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    Brookhaven Bob

    Allen, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s unfortunate that more in the Georgia GOP don’t agree with you.

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    Excellent. commentary. At one time I was a check list Democrat. I had a my team versus your team mentality. I appreciate your commentary and admire Taylor Bennett for not switching parties just to get elected; unfortunately in N DeKalb he would easily win if he had an R in front of his name on the ballot. Yes, I gladly voted for Mike Jacobs and at that time, had he not switched parties, he would not have been elected. I voted for him because I knew he was on a sincere mission to help our community. I see the same good soul in Taylor Bennett.

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    Great article!

    Everyone voting in the upcoming election should also note that Michael Pence was reportedly advising Georgia Republicans on how to pass their next attempt at bigotry while he was campaigning in Georgia recently. . . .

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    Okay, two things. First, Republican Mike Jacobs only came out against RIFRA because he knew was going to be appointed DeKalb County State Court judge. Which meant Jacobs, a Republican, would be running as a non-partisan candidate in a countywide election in DeKalb. He had nothing to lose by opposing his own party, and everything to gain by appealing to DeKalb’s democrats, that’s why Jacobs opposed RIFRA. Jacobs’ anti-RIFRA stance was his way of hedging his bets with Democratic voters as a Republican in a not so socially conservative district. I’m glad Jacobs opposed RIFRA, it was the right thing to do, but Jacobs wasn’t brave — he’s a political opportunist.

    Secondly, its sad that Republicans have to hark all the way back to Lincoln just to find a president on the right side of history when it comes to individual civil liberties.

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    I think the party significantly changed when it welcomed Democrats that were against The Civil Rights Act.

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    Allen Fox endorsed J Max last year in the special election. He fails to mention that.

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    Thomas Porter

    As an always registered and once-proud Republican… I can honestly say that I feel bitterly disappointed by the leadership and policies of both parties. I too will vote for Taylor Bennett once again, he’s a good leader and person.
    I hope both parties can fix themselves and heal the nation.

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    Eddie E.

    Did mr. pence suggest what plans he had after November?

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    Yes, they were “welcomed” whole heartedly and they still are.

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    Oh Eddie! Mr. Pence? He’ll be your Vice President!

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    Andy B.

    I’m curious as to what part of that you find most relevant. Was being a lifelong Republican not a clue that he probably did? His point seems to be that he has found something he respects and values in Rep. Bennett’s service regardless of party. I imagine if Mr. Davis was running again Allen would reconsider that endorsement based on what he’s said here.

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    He’ll be busy being upset with the apple because he got stuck with the orange.

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    I for one am stoked Meagan dug deep and found the focus-grouped courage to oppose a law specifically allowing businesses to fire Georgians based on their sexuality. In 2016.

    What a profile in courage! She’s truly the Republican Hillary — will say anything, and do nothing.

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    I am a Republican too but had no idea she was such a fraud. Why would she keep so silent on this issue for all these years? Is she getting $$ from GOP leaders who supported this discriminatory law? But she says she is “pro-jobs” but is MIA on the bills impact on our economy. Sounds like she will be a puppet for them instead of a voice for us. Really makes me miss Mike. But happy to cross aisle for Taylor.

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    Melissa you might want to watch a little movie by Dinesh D’Souza called Hillary’s America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party.

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    Eddie E.

    Why waste time on anything Distorts D’newza ever produces?

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    Eddie E.

    In what country?
    Certainly not the United States!

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    Simple, RFRA was a heated battle last year, taylor was vocal., jmax refused to take a position. This guy supported jmax despite being in the middle of the fight. Choosing principles over party seems to just be a recent revelation to him.

    More likely, he’s conveniently choosing incumbency over anything.

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    I think the bigger question is, why does the GOP in HD 80 keep nominating anti-gay Republicans?! Mike Jacobs provides the best model for a Republican to win. I voted for Jacobs every time he ran. But Bennett continues to provide leadership based on what our community wants, not what the social conservatives at the GOP want.

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    Brittany Mother

    If you are a Republican then you are well aware Mike Jacobs was actually a Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

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    I don’t think you need a focus group when a large number of major corporations synonymous with Atlanta and Georgia threatened to pack up and leave. Heck- even the sometimes morally questionable NFL was miffed. People all over the country were asking what in the huh? was wrong with Georgia.

