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    A TON of car exhaust

    I see this and I think the kids and the tennis players will be breathing in a ton of car exhaust and have noise pollution while they are in a “park” setting if Pulte gets their way. 🙁

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    Thomas Porter

    This is so wrong, biblically wrong, making-out with your sister kinda wrong, what possible reason could the Conservancy or the City have for wanting to do any deal like this?

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    No value to Briarwood Park. All promises with no guarantees. They are bluffing and so what if they aren’t. Like the past three years of developers have said, “If we don’t build this development, someone else will.” You got that right.

    Put the access onto Buford Highway. Embrace our city’s vision of Buford Highway Redevelopment and Park space integrity.

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    Vision for Brookhaven

    This proposal will define the future of Brookhaven, yet the proposal from Pulte shows nothing visionary and asks for a great sacrifice — taking our parkland to insure they have a private enclave of exclusivity.
    The property is a jewel for this part of Brookhaven — one of the largest contiguous redevelop-able lands left in Brookhaven (34 acres), adjoining a wonderful park, located next to “hot” neighborhoods with active redevelopment. It is also the connecting land from Briarwood Park and the existing single family neighborhoods to the planned Peachtree Creek Greenway ( The greenway path will connect Brookhaven to the beltline — imagine a 30 minute bike ride along the greenway to connect into Piedmont Park or Ponce City Market.
    Buford Highway will see renewal and redevelopment. Developers know the value of the intown location, near in demand upscale housing and great accessibility to shops, malls, and interstates. The question is what will this renewal look like? It could become a vibrant community; walkable streetscapes, with new restaurants, shops and connectivity to the trail system. Roswell Road is undergoing this transformation today.
    The proposal from Pulte lacks any of this vision. They want a gated community, disconnected from Buford Hwy, taking our parkland to insure they have a private enclave of exclusivity.
    I understand those who want to “upgrade” today. But I urge patience, don’t settle for a half-baked first offer. This is a defining land lot and will determine the future for this area. Will our future be a vibrant, integrated community or will we settle for a highway lined with gated enclaves that rip holes in the community fabric.

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    Riley OConnor

    It’s time for a new name for Buford Highway. There was a time when Cheshire Bridge Road was also Buford Highway, because US 23 went from Atlanta to Buford and beyond on those roads.

    How about Avenue of America?

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    Riley OConnor

    To clarify, my source for the notion that Cheshire Bridge Road was once called “Buford Highway” comes from a post card of that era from the Five Acre Auto Court, which was located in the 2700 block of Cheshire Bridge. Probably is now the Cheshire Motor Lodge, adjacent to the Colonnade. In any case, it proclaims that it is “Located on the Buford Highway.”

    In the same way was the route called the “Bankhead Highway”, which was named so inside the City of Atlanta, but was also called Mableton Road outside of the City.

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    Tom Reilly

    The precedent set by this issue will make or break the City of Brookhaven. Millions of dollars, thousand s of people’s quality of life, and years of change will ride on the outcome. “We” live here, “they” don’t. NO!!

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    I attended the meeting last night. Pulte talked a great deal about integration of their proposed community with the park. When asked “Why not just build a pedestrian path linking the park and the community?” which would accomplish the aforementioned stated goal without building a 50 FT. road……..No response. At that point I realized they have zero credibility and their true objectives couldn’t be clearer.

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    Bobbi White

    Thank you Joe Gebbia for leading this charade under the guise of “beginning the revitalization of Buford Highway.” Gebbia is behind all of this. And then Gebbia has the gall to say how concerned he is about displacing the current residents. Unreal.

    People of District Four UNITE. Fight this city shell game and stop Gebbia from taking your homes away from you. He is 100% looking to push for the city to get in to the development business and plow down and redo Buford Highway.



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    I could not agree more.

