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    This can be confusing to the untrained. This sort of development is becoming the norm near the Avondale Marta station and was taught at Georgia State University in the Anthropology and Geography. My advice? Get all promises in writing and examine every facor evenly. That is an awfully big parking lot to let sit idle. Bring in a Caterpillar and some Back hoes. Build accessible apartments of say 4 stories.

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    Thomas Porter

    There are so very many acknowledged unanswered questions that should be defined before any voting. The traffic concerns & solutions are beyond our control, the way Community Development is “interpreting” the open space requirements are without precedence and opens Pandora’s Box for every future zoning consideration. The City is subjected to huge expenses. They could cherry-pick the profitable parts (apartments), build them now, then let the other parts languish. What in the hell is our rush to judgment? There is no “right” of rezoning that MARTA has, let’s take our time.

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    Tom Reilly

    Agreed, Tom!!

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    Riley OConnor

    “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

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    Kelly Francis

    It seems pointless to discuss particulars as long as any form of abatement persists. There is no compelling argument for Brookhaven to provide tax incentives to MARTA.

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    Karl, did you ever think that creating a city would lead to the need to quote a master military specialist that lived 2,500 years ago? Think about that. The opportunity may not be here, but elsewhere.

    BTW, is your yard big enough to park cars in?

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    Most of these major projects in areas of DeKalb with “challenged”trunk line sewer capacity are DOA at least for now; plans can move forward only to the point of increasing speculation before hitting the brick wall of reality! The County and DMA are in negotiation over service delivery strategy and it is unclear if W&S issues are part of the discussion. At yesterday’s PED committee meeting a question was raised afterward about Cities contracting and constructing additional W&S capacity and billing the work against the $1.3B bonding capacity of the County or the cities paying for the additional capacity to support the projects within city limits. An informed opinion from a DMA official was that cities,some of whom did W&S work in the past, would not be willing to get directly involved any time soon.

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    Royal Flush

    Has MARTA even submitted their building height information to the FAA? I believe they are obligated to do so “within 45 days of construction”, but they ask for 90 days to review. MARTA knows what they want so I assume they have this step completed. They can always amend the height later and a lower height would not be an issue. It would be interesting to know what the FAA thinks of the height. Of course, I am sure our city leaders are also taking consideration of the FAA rules when working on their zoning rules, right?

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    There are much higher buildings just down the road on Peachtree.

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    FARTA,FAA,TOD, color of Azaleas you want on the site….all missing the point at this point. Yes, you can spend all the taxpayer money you want on planning, zoning, traffic and all the rest but the County W&S wants to know up front what the Sewer flow is out of each project before they can give the developer and City an answer on connecting to the County system. Some general rules have been put into place to evaluate each project on an individual basis once the out flow is communicated to the County W&S Department. Some possible options to obtain approval from the County were noted in a recent AJC article on the subject but much more is unknown with respect to priority to access remaining capacity. Don’t know at this point if Cities will have a say in which projects access the trunk lines as other cities and projects in unincorporated may be affected. A different set of rules is being explored for the Assembly(GM) site outside the purview of the County W&S Department.

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    Royal Flush

    I believe there have been changes to the CFR since those were built. Just down the road can make a difference in the 10k rule.

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