Eppstein

    Hey Barbara,
    Thanks for the plug! Brookhaven Trees is a few more that 4-5 folks and the petition that was started by Brookhaven Trees had over 600 signatures to help keep the canopy of Brookhaven.

    Thanks again for the plug!

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