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    What’s the timeline on this redevelopment?

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    The Brookhaven Post

    I am not for certain. Checking in to that.

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    Developer indicated 5 year timeframe with phases. Would start next summer.

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    6 units per acre….how much Water/Sewer capacity is needed for this project?

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    B\'haven Birdie

    Ugly! Typical for Doraville to approve anything a developer puts in front of them. At least Chamblee and Brookhaven have a few standards and invite quality development.

    After watching the old GM plant turn into a tacky auto mall, I really don’t expect much from Doraville.

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    Do current residents plan on living in Carver Hills or do they hope to finance a dwelling somwehre new?
    They may need some negotiators who are not with the developers or city even though it looks good on paper at this juncture. Note this is mear 1-285 and Peachtree Industrial and sits on Chamblee borders. Look all ways WE want growth but sometimes it is like an eggshell eevn when the drawings arte cute. Go slow..

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