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    You were doing fine until your last line when you called it a blighted property. Now I’m sorry I read it.

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    It IS a blighted property. There is a home 12 years abandoned with a tree on top of it and kids playing around. Is that not blighted in your book?

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    Thanks for this Todd. Great points. FUnny how the neighbors will support a million dollar home with gates that keep them out as an alternative to a greenway. Silly. I hope y’all don’t have terrorist attacks on your pipeline.

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    Nope, it’s a property the owners allowed to run down intentionally, it is extremely marketable, could be sold in a week.

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    I walked out when the elderly gentleman yelled ‘murder’ and his neighbors applauded. This community is the clear definition of NIMBY.

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    Spend the tax payers money where it is REALLY needed. District 4 has no parks or green space.

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    Not to put too fine a point on it, but you just defined blight. defines blight as “the state or result of being blighted or deteriorated; dilapidation; decay.”

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    Kevin Fitzpatrick

    Fear is a much bigger driver than the a vision of a connected community. The “they will be parking in our neighborhood” fear is not a fact based argument. This makes it difficult to work with. Parking can be controlled by signs and enforcement. If neighborhood families could safely and easily access the part without driving a couple of miles, we will all be benefitted by the drop in traffic.

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    Brookhaven Bob

    Why don’t they sell it then?

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    Very well said.

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    Meanwhile in D4 we have people bragging: “I always answer my door locked and loaded!” Maybe D1 can hire some of our D4 yahoos for protection? :0P

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    I nominate this article as best op ed of year!

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    Mary Jordan

    I was at the meeting too. The residents were very disrespectful. I too left. It was very sad to see grown adults acting this way. I was very embarrassed to be there. The oped author is indeed correct. Someone was shouting murder, another elderly gentleman said all of their lives were at stake, it was classic fear mongering.

    I am not crazy about the greenway idea but if the alternative is to be around a bunch of people who act like they did at this meeting, bring it on.

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    It was also interesting to hear of the neighbors trespassing and considering the private property theirs to use. Or when the owner, Mr J becomes aware of his liability as an ‘attractive nuisance’ and fences off his property. Or the City or County fencing the storm pipe so the gentleman and his son can’t cross Nancy Creek and put themselves in danger. The only way to keep the parcel ‘as is’ is to support the purchase as green space.

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    Tom Reilly

    Thank you, Todd!! You speak for so many of us who were in that room that night. Voicing opposition is part of the the political process. The rest of the opposition’s conduct that night was what can drag the whole process down into disrespect, division, and deceit. The two dedicated public servants who called that meeting were Linley Jones and John Ernst, not Bonnie and Clyde Barker. Five people ambushed a zoning hearing. Dunwoody Forest should have done better. Brookhaven deserves better.–Tom Reilly

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    Joe Seconder

    Dunwoody had TONS of pushback in Dunwoody circa 2010-2012 for multi-use trails. Even a lawsuit trying to prevent a trail that lost on two appeals. Now we have over 3 miles of tails and many more being funded. Stick with it! Here’s references I evangelized back then:

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    With the Skyland Park deal, giving Atlanta Hawks $$$, took a conservancy group to bring transparency to park land for sale, I understand the distrust, but this was no way to act

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    Over 60

    Baby Boomers: Sit down and let GenX and Millenials speak! Death comes to most Americans because we’ve gotten to be fat little piggies, reliant only on our cars. Even “fit” folks drive to the Y to exercise because there’s no safe place to walk, run, bike. Cars have been the gluttonous King of every transportation dollar for too long! Mabry Road and Osborne Roads, like Ashford-Dunwoody and other arterials, could have foot paths, too, to connect cul-de-sacs so moms with strollers and kids on bikes and joggers can exercise without getting into their King Car. Come forward to public podiums, Millenials! We need you in this conversation!

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    Riley OConnor

    It would be nice to call this an isolated incident, but it’s not. All you have to do is look around you and see, country wide, that our sense of civility and social contract toward each other is slowly eroding. Every time I see local examples of this sort of stuff, I find myself wondering about just how much of this problem can be laid at the feet of the first political leadership of the City of Brookhaven, through their words and actions. I pray for happier times.

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    I’m a new 40-something resident of Brookhaven and have tried to make an effort to participate in discussions like this, but every meeting I’ve been to lately collapses into a horror show of paranoid windbags……. Glad I didn’t go to this one!

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    Hunter Burke

    I believe the bigger point may be that since this property is “blighted” by definition, run-down & abandoned for a dozen years, then why doesn’t the city, step-in and legally force the owners to repair or tear down? Clean up the yard. That’s certainly the city’s role and obligation to neighbors.

