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    Riley OConnor

    It was a long meeting, but as it progressed, it became apparent how much had not yet been resolved to the community’s satisfaction. Of course, MARTA will be here no matter what since you don’t just pick up a heavy rail line and move. But along with MARTA, the community itself will not be able to just walk away if things go bad with this development either.

    Everybody is looking at this through their own unique lens. Neighbors are truly concerned about the traffic which this project will generate. The prominent local architect wants the office building on Peachtree o be a “signature” structure, not some cookie-cutter pile of bricks. MARTA is trying to stay financially viable in a region that has been hostile toward mass transit. There’ something for everybody.

    But through it all is the fact that this project is big and this project will be permanent. And there are a lot of “what if’s”; the 2008 real estate collapse is in our minds. What if the parking decks and the apartments get built, but nothing else does? And on.

    Perhaps the greatest argument toward slowing things down just a bit is the fact that there are a lot of details which are not fleshed out at all. The Georgia Department of Transportation is supposed to be involved because Peachtree is involved, but we don’t know what their plans are. Maybe we will get the through-traffic tunnel that I envision. Don’t laugh, consider how much of the traffic component that this project will generate could be eased by such a tunnel.

    As was pointed out last night, there are a lot of moving parts here. Which properly compelled the Planning Commission to tap the brakes just a bit. And, if in 30 days things will not yet be clear, then another tap, and maybe even another one after that. We have to get this right.

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    Sold out again

    Thanks to the BPCA, BFCA and the other group that had the nerve to stand up and say that they represent Brookhaven residents and are in support of this development if you get your concessions. When did you run for office? When did you meet with more than you handful of friends? When did you get input from our community?

    I am fed up with the friends of JMax thinking that they own this city. The majority of residents have far more concerns than if the bollards are retractable or if that guy thinks that the building is iconic. Thank god someone else had the balls to speak out about what we really think. Too bad that the people who have been presenting were not there and let the JV team have a turn. Where are they because we don’t need these sell outs anywhere near a public forum again.

    The community is united but not represented last night. We want a development but this is just too big – come on Marta step up for a change!

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    “I am fed up with the friends of JMax thinking that they own this city.”

    LOL, but actually they do! Might as well get used to it. Don’t think that just because our current mayor is more objective that it will change.

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    I like how several MARTA speakers over emphasized the many meetings they had to attend. (Whine)
    The reason that there were so many meetings is because they never could, or have, given us a straight answers to the major issues that STILL are not addressed and have been questioned from the very first meeting.
    Also, it sure would be nice if our mayor and council would reach out and communicate with the citizens about this instead of planning tax abatements and meeting with everyone but us. Politics as usual. This town stinks!

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    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! MARTA gets a tax abatement and Fernwood Park is getting a “mulch” path. Whooo!

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    Welcome to Brookhaven. Have you hugged Mike Jacobs today?

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    Joe Palladi

    A right turn ingress and right and left turn egress (Driveway 4) 225 ft south (no east) of P’tree on NDHR? Are you kidding me? Buses and hotel vehicles making a left 225 ft from P’tree? Remember the traffic study has the WB movements at P’tree consisting of a single left-thru lane and a dual right turn lane being fed by a single lane under the railroad bridge!!! Last night at 6:15 pm the double westbound lane east of the bridge was full back to the second intersection east of the bridges. Left turning traffic did not have adequate time to exit NDHR, which then backed the second lane (inside lane) causing traffic to sit thru a second cycle. It will be hard , no impossible, to make a left from this driveway during peak hours…about 8 hrs a day!!!
    No requirement of a median on P’tree to enforce the rt in/out drive on P’tree or to address ped safety. With this development, aren’t we hoping for more ped traffic? Last night, a women tried to walk across P’tree at the MCdonalds. She got to the “chicken lane” “turn lane” with NDHR left turning traffic, and a motorist stopped in the inside NB P’tree lane so she could continue to walk across, while traffic had a green light at Dresden and NDHR. OMG was the ped trying to test Darwin’s Theory? She was not in a crosswalk and was j walking!

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    On the Record

    Why would Kimley Horn propose this solution if it wasn’t the best that could be done? What’s to be gained?