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    Chad Peterson

    I don’t understand what the other commenters are talking about. The land they want is not being used at all. This seems like a good development to me. Single family residential. Access to Buford Highway through gates and they want an ungated direct entrance to the single family residential community. Seems like this would increase use of the pool and tennis courts. Improvement to tennis courts. I think they should spruce up the offer, but this seems like the start of a good plan.

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    Like I told the Pulte Representative last night. If Briarwood Park Conservancy, friends, neighbors and park advocates would have known an argument would be made the area wasn’t being used, we would have cleaned it up first. Instead, we focused our efforts on an old playground, the new playground, the community garden, Forest Patio, Rec Center, Pool and Tennis Courts, bridge efforts, existing (but neglected trail) and the constant growth of Kudzu. It’s growing right now while we’re all at work.

    Problems with the proposal.
    A) The value of property they are offering is de minimis.
    B) There is no guarantee the current road would be removed. Thus allowing an additional 500 cars per day past the community garden. If it is removed, the budget for removing it would come from another park’s planned improvements.
    C) The drive way would go right between a brand new resurfaced tennis court and Briarwood Fields back yard. Noise pollution.
    D) They, nor the current elected, can guarantee the Buford Highway (future, but not guaranteed) future development will be walled off from the park.
    E) There will be another developer come along within another year that will buy the property.
    F) The $200K they are offering is contingent on a completed project and at their discretion.
    E) It has now been openly discussed the only reason for the request is to profit the Pulte. There is no inherent gain to the city from a driveway through the park.
    F) The plan eliminates a children’s educational ampitheatre, a tennis viewing area and much, much needed additional parking space.

    Pulte should submit an application to the City immediately. Thus, eliminating the useless diatribes of emotion that won’t solve anything. This needs to be heard publicly.

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    Chad Peterson

    A) True
    B) The road should be removed and they show pay for it. I think that would be a improvement to the park.
    C) I think an alternative would be an access road on the other side of the tennis courts which would also cut down on the length of the new road. This portion is below the tennis courts so the noise wouldn’t be as bad.
    D) We need assurances that they will integrate with the park as they said they would.
    E) This seems like a good use of the property, senior living, upscale rentals, and single family residential.
    F) No improvements, then no road.
    G) The improvements to the park, the removal of the road, and redevelopment of decaying apartment complex would be an improvement to Brookhaven in my opinion.
    H) There’s a lot of space in the park that currently isn’t used at all beyond the area for the road. This development would increase the usage of the current park. We should be trying to encourage the use of our parks.

    It seems to me that a workable solution can be found that allows for this development. This development seems like what Brookhaven should want. I don’t understand what people think will be better.

  14. 14


    Just a little fact checking Karl. Five Acre Auto Court was located at 2056 Cheshire Bridge Road on US 23. “Every room has private entrance. Tub or shower baths. Steam heat. Continuous hot water. Inner spring mattresses.” What? No mention of magic fingers? It was in existence from about 1950 to 1967. Being the party animal you are, you may recall this location as The Doll House or currently The Heretic.

    Although the post card references Buford Highway, the auto court was located south of where Buford Highway ended at Cheshire Bridge Road. The use of Buford Highway was to give clarity to location. Everyone knew US 23 and Buford Highway, only locals could tell you where Cheshire Bridge was. Back then, instead of the sweeping curve northward at the Fulton County line, the road had a sweeping curve southward ending at Cheshire Bridge at a point between Chantilly Drive and Sheridan Road. The southern part of Lenox joined Cheshire Bridge as it does now. Cheshire Bridge crossed Peachtree Creek, ended and Lenox resumed.

    Interestingly, where Buford now intersects Lenox, there was a road called Cheshire Road that went to Roxboro Road. Cheshire Road is now called Shady Valley Drive.

  15. 15


    No one would dare do something like this in D1.

  16. 16


    But the monorail! How will this impact the monorail?