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    Wow. Passive-aggressive terrorism jabs?! Unbelievable. That comment is so wildly inappropriate- I just- wow. Thanks for reminding me why I regret moving to Brookhaven.

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    And dangerous, disastrous broken curbs that are a legitimate threat to public safety. (And yes, I know people are annoyed that I say this but it’s ridiculous to have curbs that are like something you’d see in a “developing country”. And then people in D1 say we are quote “ghetto”- sigh, and they’re not paying for it.) People in D4 pay taxes too!!!

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    Many newcomers to the Brookhaven area like myself regret buying homes here.

    It’s hard not to end up bitter when you’re excited about buying your house only to end up with a bunch of cranky residents stomping and driving down the street to ” yell” at you about petty nonsense all the time. No, “Welcome to the neighborhood” but rather a condescending lecture about how your home is contributing to environmental devastation. I’ve never lived anywhere with so many miserable, fundamentally unhappy people in my life. 😞 (And I’ve lived in NYC- where people are supposedly mean but all of my neighbors were exceptionally friendly- it’s the friendliest place I’ve ever lived actually.)

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    Yes, D4 does pay taxes. And as others have said, D1 really appreciates your contribution to their city.

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    Yes. . . when things devolve to crime fears in my neighborhood (some were very upset about potential sidewalks) some actually brag about how they look forward to shooting potential home intruders.

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    Where are all these alleged Millenials in D1 demanding a walking path there?

    From what I understand, many of the younger generations moving to Brookhaven that want walking paths etc are moving to D4.

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    I watch my security cameras on a weekly basis and find it amusing when the police of your local town call upon me to view my camera’s because of the burglary that consistently takes place on Remington. We see the criminals on foot at the wee hours of the morning walking up and down the street with their get away driver following a few feet behind. Crime is crime. no matter what type it is. While I don’t think the green space will bring anymore crime then we currently have, don’t belittle the issue that these neighbors have had to deal with for many years. From crime to crooked zoning deals. Have a little more respect. Oh and for the record, just because it says Brookhaven on paper does not mean this is Brookhaven. LOL Once a duck always a duck, this area is Chamblee and this DHS Wildcat knows exactly what that means.

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    Yes well, some of us that have actually lived through terrorist attacks find people supporting the city’s purchase of this land to protect from *terrorism* (and subsequent terrorism jabs) pretty darn offensive, so I guess it is what it is.

    Bringing terrorism into the issue is far worse than silly shoutings about murder imo. . . but I guess that’s Brookhaven for you.

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    We just moved to Buckhead they already have walkability. This was taking too long.

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    Yes, I probably won’t live here by the time the peachtree greenway materializes. . . I don’t want to spend the rest of what’s left of my younger years in misery-ville.

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    Nice to Meet You

    Many long term residents like myself love living in Brookhaven. We welcome our newly arrived friends, and cherish our old friends.

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    Just how often are you reporting burglaries on Remington? Searching online I see one theft from an unlocked car in the past year. If we have an issue with crime then it likely has far more to do with the traffic on Chamblee Dunwoody than proximity to a park. We can’t tear up our streets to limit access, so let’s at least give ourselves access to a park so we don’t have to drive two miles to get there.

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    Tom Reilly

    I’ve been involved in local zoning issues for some 42 years. I’ve seen everything from us outlasting a major destructive developer until the company put itself out of business to helping prevent a fist fight in a local park–not easy when you’re on two crutches with a leg in a cast!! The “paranoid windbags” among us are our own worst enemies–that’s why we have policies during our meetings that state “after one warning, you’re out!!” Enforce those policies a couple of times and watch the quality of conduct improve!!–Tom Reilly

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    Brittany Mother

    Nice to Meet You, that’s right. Unfortunately, many of the new comers aren’t made from our mold. You’ll also note that there aren’t many of us that are actually from here any more. Some have left while the getting is good. What’s left of us Atlantans have been jaded by many of our new residents from other places. I put emphasis on cherishing my old friends.

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    Brittany Mother

    Todd I have not found the Brookhaven crime reporting site to be accurate at all. I am beginning to think that after four years there is a reason for that.

    As for driving two miles to visit a park, are you really serious? You really have a problem with that?

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    Yes Brittany’s Mother you are correct- some of us are not made from your mold. When I first moved in I was also called a Yankee and blamed for Sherman’s March to the Sea- something none of the neighbors I ever knew in NYC would ever do to someone. All of the many neighbors I knew in New York were kind and inclusive. Oh yeah, they also didn’t routinely call African Americans “thugs” and say homosexuality is “mental illness”—so yeah, I’m not embarrassed that here I just don’t fit in.