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    Joe is a professional that has no $$ on the line – I would take his opinion over Rob who stated publicly that if traffic got too bad people would ride Marta

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    Bob the Builder

    I own a lot (X) across the street and 2 doors down from where I currently own another lot(Z). Like MARTA, I would like to include lot (X) in my calculations in order to re-zone and build on lot (Z). Think that will ever happen?
    How can MARTA be using property they own ACROSS the street from the station in their calculations for compliance on many code and Overlay issues?

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    Thomas Porter

    This will never be good, at the very best it can only be slightly less bad.
    It also has zero to do with MARTA, it is all about development profit.
    Planning Commissioners: Please get every single minute detail down in writing!!!

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    BPCA & BFCA are manipulated by one person, developer Jack Honderd. He only speaks for his own interests.

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    I know that you have experience in this, if we could get an opinion from a credentialed non biased traffic engineer I would love to talk to them. You can reach me at

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    A fact that cannot be disputed. I’d like to vote this up for each “grand” project he has brought us. The Overlay, Dresden’parking nightmare, the two apatment blocks on Dresden, Town Brookhaven, he didn’t get the Hastings building but tried, we would be better off with the Chic-fil-a! . Jack and his BPCA pals need to be replaced.

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    “Why would Kimley Horn propose this solution?” Because MARTA wanted a report that says their mega development won’t make traffic worse. They paid big bucks for it. So Kimley Horn gives MARTA the magic plan to seduce gullible people into believing that traffic-wise everything will be fine. But of course it won’t be fine. Traffic will suck in horrifying degrees of magnitude. Then MARTA will use Kimley Horn as a scapegoat. Throw them under the bus and say, KH’s plan must have been flawed.

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    I am grateful someone took it upon themselves to speak out against the TOD, because multiple attempts by several people to drum up what residents from the neighborhoods surrounding this development were most concerned about in the month leading up to the PC hearing were met with the sounds of crickets, which was very different from Connolly and T-P.

    Much of that has to do with the fact that the city overlay ordinance has rules that inure solely to Marta’s benefit and the Comp Plan, which was so useful in fighting TP and Connolly, was written with the TOD in mind as the city’s centerpiece.

    Personally, I am all for a whole new wave of people stepping up and getting involved, because you’re right, it’s everyone’s city, not just that of the same weary group of volunteers that’s being expected to read through all of Marta’s filings, check it off against the pro-Marta overlay ordinance and Comp Plan, deal with Marta’s large and talented team of developers, engineers and lawyers, and just go “deal with it” as a third job behind their families and their regular jobs. That’s a lot to ask of a volunteer.

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    Another thing that Rob said during the Q&A with the Commission is that GDOT is not happy with the proposed width of the lanes on Peachtree after adding a lane and restriping. I believe he also mentioned that at the town hall with the Mayor earlier in the year. His proposal relies entirely on gaining an extra lane on Peachtree, restriping lanes and changing traffic signals. What if we approve this development and then GDOT won’t agree to KH’s proposed lane additions on Peachtree due to the width being too small for public safety?

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    Joe Palladi

    Kimley Horn is one of a few consultants regularly hired to do traffic reports on rezonings. They used to be under contract to GRTA to do their analysis; I do not know if they are still under contract to GRTA. If so, that would be a conflict of interest.
    I have reviewed numerous DRI traffic studies and the last was the one for the Caldwell/Dresden analysis, which has a recommendation contrary to the KH recommendation for Dresden at P’tree.

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    What\'s Next

    I would like to have the Citizens Review Board weigh in. Do they have an official position on the proposed development?

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    Reality sucks

    Resident; why would the mayor and council reach out or meet with you? You minions in the Dist. 3 and 4 areas are their economic development money makers. Need to keep life good in 1 & 2. Face it, you are on your own.

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    Ready to help...

    Thank you to those that have stepped up! You are right, I depended on all of you to do my work. I was being lazy I guess. What can we do to step up now? Just tell us and we will be there.

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    As part of that process I’ll weigh in. I don’t have a problem with it, actually like the idea however I think the buildings on Peachtree frontage should be no more than 6 stories unless the parking is below the up to 8.

    I think that the Apple valley buildings should be capped at 5 stories against the tracks and 2-3 facing Apple Valley. The bulk of the activity should be near the tunnel to keep pedestrian traffic at that area for the “eyes on the street safety”. There should be mitigation to the neighborhoods by way of turn limitations or resident only streets.

    The development is going to happen – let’s make it work!

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    RTH: go to Thank you for taking the initiative!

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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    This is what happens when Development Authority contractors built mass transit TOD’s.

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