  17. 17

    Vision for Brookhaven

    Pulte hasn’t shown any interest in integrating with the community. They want a enclave of exclusivity, entering through our park but turning a cold shoulder to any real improvements. Their offer of $200K, with strings attached, is a joke — they are looking to invest ~$100,000,000 to build 250 homes, the $200K is ~0.2% of their total investment. Pulte talks about valuing parks and integrating with the community, but their plans demonstrate otherwise.

    I’m all for a solution, helping insure this development is a cornerstone for Buford Hwy’s future. But Pulte needs to demonstrate a vision for the area, integrating with the park’s master plan and the city’s Buford Hwy improvement plan ( This 34 acre plot is significant to the future of the area. Trading parkland for a gated subdivision will diminish the vision for a vibrant Buford Hwy.

  18. 18

    South Side Bill


    C) This location of the road has been discussed. One falsehood is that the proposed road will not interfer with park users. There are plenty of Joggers, Dog Walkers, Bike Riders, Mom’s with baby carriages, etc. that enter and exit the park. The additional traffic if this road were allowed would bring traffic destined for home in conflict with Park Users.
    Now the lower down the hill you put the road, the less impact there is too the park, but the more impact it will have with Vehicle Traffic mixed with Park users.

    H) The area this road you have has potential and future use. The Master Plan for Briarwood Park calls to utilization of this area. A lot of people put a lot of time, the city put in lot of expense to come up with the Master Plan. If any road is put in there, there will be a loss of the amphitheatre and trail system, and lets not short change the loss of Green space that Brookhaven does not have an abundance.

    Also seems to be a misguided generalization being thrown around. Being against Pulte putting a road through Briarwood Park does not mean being against the development. Like myself, I believe most people will be for this development. However, I am absolutely against giving any private developer public park land.

    Even if Pulte paid the $200K upfront with no conditions, this is nowhere near justification of giving up Park Land.

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    Chad Peterson

    When I read the article, my understanding is that the apartment/senior living would be gated. The access from the park into the single family area would not be gated. There should be walking access from the community to the swimming pool. If they aren’t serious about integration, then we shouldn’t allow road access. I would be disallowing a community swimming pool to encourage the community to integrate with the park.

    We should ask for more improvements. Removing the road by the garden and helping building out the park plan in that area is an obvious choice. So is the improvements to the swimming pool envisioned in the park plan.

    I agree that that this is a $100M investment in our community.

  20. 20

    Chad Peterson

    Murphy Candler has W. Nancy Creek running directly through it. So this is something that D1 has. The question is whether the community thinks this particular idea is a good idea.

  21. 21

    Chad Peterson

    It clearly is the better option. At the bottom of the hill, it is a very narrow strip of trees that would need to be cut down. Very minimal park land that would even be given up. It would be better for the townhomes that are also on that street. By building at the bottom of the hill, all that has to change is that the trail system crosses a road that previously wasn’t there. I was not impressed with the park plans use of the space behind the tennis courts.

    I really dispute that there is a lot of walkers, joggers on the road from Briarwood. It has a sidewalk anyway. I walk to this park, but never walk over to that area. I see a lot of walkers on Briarwood walking to the playground, but few turn right and go down this road. All the tennis players seem to drive there.

  22. 22

    Terrell Carstens

    The August 2016 monthly report on the city website shows that for the pool ONLY the attendance in 2015 was 4224 and in 2016 (as of August) 8936. The 2015 pool revenue was $16,104 and 2016 was $34,677.
    I’d say we are doing pretty darn good concerning the growth and use within the park already.

  23. 23

    Brittany Mother

    The difference is Murphey Candler is a very large park. Briarwood is a small park and according to what Chad has stated the proposed drive for this development interferes with plans the park group has for that portion of the park. Let Pulte pass on this project and let a more capable developer handle this property. BTW, dont forget the “e”.

  24. 24


    I walk down that road every morning. 7 am usually. The amount of foot and bicycle traffic, like TC’s post below has AT LEAST doubled since the efforts of BPC, friends, neighbors and advocates began showing interest.

