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    Thomas Porter

    There are simply too many favors being asked and too many unanswered questions for this robe approved yet. When MARTA answers them in a mutually agreeable manner is when we should consider approving. The SLUP and tax abatements are crazy though!

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    A Smarta MARTA fan

    Karen Dernavich writes a thoughtful, analytical, measured article. Thank you, Karen, and all those neighbors who have put time and energy into thinking this project through, meeting with the developers, and having a sensible but neighbor-focused approach.

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    Arte Ginse

    Not enough has been done to understand or address traffic problems.

    And asking for a tax break is offensive. If this project REQUIRES a tax break then the project is not needed.

    The tenants should probably pay a property tax premium to pay for future infrastructure impacts.

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    Don\'t bargain with bullies

    Marta’s lawyer stands up and tells us they can do what they want with out zoning. Intregral’s developer tells us he knows what is best for us – but he doesn’t live here. Marta’s spokesperson says we have to accept it. The BPCA says they have the best plan and don’t need to hear from us. Our so call rep has been missing in action since this got started and now a group of well meaning residents are telling us we have to bargin with Marta. Sorry if I’m not ready to play nice yet with the bullies. I haven’t witnessed the bullies putting down their sticks so I’m still going to fight this collasal nightmare they want to shove on a postage stamp.

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    Joe Palladi

    Since the City staff punted in regards to the design of traffic improvements on Peachtree Road (they defer it to GDOT) the remainder of the staff comments seem spot on. I agree that ANY changes to the design/site needs to go through public comment before being voted on by the Council, if this present plan is approved. The remainder of the roadway changes seem ok except for: 1. The single WB lane on NDHR feeding the P’tree intersection, 2. Where does the third NB lane on P’tree end and how it ends, 3. Their plan does not show a raised median on P’tree, which is needed to calm traffic and to funnel peds to the intersections. Presently people exiting the MARTA site cross midblock placing themselves in jeopardy, as well as their children. The double rights at WB Dresden at P’tree is suspect versus double lefts SB from P’tree to EB Dresden.

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    Easy Rider

    Personally, I agree that traffic problems have not been adequately addressed & it seems MARTA is in the best position to offer solutions. The primary limitations are due to the existing rails limiting expansion(ie:P’tree left onto Dresden). Also, MARTA needs to promise that construction traffic will use the primary arteries rather than cut-through streets. Otherwise, we will have two years of dump trucks cutting through the neighborhoods which we will subsidize with a tax break.

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    Joe, Peachtree is a state highway. Brookhaven can make their preferences known, but GDOT is going to do what GDOT does.

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    Thank you, Karen et al, for all of the hard work and your articulation of questions and concerns.

    Our negotiating partner, MARTA, has had all of these questions on their plate since 2013, but still can’t, or won’t, articulate any answers (traffic congestion, noise pollution, light pollution, new demand on existing schools, etc.). Even if these questions are answered and a tax abatement is provided, they solutions won’t be funded. Perhaps the Planning Commission can get answers.

    Other than traffic, my main concern is sewer. No one from MARTA has any answers for glaring problems that have been highlighted in at least five stories this year regarding DeKalb County Sewer spills. Simply google DeKalb County Sewer spills.

    One last question, does the City of Brookhaven indemnify DeKalb County Water and Sewer Department by allowing rezoning of a project that, as reported by outgoing letters to existing applicants, the sewer system can’t handle any additional demand?

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    Joe Palladi

    That is correct. But will GDOT open the process up to the citizenry, or at least the CRB? Will the citizenry have the opportunity to participate, or at least comment on needs and desires? The conceptual study with accurate dimensions of existing and proposed facilities is needed to ensure the “footprint” of the desired roadway and pedestrian changes can be realized. Is land required from MARTA and how does it affect the site and traffic?

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    Joe, a while back GDOT made improvements and in some cases four laned key highways in Georgia including by-passes around many small Georgia cities. Hearings were held for citizen and business input. As it turned out, the hearings were not for listening and digesting input, but to reinforce GDOT’s plans.

    Similarly, MARTA has plans for property they control. MARTA will let us know what they plan to build.

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    Sorry to be away, but I know more about the bypasses and their affect on areas, esp downtown areas they were purported to”save” from traffic. As a bypass was constructed , businesses esp big box stores bought land on the outskirts of towns along the bypass route. This led to the bleeding of business from the core of the city. This led to hardships for those businesses in downtown areas to even exist. GDOT changed that program and now does not propose bypasses.
    GDOT also has a huge safety program for all modes including peds. No median has been proposed in P’tree by the developers study.That takes additional space. Isn’t a MARTA station development suppose to increase ped access to and from the adjacent area? Have you seen the people who cross P’tree midblock at the station, often at night in dark clothes, dragging their children across the road? Is that a safety problem?
    What I have been asking the COB to do after the Comp Trans Plan was approved was to do conceptual studies…with the public stakeholders involved… for our major corridors to define the needs and desires for each arterial corridor. They are doing that with ADR. Where is P’tree? NDHR? How do we know our priorities? Costs? Buildable/priority for segments of those roads? Hoe does the COB budget and plan there expenditures over time? When will they put a comprehensive plan forward to parle their monies with State and Federal dollars, reducing the burden on Brookhaven citizens?
    MARTA has shown their support for what the Developer’s desires are. Is that what Brookhaven needs in regards to transportation improvements on P’tree?

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    As to the bypasses around rural Georgia towns, one can’t help but wonder how many land partnerships old Wayne was involved in.

    Frankly, I don’t think anyone with the ability to make positive changes to traffic in our congested areas really cares. They surely aren’t requiring serious traffic studies be performed for proposed large developments. MARTA will steam roll Brookhaven with what they want. Traffic improvements have been talked about for years with no beneficial results. Its amateur time at Brookhaven, they aren’t prepared to work in the best interest of its citizens. There is talk but no studies or action about resolving city and state surface street congestion. I am surprised there isn’t a pedestrian accident or death every day with the jaywalking on Peachtree at the MARTA station.

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