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    Boo, a sad day….

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    David George

    Enforcing the DeKalb leash law will profit County coffers. Is strickt or even selective enforcement of the leash laws what Brookhaven residents want? Just asking’.
    Why, after opting for cityhood, cede enforcement of certain laws to the county?
    Doesn’t Brookhaven need its own leash laws, passed by the City Council?

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    Riley OConnor

    Now, if we could just do something about people who put their dog poop, neatly bagged, into lawn waste and leaf bags. The collectors spot one of those in your yard waste bag and it stays with you instead of going with them.

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    Be careful dog owners because Dekalb shoots and threatens to shoot “large” breed dogs- all your dog has to do is bark (or the police say it barked) and they have the right to execute it.

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    Vote down all you want but it’s a fact. They even shoot completely innocent dogs on their own private property, in their yards and inside their homes; dogs that haven’t even been accused of anything.

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    Riley OConnor

    “….dogs that haven’t even been accused of anything.” This would imply that dogs are entitled to due process, including trial by a jury of their peers.

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    Good news, soooo tired of idiots letting their unleashed dogs jump up and scare my kids.

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    Janice, you stink

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    Ida Beth

    There is a city park in the middle of Brookleigh on Johnson Ferry, that no one uses except for walking their dogs. Could we fence that off for a dog park at least until the other parks work something out?

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    Ida Beth

    that was stupid and totally uncalled for.

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    No. Let’s not do that. Let’s keep Brookhaven park the way it’s always been. Maybe you and Janice just go over there and hang out together with your kids

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    Calling people idiots for going to a dog park and letting their dogs rub free is pretty uncalled for if you ask me. I’d say you’re response was a great example of stupid, ida Beth

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    No, there are state and federal laws regarding the treatment of animals.

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    Really so if my unleashed dog runs over and bites your 5 year old kid thats ok? You don’t seem to realize that a dog is an animal and peoples safety takes precedence over an animal. You want your dog to run all over the place then use your yard, if you don’t have award don’t get a dog, not a hard concept.

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    If your dog actually bites people, particularly children, you need to look at taking appropriate actions. . . including sending it to “go live on a farm”. . .

    Please don’t accuse all dogs of being aggressive, thank you.

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    Janice, Janice, Janice…….if people’s safety we’re really a concern, the park couldn’t be a safer place to be. Far safer than Burford Highway, or taking an evening walk, outside your neighborhood. Besides, as owners our pets pay taxes that contribute to the local economy. Their food is taxes, their vet bills are paid for. Daycare, dogsitting are paid for as well. For this, the dogs deserve to have a little fun in the park. I’d rather be surrounded by owners with dogs, most if nearly all, are responsible individuals who work, pay taxes, then thugs and riff and welfare collectors.

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    Exactly what taxes are paid on veterinarians, daycare, and dog sitting? I will cede that sales tax applies to dog food. “our pets pay taxes”, huh?

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    Dogs are awesome, owners suck

    So reading comprehension is tough for some people. She was not talking about dog parks were its fenced in and expected your dog runs free. Janice was talking about parks in Brookhaven in general. If my family and dog are waking in a park that is not a fenced in and your dog park not in a leash, and is aggressive towards my family or dog, your dog is dead on the spot or at least hurt real bad, and any injuries I expect you to pay for out of your pocket. Be a responsible dog owner!

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    I will have to find the link I shared here before, but pets generate *billions* for our economy.

    And of course veterinarians and daycares pay taxes- why wouldn’t they?

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    More nastiest- sigh. My reading comprehension is just fine, thank you.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- most dogs do not bite people. If your dog bites people- bare minimum in most cases you should not be taking it out in public.

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    Brookhaven Betty

    No, bare minimum you should be keeping said pup on a leash. Not a hard concept.

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    Please show me where I said I don’t keep my dogs leashed. Thank you.

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    60.28 billion dollars spent last year alone by US pet owners– and that number DOES NOT include money spent when we swing by coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants with outdoor patios with our dogs.

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