  25. 25

    Chad Peterson

    The playground and pool are heavily utilized.

  26. 26


    Nope, nope, nopedy nope.

  27. 27


    As mentioned earlier and as I did at the meeting last night with zero answer from Pulte -Why not just create nonintrusive pedestrian paths as selling points? You don’t need a road in the middle of the park to be apart of the park environment. They (Pulte) are just in to make a quick buck and not really improve Brookhaven. They could use that $200,000 to clean up Buford Hwy but as the article states – ‘None of the frontage along Buford Highway will see any improvement’ according to Reed. Reed being Joel Reed, Pulte’s Vice President of Operations and Land Acquisitions. So someone please tell me how much they care about the city and our (the residents) vision? Simple, they don’t! And Pulte can pull out and kill the deal. We all know there will and are plenty of other developers who would be more than happy to take it off of their hands.

  28. 28

    Terrell Carstens

    Chad Peterson – Just to clarify, the upscale apartments and senior living are NOT a part of this proposed development. That language is only a place holder suggestion of what someone else may do in the future. Only the yellow area is being considered at this time. This was confirmed again last night.

  29. 29


    I walk my dog in the park by the tennis courts several times a day and you couldn’t be more wrong. A road in a park as a mere selling point for luxury homes does nothing for us who live here already. Its a poor idea and I’m still shocked that the Mayor or any others haven’t come out and publicly stated that selling off park space isn’t an option for developers in Brookhaven. Especially since our Mayor made it a point to run on persevering green space and parks.

  30. 30


    Would the woman who lives near by that spoke in support for the project be willing to give the developer access from Drew Valley instead of through the park? That seems like the most appropriate solution.

  31. 31


    As I’ve stated previously, I support this development and while you wouldn’t know it from reading these comments, I think the majority of Brookhaven residents support it as well…. they just don’t seem to post on here. I do understand the concern from the conservancy as they have invested much time and effort into making the park a better place. Pulte probably wouldn’t be interested if it weren’t for them. Generally I sense fear that Pulte will destroy the park but this isn’t rational because they want to make money and the park will be adjacent to their houses, thus they will likely leave the park better than they found it. The upside of their proposal far exceeds the downside and I would rather see them selling houses in the $700’s with access thru the park than the $300’s without it. Or worse those apartments remain for the rest of my life. A rising tide lifts all boats.

  32. 32


    Why is it that being against a private developer putting a road through a public park means your against the development?
    I believe most people support the development but oppose giving away public park land to a private developer.
    Downside far exceeds the upside especially the proposal Pulte put forth by Pulte.

  33. 33


    The people in favor of ruining Briarwood Park must live in D1. Besides, when I think of Pulte, I don’t think of a quality $700K home.

  34. 34

    South Side Bill

    What is the true value that Pulte is asking from Briarwood Park for this access easement in order to build this road?
    One question asked last night that I believe should be vetted more was did Pulte look at other options (through surrounding private property. Might need to look at that tax map) to put in an access road?
    There is currently a Town Home Community that has a road there already. Why not negotiate with them to see what it would take to use their access road?
    Could you than ask Briarwood Park if they would accept 90%, 80%, or 50%?
    Thinking out loud. Maybe I am being just too much of a Capitalist today.

  35. 35

    Drew Valley Parent

    Replacing these existing apartments with expensive homes is a huge positive for the quality of parents and students in the future Brookhaven HS attendance zone. Anyone who wants the new HS to succeed should support this development.

  36. 36


    They said they would build John Wieland Homes which are of a higher quality. I would hold them to that as that plays a very strong part in my support of this proposal. Pulte owns John Wieland Homes.

  37. 37


    Pulte Homes, building tomorrow’s slums today. BenjiJ will be in one shortly.

  38. 38


    There it is. Wondered when the truth would come out.

  39. 39


    And here is where the true feelings come into play. Let’s get the Latino children out and the white children in. Got it.

