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    Geez. I know the city is going to review these numbers but damn. Sometimes I think these vendors throw out a huge number thinking they are going to get fat government contracts. It’s just Brookhaven. Not Beverly Hills. Wow!

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    Mark you simply don’t understand. Brookhaven is D1 and we have an image and reputation that needs to be protected. Nothing but the best for D1. The rest of you, thank you for financing this for us. We’ll let you know when we need your money in the future.

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    In the interest of transparency, I believe an itemized list of building materials and labor should be provided to the community…especially for expenditures higher than $50k. (I don’t want us to pay $100 per cinder block)

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    Eric Robert

    Why do we need new signs?

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    Rebranding, of course. And, so that we never get that tax break we were promised when we became a city.

    Government accounting…use it or lose it!

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    The same reason we need gateway monuments, monorail, new city hall, BIA, buying property left and right, and all the other dumb ideas to come from this city since inception….ego. this city was started to save money and spend responsibly, or so we were told. Unfortunately, that seems it was never really part of the plan. We spent $10k tax dollars on a monorail proposal, that is crazy. Bottom line is I have very little faith in a majority of the people who run this city.

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    Re: Clack’s Corner, I’d rather the City spends money on brick paving the path rather than an unnecessary sign

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    Brittany Mother

    Let’s say they negotiate the bid down to $175,000. That’s approximately $15,000 each for 11 signs. First over designed park bridges and now exorbitant, highly excessive park monuments. John Ernst? Looks like Barbara (see above comment) has Brookhaven figured out.

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    A funny thing about government. The less government spends needlessly, the lower property taxes could be for Brookhaven property owners. Just sayin’.

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    If we have all this extra money to continue wasting on these ignorant pet projects that no one wants or needs then why aren’t they giving it back? City of Brookhaven, what a scam.

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    We don’t need monuments we are about to get a 125ft tall “iconic” glass office building that will tell you you have arrived in Brookhaven courtesy of Marta spending your tax dollars.

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    Eddie E.

    Can we put the stupid idea of the ‘monument signs’ in the same dustbin with the “cherry blossom festival”?

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    The city council will push the proposals into the trash can on top of the Character Area studies.

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    Eric Robert

    I like the idea of getting a class A office building next to the MARTA station since it will provide diversity to the residential and thus increase the value of the residential. And Class A really doesn’t work in low rise. So if they want to go up to 6 or 8 stories between the elevated tracks and Peachtree Road that seems reasonable since the building will be far removed from the existing residential in the area.

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    6 I’m fine with 8+ 25ft is the same as a 10 story building and that is not acceptable.

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    It is not just a building, it is hundreds of more cars on the roads, traffic is already terrible. And the argument of increasing property value does not make sense. If you live in the house you own and are not planning to sell and move ( to a cheaper place) all it does is to increase your property tax.
    So, we get more traffic and pay more taxes and the city gets these brilliant ideas of spending it on park signs…

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    Some parks like Georgian Hills Park have no sign at all.

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    That’s not in D1, that’s why.

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