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    We need a committee to keep up with all the committees.

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    Brittany Mother

    Hilarious! This is exactly what D1 doesn’t want! Just think about some of J Max’s comments! This committee isn’t going anywhere.

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    Special interest group?

    This group is what special interest looks like!

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    Any idea how many of these people actually LIVE in Brookhaven?

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    I know Marian personally and she is a HUGE asset to Brookhaven. Congratulations to her and lucky for us!

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    And I see others I know who, unlike Marian, do not live in Brookhaven that are excellent picks! I have served on committees with David Schaefer and Sarah Bechlin. They are both highly competent and knowledgeable on the subject. Again, great pics! And though they may not be residents of our fair City, both their organizations work tirelessly supporting our residents with everything from community gardens to summer camps to job training and everything in between!

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    The funny thing about special issues is that usually require special knowledge that generally comes from … “special interest.” This looks like a stellar roster.

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    Brittany Mother

    You’ll notice that a biography detailing the “special knowledge” these people has never been released. So I suppose you think we should we blindly trust your judgement.

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    Betsy Eggers

    Thank you, Brookhaven, for wisely choosing experts in their fields, not just city residents. Affordable housing is good for business and good for the community. I want our city to have housing that’s within economic reach of teachers, fire fighters, grad students, working class families, and small business owners who can live and play in the city where they work. Less cars on the highways (and shorter commutes) mean better air quality and quicker commutes for those in cars. The best cities are those that plan for the future; that have transportation choices; that are an inclusive mix of income, race, education levels, and religions; and that have many options for housing.

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    Eddie E.

    I’m glad that such an important issue is finally being recognized.
    Too bad our initial administrations didn’t consider the needs of all our citizens rather than just those interested in the quickest buck.

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    Riley OConnor

    I spoke with Shelly Simmons before and after the meeting and I think that she is also a good choice for this matter.

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