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    This statement from BM is everything that’s wrong with Brookhaven and this country. I have lived here a long time and it’s a shame that this line of thought still has a presence. Jealously and hated are a dark road.

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    Brittany Mother

    I haven’t heard the civil war references since I was in the first grade. Most Southerners are genuinely welcoming warm and welcoming. But I cant tell you how many times a hand of kindness has been extended only to later find out that there was talk about that dumb Southerner. Sign of the times I guess.

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    If you live in Brittany why do you even care about this topic? I don’t think it is strange at all to want to access a park easily. There could be mothers with small children, older people who aren’t are mobile as they once were, or someone who doesn’t have time to drive to the park…all of these people benefit from having a more easily accessible park.

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    That’s interesting because when I moved to NYC many years ago I had a southern accent and people could not have been more welcoming.

    If you’ve *truly*had a problem with northerners here saying things behind your back maybe it’s because you are often (here at least) very hateful and hostile.

  42. 42


    You’re kidding right? There have been 5 car break-ins last month alone! 2 Home invasions in DF, one at the at end of Remington a few months back. Police just arrested a suspect for Brookhaven home invasions back in July, but the break-ins still continue. I watched the house across the street get broken into in the middle of the day, as I called the police last year. Fine if you don’t care about theses types of crimes But let’s not forget the drifters like Gary Michael Hilton. Remember him???? He was arrested in Brookhaven while attempting to clean his bloody van after he kidnapped, raped and murdered Meredith Emerson. Hilton was a familiar figure around Murphey Candler park and its lakes and playing fields. Neighbors reported being threatened by him as they walked and jogged the park’s trails. The neighbors have just cause to be concerned. They went from dealing with The Wild Wild West aka Dekalb County to Crookhaven where it’s been nothing but smoke and mirrors. The good news is we are dealing with elected officials that will find themselves voted out if they continue to ignore and divide a neighborhood with genuine concern.

  43. 43

    Mary Jordan

    Wow! Maybe Murphey Candler Park should change its name to Camp Crystal Lake.

    Ch Ch Ch, Ah Ah Ah!

    The Police Chief lives in your neighborhood. Tell HIM to get this fixed! Sounds like things are really rough over there.

    Be sure you lock all your doors and turn on all of the lights and whatever you do NEVER leave the house.

  44. 44


    Apparently many people disagree with you that jealously and hatred are a dark road- that sounds about right. 🙄

  45. 45


    Does it make you feel better to belittle actual facts and concerns of the neighbors in DF? Wow.

  46. 46


    I’m surprised to hear it’s such a dangerous place considering many of them refer to D4 as “the ghetto”.

  47. 47


    I think when one area routinely calls another area “the ghetto”- one presumes it must be much safer there. With all the “ghetto” talk it’s a bit off-putting to hear that suddenly many in the so-called non-ghetto are living in fear for their lives.

    Unless of course maybe D4 is called “the ghetto” by some purely because you can see many lower income African-Americans and Latinos on our part of Bugord Highway. . . sadly I could see that.

  48. 48

    Eddie E.

    Minor correction, Hilton actually lived in Chamblee.

  49. 49


    Rapists and psycho-killers can live anywhere. Very wealthy people can be rapists and murderers too. Heck, plenty of parents thought there kids were safe in Catholic Churches in Boston and look how that turned out.

  50. 50


    @Nice to Meet You- sadly you clearly don’t live near my house.

  51. 51

    Huey Mahl

    HMM, I understand there are a number of moving companies in the local area who will be happy to help you out rectifying you regretful decision to move here.

  52. 52

    Huey Mahl

    Wow, I really feel sorry for you. I hope you can find some place that will suit you better.

  53. 53

    Huey Mahl

    Great article. Like you, I am sick of fear mongers of all stripes. And we have plenty posting on this site, unfortunately.

    A connected Greenway is a great idea. I will support it all the way, despite the NIMBY’s among us.

  54. 54


    Thanks, don’t worry– many of my neighbors, tree activists, and members of the neighborhood association remind us they’d wish we’d leave and that our house was never built in the first place regularly. One even said they’d hoped our house would burn down ,lol!

    No worries- as soon as our house appreciates enough all y’all bullies can have your way . . . but if you’d like to pay me let me know and I’ll be off to VaHighlands or Inman Park much sooner. Maybe you guys could start a fund?

