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    Thomas Porter

    I am CLEARLY no fan of our Community Development department, but, the premise was from the start to re-use the Little White House. Don’t comprehend the details, but, you tore it down. Now, your alternative is to build an overlay-compliant new restaurant. Where’s the injustice? It’s all new structure anyway?!
    Maybe you can get more, sorely needed parking if you do.

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    Shouldn’t this article be using the “we” pronoun instead of “they”? It’s kind of like they’re hoping midway through the reader will forget who wrote it. . .

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    Welcome to Brookhaven. Didn’t Fritz allow the city to use the white house for all of its formative meetings at no charge? If so, maybe he should send the city a bill for the buildings use for all of those meetings. You know, an amount equal to his losses.

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    This reads like a “10 reasons why not to do business in Brookhaven” story! I think I would have thrown in the towel long before 4 years.
    Good luck to you, I hope the restaurant opens.

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    I guess it wouldn’t surprise you that there are a number of small business owners living in Brookhaven that would never open or expand in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody or Brookhaven. Serpas is better off locating in one of the many hot metro locations where he will be better appreciated.

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    This whole story is very strange to me. How can a house be a complete and total tear down without anyone knowing it , and how can one battle something for so long at such an allegedly huge expense to not cross the t’s and dot the i’s?

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    Hunter Burke

    Well Rybert & Serpas, you’ve spoken at length about your economic losses but it would seem that you could have spent a small amount earlier on to get much better advice. I cannot help but feel you are your own worst enemies in your furtive attempts to build a restaurant. You killed the grandfathering that allowed the house to remain, a foolish mistake. A minor aside, the word is restaurateur not restauranteur.

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    Brookhaven Heights

    I have never met this fritz guy but some of the developments he has completed over the years are what make Brookhaven great. If you have never been to Town Commons Circle or Club Commons Circle you should. Two pretty cool neighborhoods with large greenspaces that connect all of the homes over in historic Brookhaven. It is guys like this and the original dresden developer Woodley that put us on the map.

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    You are splitting hairs. Restauranteur is the Americanization of the French word restaurateur. This spelling dates back to the middle 1800’s in America and has a long history of being spelled this way. Are you splitting hairs? No, par for the course if you are a Brookhaven elitist.

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    Concerned Neighbor

    Scott already has a restaurant in one of the hottest neighborhoods in Atlanta. It’s Serpas in the O4W, just off Irwin Street at Studioplex. Brookhaven wanted to take over permitting as a “city” and they’ve done nothing but allow cheaply built apartments to be built along Dresden. Here a business that is wanted keep running into roadblocks. I would have dropped the project years ago with all this mess.

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    Considering Serpa gets good reviews I would imagine they don’t have cockroaches and other bugs and rodents requiring preventative treatment running amok there. . . so you really have to question how accidental this whole alleged four year termite takeover really is.

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    My favorite part of this “story” is how they completely skip over the part explaining why the house was razed. I might feel more sympathy for them had they explained how this came to pass, but this glaring omission tells me that they knew what they were doing. What a tangled web we weave. ..

    The “they” pronoun is used because this was written by a third party, possibly a PR firm or law firm. “They” should not have to pay for such awful work. Whoever wrote this did “them” no favors.

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    Riley OConnor

    The text does read in the third-person, especially at the end.

    Supposedly, the demolition had begun with the intent of leaving one wall standing. This would then qualify as a “renovation” rather than as new construction. The word going around was that they found termite damage which was sufficient to require the complete demo. This should be a fairly easy thing to establish unless the foundation itself has been removed; there should be traces of mud tunnels which would be consistent with termite activity. Regardless, the building itself is now gone.

    The Homeric term “saga” is fitting in this case, but it can’t get around the lack of car parking for this structure.

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    Neighbor 27

    I know people who live in that neighborhood, and have not met a single one of them who was looking forward to the restaurant being built, they are all sick and tired of the non-stop over development in the area.

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