  40. 40


    I agree. We are a city now and need to think about the success of our city. As such, we should use eminent domain by way of city right to confiscate any and all pertinent Drew Valley residential property to make this Pulte project work and save our park. Joe Gebbia needs to assess Pulte’s needs and make this happen.

  41. 41


    See my post above.

  42. 42


    Not cool Bresident. To play the race card is too easy, lazy and altogether unacceptable. Fact is Cross Keys doesn’t have a very good graduation rate and its state ranking is low. Most homeowners with children in Brookhaven send their kids to private school or they move. Right now there is very little diversity at Cross Keys High and Drew Valley parent wants that to change. My kids are grown so I don’t have to worry about it now but good public schools are always good for property values which impacts us all and I challenge you to dispute that.

  43. 43


    Ben, you ever wonder why there is no diversity at Cross Keys? You need a history lesson. The redevelopment of Buford Highway is all about race. Private meetings with J. Max present are so revealing. Your ignorance of what you speak is insulting.

  44. 44


    I love you Fearless. We may disagree on this but know that I love you regardless.

  45. 45

    Joe needs to go

    People of the 4th district deserve a better representative than Joe who only thinks about tearing down neighborhoods for the benefit of the developers.

  46. 46


    “… good public schools are always good for property values which impacts us all and I challenge you to dispute that.”

    What I will dispute – and wish that it wasn’t necessary – is the presumption that higher property values are inherently good for all.

    Although higher property values leads to greater equity that is useful only to the extent that the equity is accessible; those looking to turn a profit on their property and move elsewhere see this as a good thing.

    However, for those people who want to remain in their homes – remaining in this community – their access to that equity is limited (e.g. home equity loans; reverse mortgages). But those same people seeking to stay still have increased property values and the concomitant increase in their tax burden. Those lacking the means to pay this higher burden are then left with no option but to leave.

    Maybe some people are okay with that (I’m not) but blanket statements about the universal good associated with increased property values overlooks those people most interested in remaining (and, one could argue, are most invested in the community).

    And to go on topic: Pulte made their decision to pursue this development based on the same information that they have now; the park did not appear overnight. Shame on them if they thought they could finagle themselves a sweetheart deal. They were wrong.

  47. 47


    Let’s not demonize people for having a different opinion.

  48. 48


    just no words. It’s absolutely incredulous that ANYONE would find this a positive for the city and more importantly, the adjacent community. There is absolutely no benefit to the park or neighborhood. How can this possibly be considered? What happens next in this process? Does it go to Staff for consideration??

  49. 49


    Do not speak for one other resident aside from yourself. To state “The majority of Brookhaven residents support it” is more than erroneous. No one is suggesting their intent is to destroy the park; it is abundantly clear the intent is to create a private driveway that interferes with the park. It is completely and absolutely unnecessary in any way, shape or form. The ability to build does not hinge on a ridiculous proposal that benefits NO ONE other than Pulte.

  50. 50



  51. 51

    Greg Trinkle

    The developer would have to make a formal request to the city. So until that happens, the situation is fluid.

    Brookhaven Post did a story that outlines the process:

    Below is an excerpt from the previous Brookhaven Post story that touches on the process:

    “City Manager Christian Sigman told The Post it is too early to comment on the merits of the proposal, but commends the developer for reaching out to the community in a proactive manner. “The Conservancy works very hard to maintain and protect Briarwood Park,” he said. “I look forward to the results of the developer, Conservancy and City’s Parks Department working together.”

    From a process perspective, Sigman says, he envisions the Conservancy, the developer and the City Parks Department eventually reviewing the proposal with the existing Briarwood Park Master Plan in consideration, to see if the proposal can be accommodated. If so, then the developer would presumably make an official ask of the City of Brookhaven. “The City’s response to such a proposal would include public input and additional discussion as to the proper consideration for the land transfer proposed within the correspondence from the developer to the Conservancy”, Sigman adds.”