  55. 55

    Huey Mahl

    My point was, to be very direct, is that complaining about your neighborhood does nothing if you are not also working to improve it and correct what you find as deficiencies. If you are to the point where you are actively regretting your move, I say go ahead and pull the trigger. Life is too short. I hope you can find the peace and neighborhood for which you are looking.

  56. 56


    I love walking paths. Not sure how you deduced that I don’t. Also don’t understand why you have to continuously be so nasty.

  57. 57


    That’s not what you said , but regardless, I’m the first to admit I don’t have the training or zen capacity to reason with people that leave dead animals on my doorstep with cryptic messages or weird urine soaked messages about dogs and contaminating the water supply after they’ve yelled at me.

    Again, I wish I could afford to leave but 7% is a lot to throw out the window, so, here we are. Yelling at me on the Internet is small potatoes.

  58. 58


    This is exactly the kind of fear mongering that led me to write this piece to begin with. Five car burglaries and two home invasions in the last month, eh? Bullshit.

    I searched the records, and just to be sure I wasn’t missing anything I emailed the chief of police for the city. Here’s his response:
    “We’ve had one burglary at the corner of Colt and Remington last month and about 3 cars broken into during the same time frame. The only home invasion we had was on Clairmont near I85. That person was recently arrested on our warrants and was also charged with 2 home invasions in Buckhead and the robbery of a lady in one of Atlantas Parks.”

    Look, you don’t want the city to buy the lot. Fine. You don’t want a foot path connecting to the park, feel free to argue against it. But cut the crap and quit trying to scare people into your point of view. And don’t make up facts that can be so easily proven false.

  59. 59


    With your vote on the city council? Is Huey Mahl a city councilman? Or a Thai Boxing Champ.

  60. 60

    Andrew G

    Great article. I would love to see a larger network of trails in our area! Did you know that the forest immediately west of Keswick Park already has a (somewhat) cleared out trail that could connect Murphey Candler and Blackburn Park, to Keswick Park and the Chamblee Rail Trail? The goal is make the path more accessible for local residents, the challenge is for the immediate neighbors (Danbury Parc HOA residents) to see the benefits. Earlier this year, a group of volunteers and several city officials met with the residents to discuss the vision but a handful of the residents spoke passionately against the proposed trail arguing that murder, theft, sex trafficking, kidnapping, lack of privacy and deforestation would be the result of such a trail. It was disheartening to say the least. At any rate, we still can connect the trails near southside of the forest (close to Pure Taqueria), we just need more volunteers! If you are interested in learning more, shoot me a message, and we can slowly build more momentum for positive change and an improved neighborhood. We just hosted a clean up and beautification event last weekend at Keswick and had a great turnout (over 50 volunteers including two dozen cub scouts!) I love our parks and city but we still have to keep it maintained and cultivated!

  61. 61


    Maintenance and upkeep is the key. The Keswick trail does have an issue with homeless sleeping in the woods and their is evidence of drug use. If the trail gets cleaned up and the residents start using it and CPD patrols it, it will be a great addition.

  62. 62


    I don’t agree with this type of fear- mongering, but it’s unfortunate that you don’t appear to have a problem with those on your “side” that promote purchasing the property due to alleged terrorism threats.

  63. 63


    Ps- feel free to start a Kickstarter campaign to get me to leave- I will happily cash that check.

  64. 64


    People purchase a home in a development on a road that backs up to private green space owned by the HOA for the peace, quiet and tranquility it offers. Then you come along and expect them to give this up for your benefit? Did you ever think that they are keenly aware of the benefits this land offers? Did you ever think that if this land is incorporated into your trail that their reason for purchasing these specific homes overlooking this private green space will destroy their peace, quiet and tranquility?

  65. 65


    As someone that used to live next to conservation land and trails I can confirm a lot of the less dramatic concerns (no one was ever murdered near me😉). It can be very noisy starting around 5:30 or 6:00 am with screaming babies and young children and loud power walkers talking and laughing. Weekends are often loud all day, especially during holidays especially the colder ones as everyone wants to walk off all that turkey and pie. Expect tons of cars- some speeding maniacally- especially during holidays and yes, some will partially block your driveway or even if there’s any chance of confusion- park *in* your driveway. Kids do like to drink and smoke pot. On holidays like the fourth some questionable types show up, not looking very sober. You do get trash like beer cans, liquor bottles, food wrappers, and empty pot baggies thrown in your yard. Sometimes people don’t pick up their dog poop and off leash dogs will run around in your yard. Some dogs will even jump your fence! Tired people may just plop down to rest in it. . . some people would pick our rare mushrooms or steal my organic, spray-free heirloom tomatoes (grrrr!!!) until I got a motion-activated “scarecrow” that sprayed them with the garden hose (bwahahahaha!)

