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    This is great.

    Again though, if the city is not going to pay to fix completely broken curbs in the area that allow street water to flood people’s property- can Brookhaven set up a permitting system to allow us to pay to fix our own curbs? I don’t care how nice the street looks if all the water from it is gushing at my house!

    And I’m not talking about drainage systems- I’m talking about completely broken curbs- -some with wires sticking out!- rolling out into the street.

    And no, I’m not shutting up about this until the city either fixes it our gives me legal permission to fix it myself.

    Too bad my city councilman would rather spend his time trying to convince people looking to rent their homes to convert them to Airbnb’s than fix curbs some of us regularly have to physically walk out into the street to pick up and put back in place.

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    I hear Airbnb is having some Justice Dept troubles because the people renting don’t want certain types renting their homes and that several of the initial founders are looking to get out. Maybe your councilman should rethink his association with that racist group.

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    Where is this? How can the city “fix” something that has not identification? You are starting to sound like someone off their meds.

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    Stigmatizing mental illness and falsely accusing individuals of suffering from it is an unfortunate way to “debate” an issue, but I can’t say this surprises me in Brookhaven.

    The city and county have been informed including with photo documentation, but no, I’m not posting my address for you and others to drive by.

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    Bambi, Star & Fawn

    Thanks city!!! All the dancers at the Pink Pony love you! Smoooch!

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    Yes, maybe opening an entertainment facility or some Airbnb’s around our homes would help.

    Interestingly some people have said (oh gawd, I sound like Donald Trump 😖) that a certain area was being punished because someone in it ran against our councilman— I used to think it was silly, gossipy conjecture but now after what I and others have seen and experienced firsthand I genuinely wonder.

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    By the way- if you payed attention you would be aware that A LOT of people in District 4 have street water drainage issues- not just a “crazy” few.

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    Joseph Palladi

    As for Briarwood, when will the COB fix the sidewalk…and I use that term loosely…in the SW quadrant of the BH intersection? This is a community that relies on sidewalks, not walking on an uneven clay area where the roadway water sheets across it into an apartment complex>

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