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    B\'haven Birdie

    So the State gave funding for a shortcut from Chamblee to get to the car dealerships but declined to invest in the covered street (aka tunnel under MARTA)?

    Doraville reportedly guaranteed the loan for the new Chamblee shortcut.

    And still no announcements of any development next door to the new car dealerships.

    This all seems kind of backwards.

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    Eyes wide open

    It’s impossible for me to fathom how anybody could think this “covered street?” was necessary or a good idea. The designers of this folly must be sniffing “the glue that connects all paths”. And the few mindless hillbillies in Doraville that actually believe this BS will continue to drink the kool-aid and, like the lemmings they are, follow these shysters right off of the cliff.

  3. 3

    Tom Doolittle

    This is an awesome project for the state to invest in–write your legislators. They are in the “build it because they are coming” business. No letters needed to county or school officials. With the city and state invested, no need for county taxpayers to be involved.

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