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    Yeah, prob would have been to hard just to call Dekalb and ask for their copy. Better news is this is just first step in wasting our tax dollars. This is really beginning to feel like a soap opera.

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    Don’t post unless you know your facts! Those involved know that DeKalb didn’t have any surveys of the parks done.

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    For The Record

    Just prior to Brookhaven becoming a city DeKalb completed a very detailed, comprehensive study on existing parks and land set aside for future parks. It also contained plans, usage surveys and input from the community. Please correct your inaccurate post.

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    Ha, Tell me you don’t actually believe that. I guess you think your water bill is always correct too? More importantly, this is another thing that we have spent money on that should be at the bottom of the agenda.

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    The water stories I hear around here are a nightmare- particularly the accounts of trying to get them fixed. Ours are never more than $40, usually around $20 (maybe on the good side of wrong? 🙂 )so I’m probably due for one of those weird random thousand dollar ones people talk about, lol.

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    Can you share the link to the County’s field run surveys? I do find the comprehensive plan you refer to but it does not contain field run surveys. It only contains maps of the parks and usage surveys which are different than field run surveys.

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    Eric Robert

    yea 40 to 20 is oddly low. I don’t have an irrigation system and don’t think I use a lot of water and it runs $200 give or take every 2 months. Which seems comparable with other homes I’ve checked with .

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    The Brookhaven Post

    If you mean the city’s surveys download each link and read the legends. Some are more descriptive than others

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    For The Record

    Georgia, you know everything, I’m sure you’ll eventually find what you are looking for.

    If you are looking for expensive as-builts of the parks, you have swerved into the expensive tax dollar wasting that Barbara refers to. Just what good is an as-built of a park when a design sketch of a park area to be modified for today or the future can be had at lower cost and just effective?

    What you have is a money hungry, tax payer depending by government feeding off of taxpayers with the support of incompetent elected officials.

    But Georgia, you really like that don’t you. Brookhaven is so special.

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    Georgia, let’s forget about the comprehensive survey and take it to basics: Do you actually think that things like tennis courts, pools, fencing, buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, and playgrounds were built by Dekalb without accurate surveys? No hun, they weren’t. Surveys are required to build anything. I promise you they aren’t here it’s the growing in a pool or fence wherever it seems like it will fit.

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    Ida Beth

    Georgia is right. The Parks information was incomplete and inaccurate. You would be surprised to learn that land you always thought was part of the park is really owned by someone other than DeKalb county or the City of Brookhaven. Outside boundaries in particular.

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    For The Record

    I’da Clare, pick your DeKalb or Brookhaven park, go to the tax rolls and it will answer your questions about your mystery innacuries.

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    Hugh Geevashite

    Y’all over there in Brokehaven worried about money for surveys, while I be here in Chamblee living the high life.

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