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    Stormwater issues in Doraville and other DeKalb cities are closely related to Roads, which most cities will be taking over from the County under new agreements to be signed with the County in October. Also in Doraville a related matter is water and sewer capacity for new projects such as Assembly and Carver Circle. In a discussion with the W&S Director it was mentioned that DeKalb W&S, Donna Pitman, and Egbert Perry had met recently about W&S capacity for the Assembly project. Best read is that capacity is not available without extensive,and expensive, on site sewer work to be financed by the developer adding to the ever increasing cost of this project at taxpayer expense! Don’t expect to see a warning letter sent to the developers of Assembly or Carver Circle because the W&S Director now has purview over which letters go out to whom and when. This is an important change from the past policy whereby letters were sent out by subordinates when a red flag came up on capacity. Timing is key with respect to the Assembly project because the Developer is once again asking the DeKalb County Commission to participate in a Tax Allocation District without DeKalb School Board involvement. All this is taking place behind closed doors with DeKalb Development Authority, DeKalb Planning & Sustainability, Lee May, and Commissioner Larry Johnson. One only has to think back to 2010 when Commissioner Connie Stokes was apparently asking for $3.5M at closing on the last GM Deal…..I have a copy of the Doraville Executive Session minutes on that one, or just ask Doraville for your own personal copy! SO WHAT!! Well if the County Commissioners vote for the TAD, no verifiable sewer capacity on the Assembly project, and NO revenue stream to the developer from the project to make the quarterly interest on bonds floated for this project. You can’t pay quarterly interest on bonds with future revenue from development . Can you say “TO BIG TO FAIL”, and another taxpayer bailout!

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