    Briarwood Park Revitalization Project facebook page will post any more information as it becomes available.

  52. 52


    If the driveway were for residents only and did not have a call box at the security gate for visitors and deliveries it may be tolerable… but I’d rather Pulte spend the money for a better frontage on Buford Hwy.

    The intersection of at Briarwood Park/Pine Cone and Briarwood Rd will probably need a stoplight sooner than later if Pulte gets an unrestricted driveway for 500+ cars.

  53. 53

    W. Cole

    Why is this even being considered? Sounds to me like some city leaders have already told Pulte they have a good chance of this happening.

  54. 54

    South Side Bill

    After watching our District 4 representative, “J Max I think I owe you an apology”
    Someone start the web site, I will donate I will go Door to Door.

  55. 55


    This is what government does to get the citizens used to what is about to happen. Just think about all the conversations and meetings regarding MARTA.

  56. 56

    Chad Peterson

    A gated driveway and callbox is not integration. They have a long way to go to deserve getting access through the park.

  57. 57


    I was raised in Atlanta. I actually lived in apartments on Buford Hwy after college so I understand the history of the area better than most. It was much different then. The plethora of apartments that were built during that era were built to make money not to stand the test of time. Cross Keys used to be an excellent high school. No reason it can’t be again and it’s not about race, it’s about progress. Who said Latinos can’t buy homes in the new Pulte development? They have money too you know. If you want property values to decrease you will be anti- progress but things either get better or worse, they don’t stay the same so you have to choose. I choose better.

  58. 58

    Joe needs to go


  59. 59


    “The plethora of apartments that were built during that era were built to make money not to stand the test of time.”

    What a silly statement. The materials used for those apartments are the same that were used to build homes during that time period. Building codes were applied equally too. Based on this statement, according to you, we need to immediately tear down all homes in Brookhaven the same age as these apartments or older and redevelop the land. As for the current occupants of these apartments, why do you think they have chosen to live in apartments?

  60. 60


    Joe isn’t going anywhere, he is a part of the machine. Hint – Bates Mattison, no competition, voted in for a second term. Speaking of Bates

  61. 61


    Changing the name of the street should cure all ills. Look at the transformation that followed when Stewart Avenue and Bankhead Highway were renamed.

  62. 62


    Sigman – OMG! t’s not immoral if he can get a better deal. He wants Brookhaven to be a high price hooker.

  63. 63


    Sigman is like many older government officials. Brookhaven is just a stop before their well funded retirement kicks in and they move to their retirement destination. They are not concerned with us or our city other than our funding of their retirement.

    Like your Chief of Police. He was on his way to Florida for retirement before he saw Brookhaven as a way to sweeten his personal kitty. When I talk to him I can see his new fishing boat reflected in his eyes.

    Brookhaven, the jobs program that just keeps on giving courtesy of Brookhaven Yes, Mike Jacobs, J. Max Davis, Stan Segal and all the other BY members and supporters.

  64. 64

    Joe needs to Go

    Why this sounds like Joe talk or his thoughts.

  65. 65


    Have you not seen the “Gerrymandering” maps for Cross Key High School by Dekalb County? Come on, we are living in 2016 with massive racial line they are just not “black and white” but now they are hispanic. Shame on Dekalb County Board of Education for creating this divide.

  66. 66


    Was the gerrymandering the result of DeKalb County BOE bowing to the extreme pressure of parents to remove their neighborhoods from the Cross Keys cluster? Yeah, that happened. Just watch, when some of those neighborhoods are incorporated into the Cross Keys redistricting you’ll see a real cluster!

  67. 67


    Actually those of us living in D1 don’t care about this at all.

  68. 68


    Why is that Ellen if that is a correct statement? I’m curious because there have been many issues in D1 that many of us have cared about and stayed informed with.