    Downsides aside, *I* loved living next to trails and conservation land, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

  66. 66


    Oh- I also forgot the privacy thing. Many people will stare at or in your house in your blinds are open and around your yard in a way that is not normally socially acceptable. We decided it was largely because people get into a sort of “looking at nature” zone and don’t snap out of it when looking at houses. . . also there is an element of “I wonder who is so lucky to live here?” without realizing that a zillion other people are regularly doing the same thing.

  67. 67

    Eric Robert

    There are no apartment or condo developments being built on Chamblee Dunwoody Road, and actually none exist on this road in the Brookhaven or Chamblee sections until you get East of the MARTA tracks. True traffic can be horrendous at rush hour due to all the cut-through traffic coming off of I-285 and/or from/to the perimeter center, Dunwoody and Gwinnett. But to the main point walking trails are great. But due to the way the leagues run things safeguards are needed to make sure this doesn’t lead to more parking being added. As I’ve said elsewhere the gravel lot looks like a construction staging area with the truck parked overnight, pallets, Tree Removal debri, overly bright lights on all night and additional tree clearing. If we can’t respect the flood plain in the current park area I am concerned we won’t respect it in newly acquired areas. If we can address that and the neighborhood’s parking concerns then it sure would be a nice amenity.

  68. 68


    Is that property owned by Danbury Parc Hoa?

  69. 69


    Don’t twist my words to further your agenda and bully. You have your facts wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time the police got something wrong either. 5 Break in’s last month-3 down the street and 2 at the top. I never said 2 home invasions last month in DF. ONE was at the end of Remington a few months back. You continue to diminish the concerns over residents that have lived in this neighborhood long before you moved in. We have original neighbors that have lived in DF for almost 50 years. If you lived on Remington with your house on that path I am certain you wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Increase traffic= increase problems including increase of crime.

  70. 70


    You go buy a house on Remington and let’s see how you quick you change your mind. So easy for those that don’t live on this street to pass judgement on those that do and oppose the purchase of it by the city. Stop with the name calling and bullying tactics. You want an open and honest discussion, that’s one thing but name calling? How old are you?

  71. 71

    Hugh Geevashite

    let me guess – “Tom Reilly – National Wildlife Federation”.

  72. 72

    Hugh Geevashite


  73. 73


    Yes, because parking at the ball fields is cleared “controlled” as it stands. Have you seen the neighborhoods already near the fields? There are HOA covenants in the surrounding neighborhoods that state there is no on-street parking because the road is to narrow to allow it. Where then are all these foot bridge cars going park? They will ignore the covenants and laws, just like they do today.

  74. 74

    Ted Gordon

    I see a consensus to preserve the property. The issue seems to be “How” and by “Who”. The “How” as in what type of greenspace or even a park? There are different types of Greenspaces and parks. The “Who” part of this is either the city or private landowner. A private landowner could fence in their property restricting access, cut down all the tress and build on the property out of code, A house has been built out of code in the neighborhood before. The city could break it’s promise on how to preserve the land but they can be held more accountable than what a private property owner can legally do. It comes down to who do you trust or trust less?

  75. 75


    There is no private landowner on earth who will keep that property as is. And I don’t trust any developers to preserve it.

  76. 76


    Then you should buy it or stop complaining. Bottom line, it’s not yours to decide. No one is dictating the use of your home. Grow up and stop compiling online like Taylor Swift.

  77. 77


    Then you should buy it or stop complaining. Bottom line, it’s not yours to decide. No one is dictating the use of your home. Grow up and stop complaining online like Taylor Swift.

  78. 78


    It actually isn’t anyone’s “home” right now. Did you somehow miss that? Reading comprehension must no be your strength. Go away and worry about the area in which you live.

  79. 79


    No ma’am, I didn’t miss that. I said no one was dictating the use of YOUR home. Regardless, put your money where your mouth is if it means that much to you and the National Wildlife Federation. Then you can donate it to the city in a trust that will preserve it forever, which would be a great benefit for all of us without having to spend more tax dollars on D1 greenspace or watch it become a CVS.

  80. 80


    The city is buying it. That is great. Quit whining about D1 and move there if you can afford it.

  81. 81


    If I can afford it? Ashford Park and the real parts of Brookhaven by Capital city are much more expensive. The worst eyesore of this city is and has been what is now known as D1.

