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    It may just be my civic pride, but it drives me crazy that GDOT does not recognize the correct municipalities when they post addresses. Plaza Fiesta is Chamblee not Atlanta and CPACS is Doraville not Atlanta.

    Come on GDOT.

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    I almost spilled my coffee reading this morning over this article. Months ago, I filed a report with the City of Brookhaven suggesting structural engineers needed to examine the bridge that crosses over the train tracks into Brookhaven Heights off of Peachtree.

    The bridge is old, heavily traveled, and needs a professional engineeering inspection, The surface is badly cracked, gouged out in areas and dire need of resurfacing. To-date, nothing whatsoever has been done.

    It’s all about Buford Highway – once again. Beautifying Buford Highway. forming a committe to attract and increase business to Buford Highway, safety concerns on Buford Highway, crime on Buford Highway and so on.

    Screw Buford Highway. That bridge requires attention before Buford Highway.

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    To add to my original post, Walgreens dredging and construction occured just feet away from the bridge. I don’t think anyone would argue the bridge is in disprepair. It’s sturctural integrity is in question, and it wouldn’t suprise me, if one were standing below it during rain, water falling through cracks.

    City of Brookhaven and GDOT, you’re on notice. Bufiord Highway can wait. More beautification, committees, safety lights , the police headquarters there, and whatever else you throw at it, isn’t going to change reality.

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    Another Government Employee

    Since Buford Hwy is a State Highway, it gets state attention.

    Now, the Colonial Drive bridge is a hazard waiting to happen. I suggest contacting Norfolk Southern, since it is their right of way and they would have the final say on any improvements.

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    You do realize someone died right???

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    John Pastore

    Taxpayer, Do you see all the negatives you got for your post? How dare you, or anyone else, defy the mandates of the MxGovernment’s Latin American Association on Buford Hwy? From a simple flashing cautionary sign on Caldwell Road and fixing the busstop hazard at Redding and P’tree to the, no matter the options for CKHS, the expansion of classroom space for people still to be sent, and yet to arrive, to the official integration of International Village to the MxGovernment as a miniaturized version of the NAU, has it not become clear that Buford Hwy is longer ours? Much less our country?

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    It sounds like you are assuming that the person that died obviously wasn’t white enough for you and that the people who frequent Buford Hwy matter less. Your issue with the bridge going into Brookhaven Heights may be valid but for god sake man show some compassion.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Let’s please be sure the comments don’t head down the path of talking about race, etc. Thank you.

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    Thank you Another Government Employee! The Colonial Drive bridge is the bridge I am talking about. I went on the Norfolk Southern site and plan to report the condition it’s in (no email contact available).

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    AGE, that is an old bridge, but how do you know that it is structurally unsafe? Also, what makes you think that the bridge responsibility belongs to NS? Grade crossings I understand belong to NS. A bridge over the tracks? Please clarify.

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    I just submitted a 2nd report to the City of Brookhaven today regarding the Colonial Bridge structural deficiencies. It is not a matter of IF the bridge were to collapse, it’s only a matter of WHEN.

    If that bridge were crossing over Buford Highway, it would have been inspected, “beautified” and repaired long ago.

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    Dean, what’s the harm in contacting NS? it’s better than doing nothing. Submitting the issue to the City of Brookhaven months ago produced nothing. They’re too preoccupied with Buford Highway.

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    Taxpayer, evidently you never got the memo about D1 being a priority and all other Brookhaven city districts being their funding mechanism. Please stop, please stop whining. But please pay your taxes on time and volunteer often. D1 thanks you!

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    seeing as buford highway has needed better sidwalks and crossings for over a decade your hypothetical buford bridge would still be in disrepair

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    Huey Mahl

    Mr. Pastore, you are parroting bigoted claptrap from the alt-right. Please take it elsewhere.

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    Taxpayer, why not take a few pics, submit an op-ed to the Post outlining your concerns and put Brookhaven on official REAL notice? You seem to have a legitimate complaint, but your complaint doesn’t in any way diminish the needed upgrades of BuHi? Can’t ALL of the issues be addressed simultaneously?

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    Brittany Mother

    Clearly not all of Brookhaven’s citizens understand the difference and respective responsibilities in governmental control of a state highway and a city street. Maybe Brookhaven should add to their map library a map that reflects such ownership and responsibility. It should also include the proposed city owned monorail route.

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    Are you Native American? You do realize Columbus sailed for Spain, right?

    Many of the people buying in D4 now and driving up the prices (myself included) are doing so partially because we like the diversity and “foodie” options on Buford Highway.

    I know there is crime but a lot of the arrests are actually traffic related. I run my errands there and everyone is so friendly! I love that I can buy things like hominy and masa at the gas station. The Latin American Association offers intensive Spanish classes- which I look forward to taking when I get more free time.

    There are so many great things to do on BuHi if you open your mind. . . .

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