  69. 69


    Susan is one of the folks continually bashing D1. If she can constantly bash D1, I certainly don’t care about her issues.

  70. 70


    Ellen, I understand how you feel. When we became a city I didn’t think my life would be ruled by the C4ND and BY followers as we have been. I thought the city would actually be representative of all of its citizens. What a joke. It was and has been ruled by D1 from the start. D1 ignores D2and D3. D1 thinks of D4 as a potential economic generator to fund D1’s desires and other expensive wants.

    But Ellen, D1 was all about creating a city at the expense of D2, D3 and D4. Look at the city districts and their populations vs. registered voters. And Mike Jacobs is actually qualified to be an unbiased and honest judge? Don’t even go there with Brookhaven Yes. Ellen, kiss my grits!

  71. 71


    Wow, Really Ellen? Now I’m sorry I asked. I was hoping for an answer with some clarity and insight. Disappointing at best, esp since your first post said “us in D1.”

  72. 72


    Sometimes Brookhaven politics feels like The Hunger Games. 😉

  73. 73

    Erik Steavens

    There is alot wrong about this. If the land swap was right and fixed issues one should consider. This though is not one of those situations.

    If one can’t make a viable development with Buford Highway frontage than you are in the wrong business.

    Surprising coming from a big developer like this. I would question there other developments here if and when they come if they can’t make a no brainer frontage work.

  74. 74


    Apparently you aren’t on here very much. Look at her response just now. Why would I care with all of that hostility?

  75. 75

    enuff govt already

    A road through a park for a private development with existing access to a 6 lane road and $#*t literally rolling down hill from a public housing complex renamed as TOD; the list could go on and on. Why does D2, D3 & D4 continue to think D1 dominated B’haven will work for them?

  76. 76


    Do you realize how ridiculous this reads? D1 bashing and whining is very tiresome at this stage of our citihood. Get over it! PNo district suffers at the hands of another.

  77. 77


    Ellen if someone outside of D1 was upsetting my D1 cherry cart I’d be uncaring too.

  78. 78


    Ellen and others have called D4 “the ghetto” and made a wide variety of other derogatory and disparaging comments- often liked by many- and across social media.

    I have nothing against D1 and I’m sure most people in that district do not feel this way about D4, however when people rarely stand up against this “ghetto” talk, it can certainly come across as an approval.

  79. 79


    Well I don’t know what the heck a cherry cart is…we don’t have them in d1.

  80. 80


    It’s particularly problematic for the increasing number of American children being born with severe, often life-threatening allergies and asthma.

  81. 81


    In D4, people looking to rent their homes for a year get told at times that they should turn them into Airbnb’s by our rep instead because they can potentially make more money.

    While I (and others) have no problem with the general concept, one tends to not want a veritable motel nextdoor, particularly when one has invested the money to buy into a “nice” neighborhood.

    People complain about this but then say they’d really like a closer Starbucks located on Buford Highway. . . so I guess it is what it is.

  82. 82


    Remember Centex Homes? Pulte bought them also. The likelihood of Centex quality is far more believable.

  83. 83


    Isn’t Pulte Homes the one developing right off of Buford Highway (Cheshire bridge?) on Shady Valley? It’s Atlanta not Brookhaven (but right next to it) literally feet off of Buford Highway at what is a less than stellar intersection to pull out of and they keep putting up new “sold” signs at a pretty rapid rate.

    Besides the traffic it’s not all posh either- there are homeless/vagrant men that hang out nearby and regularly fish in the creek etc. (which many find to be harmless) That area has also had a lot of problems with home invasions and car breakins.

    Since they don’t seem to be having a problem selling next to Buford Highway there, kinda makes you wonder if they’re hustling Brookhaven regarding the Brookhaven Buford Highway situation.

  84. 84


    what’s with the ethnic stereotyping?? Latinos are only capable of being lower income and living in apartments?

  85. 85

    The Brookhaven Post

    Back on topic folks, Please. Thanks.

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