    The best thing this city can do is remember that it represents ALL of us in Brookhaven and it should be remembered that 3/4 of us are tired of disproprtiate use of funds being spent Dunwoody. How many of us get landscaping paid for? Or get away with nasty fences? Or $10,000,000 park facilities? Or more greenspace they city had no plan to be able to afford to even take care of?

    What is wrong with asking government to hold itself accountable and citizens to put their money where their mouth is. It’s not my job to buy land next to you so you can have a buffer and a private short cut to the park, if you want it, then buy it. Stop wasting my tax dollars.

  82. 82


    Then I guess that’s a no from you to supporting the JMD and RCW secret group dedicated to saving the D1 Ratty Fences?

  83. 83


    A. That’s not Dunwoody. B. You stop wasting our time on griping about your precious little Ashford Park. Half of the homes in your neighborhood are much more run down than anything in D1. And we don’t have Dresden Drive running right through the middle “without enough parking” (wah, wah). Baby.

  84. 84


    D1 is Dunwoody. Plain and simple. No one ever considered it Brookhaven until a few years ago when we all got screwed into this city by those in District 1 who were upset their part of town was not allowed in as a part of Dunwoody. Allow and behold the “City of Brookhaven” was formed by those who don’t even and never have lived in Brookhaven. It’s ok, though, keep taking our money to fund your own personal turner field, paving price subdivsinons, million dollar bridges, and building new Botanical Gadens, we don’t need it for anything in our neck of the woods. We are just the poor people in Brookhaven.

  85. 85


    You need to brush up on your geography. D1 is inside the i285 and is not Dunwoody. It is the same zip as the nicest parts of Old Brookhaven (30319).

  86. 86


    This will be great when it happens and we have one continuous trail through.

  87. 87


    Janice based on your comments I’d say you are rather new here.

  88. 88


    I didn’t realize zip codes were the boundary! Silly me, I guess now we can take over Chamblee, Druid Hills, Sherwood, and Monroe. Ridiculous comment Janice.

    D1 is Dunwoody. It is Dekalb, it is not in Brookhaven and has always been called Dunwoody or Perimeter. Always. What it has never been called, is Brookhaven.

  89. 89


    Also, did you really call it “the i285”? That in itself shows everythjng you think you know about Atlanta.

  90. 90


    Exactly, Janice!

  91. 91


    Barbara just doesn’t get it. She lives in the worst parts of whatever neighborhood she lives in.

  92. 92


    Barbara – we have never called our neighborhood Dunwoody – in the 28 years I’ve lived here, we called it North Atlanta. One thing the majority did NOT want was to be taken into the city of Dunwoody. There were several meetings held telling Dunwoody to go away and leave us alone especially when they tried to take the two business buildings just inside 285. They came inside only to have a little stretch of 285 within their borders for whatever reason – I think maybe for ticket revenue. I personally have never felt like we were part of Brookhaven. I consider Brookhaven the area around Oglethorpe and there are a lot of residents in D1 that feel the same, they just say in the private settings, not public forums. I’d rather have stayed unincorporated. Don’t blame all of us in D1 for Brookhaven becoming a city and why are you calling us an eyesore and saying we are the worst part of Brookhaven. I understand why you feel the way you do but insulting me, my neighbors and the rest of the people that live here is rude and unneighborhly.

  93. 93


    I’m sorry Jimmie if I offended you, that was not my intention. With that being said, this little exercise of of city hood would never have occurred without D1, the area that never had been Brookhaven. The parts of town I mentioned are nicer, I don’t live there but that’s the way I see it, especially when it is suggested I cannot afford to live in D1. The only thing I cannot afford is for more of my tax dollars to be wasted away from my home and spent across town at a 10:1 rate.

    In regards to my post on being the worst part of the city, that is my opinion and it will remain. The disproportionate use of funds to fuel a private utopia north of Peachtree street is unheard of. Two mayors have spent countless of my tax dollars improving their own part of town while ignoring the others, including having a small subdivision,with a funded HOA, paved at our expense. I don’t live in D4 but if I did I would be looking to move. They have gotten nothing but a multi-million dollar lawsuit to remove a business that was here long before this city was even a thought.