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    Frank McCloskey

    It is nonsensical to think sanctioned discrimination builds economy. Taylor Bennett is the type of leader we need at a time of relentless demographic shift.

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    Crossing-Over x 2

    If you’re an identified Republican who votes for the person and not the party, join me in voting for Taylor Bennett and Hillary Clinton. Taylor is the obvious choice in the local race, and Trump is an obvious nut job with failed businesses and a failed moral compass. We can regroup before 2020 and bring forward a winning candidate for the Executive Branch who can be trusted with a finger on The Button. Thank you, Allen Fox, for speaking up so eloquently!

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    Well this is interesting.

    Meagan just announced a very expensive fundraising event featuring Carly Fiorina.

    For those that don’t know that don’t know, until very recently, Fiorina was a huge advocate for a ***CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT*** BANNING gay marriage.


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    Could you please point out some positive things Hillary Clinton has done over the past thirty years?

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    I would suggest trying out a website called “”.

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    No, most people don’t want to sit at their computer all day typing something already available online- particularly when it’s clear you’re just looking for a fight.

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    Your comment is interesting considering your participation here.

    Let the individual that I asked the question of answer if they choose to do so. Have a nice day.

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    Brittany Mother

    I googled both Meagan and Hillary and I wasn’t impressed with what I saw.

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    Information Bias

    I second that emotion. All Republicans that don’t have Democratic values should just run as Democrats like Taylor did. His policies are middle of the road and moderate (LGBTQO <1% of population). He shows up to multiple events in his own neighborhood (What?). He lives next to the MARTA station and leads the fight for his citizens involved in density discussions. (Who?). The DeKalb Delegation follows his constant leadership positions without asking Rep. Holcomb. (Wait. What?) He lives right next door and we see him at multiple Town Halls and City Hall meetings. (Who the hell are you talking about?)

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    I’ve never been a fan of the Clintons, but to suggest that Hillary hasn’t done one good thing in 30 years is just plain silliness.

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    Are you a moderator now?

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    LOL, Google it and share your results. LOL! GOOGLE!

    BTW, I asked for several examples. NOT ONE!

    Instead of not answering, don’t deflect. You might want to also consider getting out from behind that computer while it is still beautiful outside. LOL!

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    If you do not know how to use google, you can probably request assistance at your local library or community center.

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    Moderator? No. But I guess you think you are. Let others answer questions asked of them if they like. I already have your two cents.

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    Nope. Where did I instruct anyone not to answer questions?

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    The current Republican nominee, Meagan, is not anti-gay. She opposed RFRA and supported the governor’s veto. She said so in her questionnaire this very website gave to her.

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    Dude. She waited like 3 years to “oppose RFRA.” And “support” the veto. As I understand it, she’s being supported by all the people that pushed it. I hate both political parties but I can spot political BS from a mile away.

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    Casey R.

    My son is gay. I don’t want my state rep to poll and hedge when it comes to discriminating against him. Someone needs to tell her it’s 2016. My son should be able to live his life free from fear of being treated differently.

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    I voted for Megan twice in the primary. But I cannot find her stance on this issue from her website. Maybe she should update it because were heading into the general. This has become a pretty popular issue with the people I talk to.

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    No, after he switched parties Jacobs voted with the Rs virtually all the time. He became indistinguishable from the rest of the Rs in the House, on most issues.

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    Brittany Mother

    Voter, the mistake you make is thinking that Republicans in Georgia are real Republicans. Real Republicans and don’t create additional layers of government and don’t increase taxation. What you have in DeKalb County are RINOS.

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    She’s featuring Fiorina at a fundraiser, so consider reading up on her.

    Until very recently Fiorina supported a constitutional amendment that would strip all gays of their marriages, marriage licenses and any rights that came with them.

    Think about that for a second. This was without a doubt one of the cruelest political proposals of my generation’s lifetime.

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    So true! And she’s featuring Fiorina at her fundraiser, who until recently wanted a constitutional amendment that would revoke all the gay marriages performed across the country. Can you imagine? It is beyond heartless. . . .

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    Information Bias

    The Affordable Care Act is turning out to be even crueler.

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