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    This is why many of these citizen input meetings for various government plans and programs are just for show. Too much community involvement period could lead to “chaos” and upset the plans of the government and city chosen.

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    Potential “Chaos” to prevent potential waste sound like a good idea, otherwise it seems as if the non stakeholders are the only ones allowed input.
    I can’t believe I’m saying this but Mr.Bates Mattison seems to be putting green his constituency first.

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    The BPCA – what a joke of a group of 4-5 out of touch people!!! Ask some of the involved people. Mattison can’t manage his personal life, how can anyone respect his opinion on the future of the overlay???

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    So Bates didn’t have to move? You know that means that D3 has a shadow city council adviser don’t you?

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    They don\'t represent us!

    What the heck? BPCA has NO community involvement – when are their meetings? How do you join? Where do they get their community input from? They a just a bunch of Bates’ Boyz for more questionable development and proud authors of the crappy Marta project.

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    They tink’ you r stoopid. Bates want a owverlay’ study and now he want his naybor’ to ok it. His naybor ok da’ first one which is why his naybor’s want new one.

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    I’m astounded that this is not getting any attention. After all of the work and sacrificing that Districts 2 and 3 did fighting the Dresden developments which are encouraged in the BPCA’s overlay and all the effort and pressure put on the mayor and council to get the overlay opened for review …. no one speaks up? Really??. Do you really want the same people that are bringing you the Marta development and have no problem with more of the same apartments like Rosewood and @1377 next to your homes to make a decision like this with NO input from you? People wake up! The scuttlebutt is that Caldwell is going to be aligned with Ellijay so that you will have a thoroughfare from Redding to Briarcliff…. unless you WAKEUP NOW!

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    Since when do we invite the entity being reviewed to choose their reviewer? Hen House, meet Fox.

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    Now the Governor’s Commission on Finance can review our banking relationships.
    Our Park Commission can review all engineering firms doing work at the parks.
    etc, etc.

    This is ridiculous, but typical.

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    Riley OConnor

    Going back, it is helpful to remember that much of the LCI Study (funded by the ARC if my memory serves) that led to the Overlay was the result of of five or six long public meetings, “charettes”. There was substantial community involvement by those who were willing to attend, very similar to the current area character studies. To be sure, that was under the control of DeKalb County, and there was a curious expansion of the Overlay up to where Town Brookhaven is now located. There’s always a whiff of politics in this process, and someone knew something about the impending development…..

    In any case those concerned about community involvement leading to “chaos” are City employees. The example which they cited was Dunwoody and the “chaos” involves the Dunwoody Homeowners Association. This same association was heavily involved in the original City of Dunwoody movement and, inevitably, a large number of their members are involved with City governance and policy input. Leading to questions about objectivity.

    Those who were urging community input are elected officials. They face the ultimate in community involvement every time they stand for re-election.

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    Welcome to Brookhaven

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    Welcome to Brookhaven. It’s more government, just what did you really expect?

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    “They face the ultimate in community involvement every time they stand for re-election.”

    Karl, like Bates Mattison? How do you explain that one?

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    The BPCA, I was told (by a BPCA member) was formed with the Marta development in mind and they arranged to have the LCI process…. Fox in the hen house for sure. I people can’t be bothered to call, email or write the mayor and council to tell them this smells of cronyism the they deserve what they get. Trust me folks – Marta is just the beginning…. Meetings are taking place now and the developers are lining up to be ready the hour the moratorium expires. You need to act now or it will be too late.

    Did you know that a BPCA member, an architect has a relationship with Marta at the Avondale TOD development? Fox in the hen house……

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