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    Should be watching water consumption in the first place.

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    Fun tip! (lol): If you run a dehumidifier in your house- don’t pour the water down the drain- take it inside to water your plants and veggies. 🙂🐝🌻

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    *outside*. durrr- dang autocorrect! (though you can certainly use it to water indoor plants too) 🌸

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    Eddie E.

    Just think what our position might be if we had PERMANENT conservation measures in place.

    What a foolish group we are, to waste one of the most important resources we all need on a daily basis.

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    I’m not sure what sure what Georgia regulations are, but some older toilets flush five or seven gallons of perfectly good water down the drain- per flush!- so indivuals with older homes should really check to see if they have or can install more efficient models/updates. It will help your water bill too. ;0)

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