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    I wanted to believe.

    I wanted to believe in this democrat call Taylor Bennett but his actions do not meet his “words”. So sad…. I might need to vote for a Republican, a first.

    I just heard a politician say the other night quote “See what politicians does not what they say” (paraphrase) and I can 100% say Mr. Bennett is full of empty “promises”.
    We need a better democrat to represent us!

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    Anyone wanna take bets that “I wanted to believe.” is really a trolling die-hard Republican?

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    HMM there are many die-hard Republicans that know Meagan Hansen is just a political puppet and not representative of the Republican party.

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    Looking forward to this!

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    Any examples?

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    Eddie E.

    Don’t worry, a few more successful terms and Representative Bennett might provide the area with Senator that knows we are here.
    Then you can set about electing an old school, hard core Proggresive Democrat.

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    I just find it hard to believe that, with all the less-than-perfect Democrat shenanigans over the years (and I say this as someone that has almost always voted Democrat- the major exception being Bloomberg) that Taylor Bennet of all people would be the one to turn a loyal Dem into a Republican.

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    Is anyone going to live stream this? I would like to watch part or all of it, but cannot make it.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    The Post will be video taping the event.

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