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    Great commentary. I am fully supportive of bringing a tech village to Brookhaven. There is definitely enough tech startup and existing small co activity to support a space. I would add that Chamblee might be a better location due to its abundance of lower (although rising rapidly) cost industrial and office space (e.g. Broad street/Antique row etc.).

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    Right on! You make many observations that perfectly illustrate why the city government needs to facilitate the installation of Google Fiber. With or without a tech center, all those residents working from home need fast, reliable Internet speeds – which current providers/monopolies fail to provide, despite their less than accurate claims of blazing speed.

    I am retired now, but I was one of the earliest of my neighborhood’s residents to work from home, and even then the Internet service providers did not provide adequate uptime or speed, yet they charged a small fortune for that mediocre service. It seems that nothing much has changed, and we suffer poor service because our government has allowed these monopolies without holding them accountable. It is shameful that this country has fallen behind less developed countries In allowing citizens to have access to first-rate technology. I may be retired, but I still long for a better connection.

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    Be sure to carve out funds for Mayor Quimby and his employer. All opposed say “I hate America!” Or we could wait for the private sector to support a solid business concept. Heaven forbid.

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    Tracey Briggs

    Well, you are getting an 8 story building with 25 extra feet, a hotel and 440 new apartments – looks like a no go on that tech center.

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    Picture an incubator that works together with the city to solve complex problems through the use of technology. Pay of this with raising taxes? How come our parks have no play areas that teach kids about science and technology? Because people that can afford to help pay for this don’t want to pay taxes. All of this asks for citizens to make an investment with it’s taxes. But why should a city do that when people then refuse and complain on paying more when they personally benefit? Our ability to even have the opportunity to have this conversation using our computers, the internet, the screen your reading this on, is all due to socializing the risk and cost of research and development of technology. Your iphone is directly due to research done in public institutions. But everyone that’s made millions and billions off of it stomp their feet and cry like babies when it’s time to pay society back for the opportunity this country gave them. Why should we as a city pour a ton of money into opportunities to lure people here to make lots of money who will then throw fits when they’re expected to pay more in taxes?

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    Everyone does realize that ATV is a privately owned corporation right? So if anyone has the money and wants to make a bunch of loans to startups then feel free to find some space and start an incubator. There is a reason most of these are nearby large corporations and/or universities They need to be near large universities or business (and buildings, GAH!) to thrive. Maybe once the MARTA development is in place someone would look to use a few floors as an incubator (like what is happening around Tech Square or the Flatiron building where other incubators are located), but as Brookhaven is currently developed? Not a lot that would attract that sort of investment.

    And the primary purpose of ATV (or any tech incubator), provide cheap space, fast internet, and make your benefactor money.

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    There is a way to get this started. There just has to be support from the community. Obviously it looks like there is some interest….I am happy to get the ball rolling. And I know quite a few people that would love to join in the task.

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    Daniel Boone

    NPR in Atlanta 90.1 fm reported that occupancy rates for apartments in Atlanta metro was 94%. The Metro area has a number of refugees, immigrants, students moving here. Could tech village take a couple of floors and compromise??

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