    This kind of BS should never have occurred and now it continues with this attempted purchase of more greenspace. I was not commenting directly on the people of the district 1, many of whom are friends, but the condition on which d1 is held in regard to the rest of the city by those who supported this city to begin with. Actions repeatedly taken in D1 are obscene, from $1,000,000 bridges to your own professional ball park, to redoing private private property along Ashford so the area would “look nicer”. Meanwhile, D4, still has no parks and the basis for which this city was formed go unresolved for years on end. But why worry about those when we can spend public funds on private property? Or buy attempt to buy every lot that comes up for sale for a park. D1 has Better schools, better parks, better roads, traffic calming, traffic issues resolved, etc and it’s wrong. The whole reason this city was formed was to fix those issues and they have only compounded in the wake of JMD and RCW. It is political ruling class at its best. In regardless to the aforementioned, D1 is an eyesore, it is the worst part of Brookhaven.

  94. 94

    Ted Gordon

    Many people in D1 either went to Chamblee High School or have kids in the Chamblee schools. Also, many shopped, dined and did business along Peachtree Ind. Blvd. for many years. I’d say there has been more of a Chamblee affinity in the D1 district than a Dunwoody affinity not that I think there is anything wrong with Dunwoody.

    Murphey Candler and Blackburn parks are big parks and require more expense. All parks in Brookhaven were neglected for many years by Dekalb County. I’m pleased with the effort to restore all of them to first class condition. The Peachtree Creek Greenway project I think will be a huge amenity for D4 and be like a park.

  95. 95


    Yes, that Peachtree Creek park. How wonderful to have a linear park on an open sewer. Joe Gebbia will soon have a bath oil named Ode de Egout. So thrilling.

  96. 96


    Again, Barb who can’t afford her taxes (no problem for me by the way and I have a beautiful new home), this land is not anyone’s “home”. It is basically abandoned property that can be used for the good of the public. Why don’t you advocate for projects in your little paradise rather than going after those who want to see at least some of the natural beauty preserved in Brookhaven?

  97. 97


    Jimmie, do you actually have a map or link to a map that shows Murphey Candler Park located in the old city of North Atlanta? Please share. When the neighborhood around that park were developed the residents referred to themselves as living in the Dunwoody area.

  98. 98

    Sugar Britches

    Ellen you sound like you are rich. Don’t worry my gal Hil will take care of that and Brookhaven will take the rest.

  99. 99


    When did I ever say I can afford my taxes? I assure you I am doing just fine. Mine we’re paid in full last week.

  100. 100

    Tom Reilly

    hey, Doug!! I actually do have an original map of North Atlanta. It’s dated 1958, and clearly show MCP within its boundaries. The Reporter newspapers also carried it as part of an article some years back.

  101. 101


    Tom! Post it! At a minimum, take a clear picture of the northern part and share it! I do declare, the older some people get, the slower of mind they are! Share it Tom!

  102. 102


    I have lived in D1 for over twenty years and if you actually had the sense to look at our history you would see we specifically did not want to be part of Dunwoody and research showed that back when the city of Dunwoody was formed/. Last time I looked Brookhaven is in Dekalb too. Seems to me that you have a little chip on your shoulder or maybe a block of wood.

  103. 103


    Janice I bet you actually think that the Amtrak station on Peachtree next to the bridge over I-85 is really in the realtor dream now called South Buckhead. You really do don’t you Janice. Just because it has a new name doesn’t mean it is real. Maybe you and Jerry Max should have lunch one day. He is full of revisionist history.

  104. 104


    Oh I see – by eyesore and being the worst you mean the spending of money – I wholeheartedly agree – we did not need taxpayers funding that ridiculouis bridge at Murphey Candler, the batting cage at MC Park that residents will not be able to use and now the “monuments” they are wanting to install. I’d like to see them stay away from MC Park as my fear is they will pave the trail and who knows what else, it is the only natural park around and I’d like to see it stay that way. I am not sure what you mean about the redoing of private property along AD Road as I have not seen any, I know we maintain our own yard. We are probably about to be in a fight to save what we do have once the corridor study is underway – I am not against improvements but Brookhaven has proven time and time again they shoot from the hip and from the outside looking in, they have very little sense when it comes to planning, executing and completing projects – they are very quick to blame the vendors for anything that happens – good or bad. We are off topic of the article but my two cents on that is I do not trust the city to keep the area a green space and hope that the residents are able to ban together and buy the property and be done with it but as with anything, it will spark more issues when it comes to the maintenance of the property.

  105. 105


    The neighborhoods around there were mostly developed in the 60s I think and that is before my time, I can only comment on the 28 years I’ve lived here. We have never considered ourselves Dunwoody. My house was built when I was still in high school. But I do know that there are maps and a lot of great info on the neighborhoods available at the county and if I remember right, some did reference this area being called North Atlanta. We disposed of all of the history and research we had when we became a city. I wish now we had kept it, it was some pretty awesome history on the park, the neighborhoods and great maps.

  106. 106


    Jimmie, I believe the AD property that Barbara is referring to is the city funded landscaping to camouflage the ratty fences on AD and JF. Someone remind me, how much did we spend on that landscaping for those private property owners of the ratty fences?

  107. 107


    Jimmie, I recall some old timers that first bought into the neighborhood around Murphey Candler saying they lived in Dunwoody. I specifically remember an old fellow that lived on W. Nancy Creek that was very adamant about where he lived. I think all historical reference to North Atlanta has purposely been removed.

  108. 108


    Or you have the opposite at Briarwood Park where they are looking to sell off green space to a developer.

  109. 109

    Ted Gordon

    Pulte Homes is asking for the land swap at Briarwood Park. I think it is a bad deal for Brookhaven and hope it doesn’t pass.

  110. 110


    Ahhh – the plants that died because no one watered them??

  111. 111


    Saul, I think so too because only us old farts remember North Atlanta even existed 😉

  112. 113


    Babs you have been trolled hard! And quite effectively…

  113. 114

    Tom Reilly

    Those “ratty fences” belong to the homeowners, not the City.

  114. 115

    Tom Reilly

    Simpler yet, come by my house and I’ll show it to you. You DO know where I live–right??

  115. 116


    Tell us Tom, why is it that the citizens of Brookhaven pay to have the ratty fences camouflaged? Why is it that although everyone in Brookhaven knows about the ratty fences that Brookhaven code officials haven’t addressed the ratty fence problem individually with the property owners?

  116. 117

    Tom Reilly

    I was quoted [correctly] in the Reporter Newspaper as saying to that audience that the only topic under any sort of active consideration was a change in ownership. The audience’s paranoid fantasies about that topic were just that. I am tired of the minority in this city that never reveal their true selves, never do their homework, never take personal responsibility, and never contribute anything except deceit, disrespect, and disruption.

  117. 118


    I think your comments are representative of many involved with the formation of Brookhaven. They can be best summed up by Dick Williams’ comments last week on The Dick Show. Dick, commenting on the HD80 debate at Oglethorpe University, stated Larry Schall President of Oglethorpe University, had no business moderating the HD80 debate because he was against the creation of Brookhaven. This comment is from a man that has been in journalism at several Atlanta news organizations over the years and currently has a local newspaper covering the North Atlanta area and hosts a local politically oriented public affairs program. Dick was also heavily involved in Brookhaven’s creation. I would have thought better of Dick four years after Brookhaven incorporation.

    It’s no surprise his sentiments, and yours, are representative of everyone associated with C4ND, BY and everyone involved in the pro-city movement. There is no room for other voices. This attitude will continue to divide and bring discord to the Brookhaven community. Thank you for reminding everyone just who Brookhaven really is and who is actually in charge.

  118. 119

    Tom Reilly

    Ok, Saul, let’s talk. “Other voices” are always part of the political process. “Other voices” that scream “murder” out to the whole room, inform the Mayor that the HOA President will have more than the normal two minutes to speak, verbally assault Linley Jones [a past president of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, and officially ranked as one of the top 100 attorneys in Georgia]; earn labels like “disruptive,” “disrespectful.” “horror show.” “babies,” and “paranoid windbags” from their own neighbors; cause several neighbors to walk out, etc. aren’t “other voices.” There’re “trolls,” part of the problem, who never get their hand dirty working to improve our quality of life. There wasn’t only a distinct lack of facts in that room, there was a distinct lack of class. Let’s hope that we all do better next time.

  119. 120


    Tom, wackos come with the territory. That’s not who I am talking about. But since you brought up the wackos, some may classify you as one of their members. Just keep that in mind.

  120. 121

    Tom Reilly

    Define “wacko.” Better yet, define “some.” Why do I always know when people run out of evidence?? I’ve tried to serve my country, then my community, for fifty years beginning in 2017. My track record stands on its own merits. You’re welcome.

  121. 122


    Tom I had rather you tell me what you are going to do to bridge the differences in our little town created by C4ND and Brookhaven Yes. You might want to include Dick Williams, and all of the C4ND and Brookhaven Yes backers and supporters in your planning to mend the divisiveness they have created.

  122. 123

    Tom Reilly

    I’d much rather work out issues than argue with individuals. IMHO, the first step would be communication. We need to let each other know our real names. Then use a critical, factual approach to finding out what we have in common. Then work out our differences through effective compromise. Hear from you soon, Saul??–Tom

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